Tiny Temporal Traveler

We present you with this nigh pocket-sized contraption, retrieved off the carcass of an unfortunate tourist from the year 2525. The ultimate multi-tool's features include:

-- Travel in time and space, (26th century batteries not included)
-- Albert the Prognosticator, a computing advisor who answers yes/no questions,
-- 32 page manual
-- Totally functional compass, watch, and flashing lights, (extra batteries for the lights are included),
-- Doodads and gizmos aplenty,
-- Velvet-lined interior just big enough for ID, keys and mints.

This would be beautiful in a curio cabinet, exceptiona more...

Winning Bid:
Jamesian for $1,200.00
Fire Keeper Visor

Forged by the flames of the shrine, this wearable replica replicates the visor Firelink's Fire Keeper wears. Made of copper and epoxy putty on a composite frame, it should survive many further generations of Fire Keepers. This thing was made to last the lifespans of many champions.

Keep it safe with a one-of-a-kind specially made keeper box, with a latching pin.

It is 15 cm across (6 inches) but its construction allows it to widen comfortably over 5 cm (2 in), which means it should fit any head. The box is 20 by 15 by 21 cm (roughly 8 by 6 by 9 inches). The whole thing altogether weighs about 300 grams, most of that more...

Winning Bid:
Pterodactal for $1,500.69
Speak Friend and Enter

Ever want to have a door with a password? This is your chance to get one! Directly coming out of Tolkien's books and movies adaptations. Transform your home entrance with this woodcraft. Separate your geek friends from the rest by putting it next to your door. Only open them when they say the right password! Since it never disappear in your wall, you can test everybody, not just under the moonlight! more...

Winning Bid:
Eruantano for $775.00
Classic D&D Monsters

The powerful Owlbear, the furtive Rust Monster, and the speedy Bulette are iconic creatures of the D&D universe. These needle-felted creations pay homage to the origins of these monsters: cheap, goofy-looking plastic toys. These creatures have been recreated in all their biological improbabilty. The Owlbear and Rust monster have a wire armature to allow for posing and standing.

Also included are the plastic inspirations for the Rust Monster (sourced from the crafter's parent's basement) and the Bulette (sourced from an antique mall). There were difficulties in sourcing an Owlbear plastic toy (they are seriously hard to find), so more...

Winning Bid:
Gravity Pike for $301.00
Heere Be Dragone

For anyone who feels a need to be guarded by a giant fire-breathing lizard, Heere Be Dragone. Made of handknit lace, 100% cotton, this dragon can either grace your walls (via brass rings strung along the top edge) or your body (as a large triangular shawl). more...

Winning Bid:
Carbonylcookie for $1,100.00
Shift Banner leather journal

Record all the triumphs and trials of your favorite Desert Bus shift in this handsome leather journal. Made from natural vegetable-tanned leather and finished by hand with neatsfoot oil, this cover is emblazoned with the four majestic sigils of the Desert Bus shifts. On the back: the imposing banner of Omega Shift. An elastic band closes the cover horizontally or vertically, and additional bands inside keep up to two standard cahiers secure. Comes with one cahier, its cover delicately engraved with "Desert Bus For Hope".
Note: Natural veg-tanned leather will continue to darken and soften over time, with use, and with exposure to sun more...

Winning Bid:
Kasheen for $1,200.12
Set of 2 Handmade Pens #1

Tired of the flimsy plastic pens you buy in packs of 8 but never finish because they just disappear? That will never happen with these lovingly handcrafted pens. They are made out of the strikingly purple wood known as Purpleheart. They were hand turned on a lathe and the striking colors were brought out through the use of a blowtorch (awesome right?) and then finished with a durable acrylic. This set contains one*** with a chrome finish on the metal parts and the other is finished with 24kt gold plating. They both use a standard Cross style ink refill, which is replaced by simply pulling the pen apart at the center band. more...

Winning Bid:
kanarde for $1,450.00
Super Mario Bros. Baby

Deck out a small Goomba - umm, child - in full Mario and Luigi goodness! All of the characters are together to make this set colorful and unique. This set is great for all Yoshis, with handmade burp cloths for all the little bloopers, travel changing pad to always be prepared for the power-ups, infant seat canopy to hide from Boo and an oversized blanket for when they run low on star power! more...

