October 26, 2018, 10:00 am
Posted by: Ash

Desert Bus for Hope 2018 is two weeks away!

We bet you’re just itching to see another prize preview… well the wait is over!

Guilds of Ravnica Bowls


If you’re looking for the recently released “Guilds of Ravnica” set, this is not it. If you care about the general factions and really like white, good news! This set of “guilds” of Ravnica ceramic bowls embody the colors of the Orzhov Syndicate, the Azorius Senate, the Selesnya Conclave, and the Boros Legion in the clay bodies of the dish. Utilizing 3D printing, the symbol of each guild was stamped and filled into the bottom of the bowl, and covered in a transparent glaze. This renders the bowls as not only food safe, but also feud safe, as you decide the fate of Ravnica.

Donated by Kyle Gratien
Kyle Gratien is participating in his second Craft-Along while maintaining his love for ceramics. With practicing ceramics for the last 10 years on and off, he is now testing new techniques with 3D models and printing. These resulting tools and designs allows him to create functional and aesthetically pleasing forms for all to enjoy.

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