November 18, 2016, 11:37 pm
Posted by: Jordan

We beat Desert Bus 9’s donation total. Thank you.

3 Comments on “We beat DB9”

  1. YES. Good grief, I wish I’d been able to hang out more for this session, but – Yank here – I desperately needed a smile, and never went without one for long whenever I’d pop in to see what was going on. The playlist may buoy me through some bad days to come, as long as I’ve still got webbernets. Hope to see the crew next year, maybe even volunteering in person. <3 Always, always worth it.

    By AahSomethingGreen - November 18th, 2016 11:42 pm
  2. So glad to be a part of this for ten years! I look forward to seeing how far the beautiful plateau we now stand on goes.

    By batfax - November 19th, 2016 12:20 am
  3. I knew you could do it! 😀

    By Evil Jim - November 19th, 2016 2:16 am
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