September 12, 2016, 5:25 pm
Posted by: Kara

DB Crew Playmat

Created & Donated by Rose Nightshade


Want to remember the enjoyment of watching Desert Bus every time you need to break out a playmat for some TCG or gaming action? Sure you do! Who wouldn’t?! With this playmat you’ll have nearly the whole Desert Bus crew help you out casting all the spells or rolling all the dice ya need! Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Card Fight Vanguard, Tarot, classic Solitaire? Want a rad mat to roll your dice for your next D&D session? Flunging? Beej will back you up. (Probably. Maybe? He’s still not sure on the mechanics of the game???) Need to roll a crit so your party doesn’t wipe? Jer will help you out…? Okay, uh, maybe don’t look to Jer for help on that. Need to crush your opponent so badly they’ll fear your wrath forever more? Kathleen has got your back. Whatever your game situation, these chibi-fied LRR and DB crew will inspire you!

Image is fabric printed with black poly-vinyl padded back. Measurements: 14” x 24” x 1/8” thick (Standard MtG playmat size.)

About the Artist:
This amazing playmat is printed with the artwork of the talented Rose Nightshade. She has been moonlighting as a freelance artist available for commission for nearly a decade, but has been an artist since the moment she was allowed to doodle with something that could make a mark. She has sold her artwork at multiple nerd centric conventions in central Florida including Megacon and many local anime conventions (when she wasn’t running around in cosplay hanging out with her friends). Most recently she has been focusing on creating furry art, but still loves rendering art of many subjects; anime, pop culture, and cartoons being a few of her favorites. She has previously donated her wand-making skills to Desert Bus, and this is her first time contributing 2D art.

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