November 15, 2018, 7:04 pm
Posted by: Tim
The almost final version of this year's poster, as of publication.

The almost final version of this year’s poster, as of publication.

As is tradition, we’re getting ready for the LAST Live Auction of Desert Bus for Hope 2018… the ONLY Large Size copy of this year’s poster!

Mike Lunsford remains undefeated by the Desert Bus madness! They are back again, along with their magical drawing skills and ability to stay awake for longer than is probably safe! They’ll be drawing the Desert Bus 2018 poster, As Is Tradition, commemorating the people and events of this year’s run. Small prints will be available for purchase after the run, but this auction is for the one and only large-sized copy that will be printed. Comes with a certificate of authenticity.

This LAST Live Auction is currently scheduled for 9:00pm PST tonight, so be sure to tune in then! And, if you want to bid… make sure you’re ready. You’ll need a Twitch account, a Donor Account, and you’ll need to link the two together. Then, make sure you’re in our Twitch channel chat to bid LIVE.

(And, if you want a just-as-awesome standard size poster for your wall, you can pick one up at up until the end of this year’s run. A portion of every sale goes to Child’s Play Charity.)

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