Winning Bid:
Agathachristi for $710.00
Doctor Who Water Colour

In need of inspiration? What about a striking art piece to spruce up your victorian manor/diner/space ship? Well, this painting is just what the doctor ordered! Rendered in wibbly wobbly watercolours, this hand-painted original features the TARDIS soaring through the maelstrom of time and space with the eleventh Doctor's immortal words emblazoned in the foreground. If ever you feel uncertain of your course in life, if ever you need a source of inspiration to turn to, look to the TARDIS and remember these words: Just hold on tight and pretend it's a plan! more...

Winning Bid:
The_Powerful_2 for $512.00
Alice in Wonderland baby blanket

Wrap your baby in fairytales! This awesome blanket will let your baby have the best dreams. All of them. At once! No, seriously, your baby will be warm and cuddly. more...

Winning Bid:
Tanok of Ogo for $526.00
Desert Bus 10 Rewind #1

Desert Bus 10 Rewind is Desert Bus on the go!
Plug this 256 GB flash drive into any computer with a modern internet browser and you'll be able to watch all 159 hours of Desert Bus 10 alongside the full chat.
Wrapped in a familiar Twitch-like interface, it's nearly identical to the live broadcast. The first few hours of Desert Bus 10 Rewind can be previewed at more...

Winning Bid:
idiosync for $1,111.00
Desert Bus Shift T-shirt set

Show to the world your favorite desert bus shift!
Are you a protector of the dawn, a gallant member of the Dawn Guard? A brave bird protecting the flock, a star of the brave Alpha Flight? Or maybe your calling is to defend the earth when the light of day no longer shines, a cloaked figure within the nightwatch? Or perhaps then you may be one of a stranger time a worker on Zeta-shift where you work with the weird and strange? All worthy causes and all printed on comphy cotton in the size of your choice. Set includes all four tshirts. more...

Winning Bid:
Lizardman175 for $1,050.00
Breath of the Wild Soup Bowls

Nothing beats a nice hot bowl of soup after a hard fought battle against all the monsters in Hyrule. This set of four handmade ceramic bowls uses B-mix clay and was fired to 1200°C in a cone 6 glaze firing. A band of Tunic Turquoise wraps around the outside of the bowl with the Hyrulian word for "SOUP" sgraffitoed into the clay. Further scientific testing revealed the bowls are operational with non-soup materials including stew, cereal, porridge and ice cream. A starry glaze coats the inside of the vessel, revealing the dreaded blood moon! Oh wait. That's a tomato. These bowls are completely food, microwave, and dishwasher safe, so you can f more...

Winning Bid:
duaiwe for $1,595.00
The Great Shadowbox Offensive!

This paper craft shadowbox will allow you to relive that feeling of exploring an ancient cave to recover the treasures hidden there before making it back to the surface safely, just as you may have done playing Kirby Super Star! The shadowbox features several small cave scenes, showcasing Kirby and some of his many lovable partners seen in the game, as well as sparkles and treasure galore! This piece was made by layering paper into the frame to create the illusion of depth, and everything in it was cut and glued by hand! more...

Winning Bid:
ProceduralRyan for $732.00
Desert Bus in Plastic Canvas

Drive home your very own desert bus! You can show off your love for Loading Ready Run and Desert Bus for Hope all year long. Made entirely from plastic canvas and yarn, it's the little details that put it over the top:
-real plastic windows
-"Desert Bus" destination sign
-Loading Ready Run logo on the roof
-Desert Bus for Hope logo on the back
-and, of course, a tree air freshener hanging in the front windshield

Featuring a back flap lifts up so you can store things inside the bus. Save up coins for next year's DB, store pens and pencils, or hide away your secrets (the bus promises not to tell anyone more...

Winning Bid:
ekimekim for $1,420.69
Dr. Mario Box Art Cross-Stitch

Do you still have all of the boxes from your old childhood video games sitting in a drawer or a closet somewhere at home? Of course you do! Such iconic artwork isn't something to simply throw away. Perhaps, though, you think that it would be better to have the box art displayed somewhere...say on the wall? Well, this Dr. Mario Box Art Cross-stitch has you covered. A painstakingly detailed replica of the front cover of Dr. Mario's first big portable adventure on the Game Boy, this craft serves both as a piece of art and as a reminder of some of the joys of childhood memories past. more...

Winning Bid:
pao, helping bring you Ω3 for $987.65
Retro Micro Art Pendants

Remember blowing in the cartridge?

Remember wielding your mighty bright orange Zapper?

