November 21, 2017, 7:41 am
Posted by: Az
Hello everyone! We’ve got a few silent auctions to update you on.


First up for the day, we’ve got Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Concert Poster. This signed poster from the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Concert is signed by Naoshi Mizuta (Composer), Eric Roth (Conductor), Benyamin Nuss (Piano Soloist), some of the incredibly gifted musicians bringing your games to life.

This is currently going for $530, and ends at 10:00am PST. Still lots of time to get in on this!

The second one we have one of the crazy and amazing submissions from Ken Steacy, a signed Postcard Lot! This is a bunch of miscellaneous postcards, greeting cards, signature plates ‘n stuff that Ken’s done over the years.

This is currently only at $600! It ends at 10:00am PST, so get on this thing!

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