November 20, 2014, 9:44 am
Posted by: Jordan

We are 20 minutes out on a round of silent auctions, let’s get these higher!


Made in a magical furnace for kilnformed glass, and with help from The Force, glass powder was fused in layers on a sheet of glass to make the mystical symbols of the Jedi, Rebellion, and Empire. The power to make them shine is at your fingertips. This Star Wars Sconce is ENDING SOON!

Dead Rising

This super awesome prize pack includes a Dead Rising 3 t-shirt, and copy of the game for the XBox One, and an amazing bonus hokcye jersey. This is a large-size blue jersey with the Capcom logo, and is number 8, for Desert Bus 8. This is the same jersey the Capcom amature hockey team wears, and has been signed by the dev team at Capcom Vancouver. This Dead Rising 3 lot is ENDING SOON!

Lava Bears Lot


This AMAZING Lava Bears Lots includes:

– 2 prints of digital artwork done by artist Featherweight, who has been providing both official and just-for-fun artwork of the adventure.
– original art pieces by Featherweight, of various party members.
– 4 Lava Bears token cards, designed by Featherweight and signed by the LB crew.
– A limited edition print of art by Megacynics artist Ash Vickers, depicting Francisco the Elder, a dragonborn acolyte of the Temple of the Lava Bears (and dedicated pyromaniac), which was the character Jer himself played at the October Extra Life D&D game with the Wizards of the Coast D&D team. The art depicts Francisco, along with his adorable jackel pup familiar. It is signed and numbered, #2 of 5.
– An atmosphere of great mortal danger.


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