Remember letting the console run all night with the TV turned off because you'd gotten SO FAR in the game but your mom was making you go to bed and there was no save?

Relive the early glory days of Nintendo gaming with these RETRO micro art pendants! This set includes a trio of pendants featuring the artist's rendition of three NES games - Super Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt, and the Legend of Zelda - and a Desert Bus for good luck, of course.

Each pendant contains an actual tiny original piece of art, meticul more...

Winning Bid:
Genovation for $655.00
Chainmaille Dice Necklace & Earring Set

Represent your adventuring party in glamorous style with this chainmaille & dice jewellery set! This necklace and earring set has been delicately crafted with bright anodized aluminum rings in a stylish helm weave, and have been strung with a full 7-piece miniature dice set. The necklace has also been embellished with a selection of glass beads, just to up that shimmer factor! This versatile piece can jazz up any activity, whether your daily agenda includes fetch quests, dungeon crawling, or replying to e-mails from the comfort of your cubicle. The aluminum rings make both these pieces lightweight, making them practical as well as shiny! more...

Winning Bid:
KeenKrill for $725.00
Apocalypse McGillicutty - crocheted chocobo

"...And that's how he got the name Apocalypse McGillicutty." The joke is, everyone always walks in on the last line of that story, and has never actually heard it. As far as anyone is aware, he's a space punk adventurer with a heart of gold, and that is truly all that will ever matter. This handsome space punk chocobo gentleman has a stainless steel wire frame comprised from six (6) to eight (8) individual round wires for stability. His neck, top and bottom beak, all five crest feathers, wings, first four primary feathers and "thumbs" of each wing, legs, toes, and eight of his tail fathers are all wired, allowing for a wide range of posing a more...

Winning Bid:
mflGrMp for $567.89
Garyl the Spectral Binicorn

"Looking for a new adventuring buddy? Look no further than Tiny Garyl, the Spectral Binicorn! This handmade crochet figurine is one of only two in existence, inspired by the fan-favourite character from The Adventure Zone podcast, created by Justin, Travis, Griffin, and Clint McElroy. Garyl is Phantom Steed to Taako (from TV!), and is a quasi-real horse-like creature. He looks like a beautiful unicorn, with two spiral horns in rainbow colours. His mane is like more of a mullet, but he is making it work - that's the most amazing thing about Garyl!

For adventuring convenience, Garyl has been “Reduced” in size to be small enough more...

Winning Bid:
Ked for $601.00
Stained Glass Hylian Shield

This Hylian Shield is actually pretty terrible at defending against bokoblins, but it sure looks great! Made by hand, this stained glass shield is ready to adorn your wall or window and remind you of that princess you saved from that castle that one time. Do not allow strange fairies lying in ponds to upgrade it, because it's already high level breakable! Unfortunately, when used in combat, this shield will break at just the wrong time (as they always do), but it will look great on the wall of your house in Hateno Village. Please hang using a Command hook and not a suction cup, as suction cups are both unreliable and known to be followers of more...

Winning Bid:
duaiwe for $3,350.00
Set of Swords from Magic the Gathering

Have you ever wanted to be protected against Breya and that one Nephlim completely? Or at least 4/5th's of a Hivelord?
Try these two swords! The Sword of Fire and Ice, and the Sword of Light and Shadow, both based on Chris Rahn art from the Masters series.
These will give you protection from red, blue, white and black.
Whether you're a Saint, a Troll, a Nemesis or just a Bird with three friends; these Swords are a must have this combat season. more...

Winning Bid:
Just_Another_Muffin for $2,929.00
Attack on Titan Anthology hardcover graphic novels, signed #3

As dawn draws nigh, the first hints of sun rising over the horizon, four friends stand in wait. The light is still dim, not yet bright enough to cast light beyond the city walls, but it does not matter to those gathered in wait. It is enough. The goliath rises before them, and they know what they must do. Follow their adventures, and learn the truth behind it all, in the incredible graphic novel series Attack on Titan, signed by two of the voice actors from the animated series, Mathew Mercer (Levi) and Josh Grelle (Armin).

Generously donated by Momocon. more...

Winning Bid:
Echelon_Being for $525.00
Epic Fox Hat

What does the fox say?
It's time for a wicked cool hat!

This hat is not only fun and fashionable, but it will also protect your head from the upcoming cold winter elements. Hat is sized to fit approximately 22" (standard adult) head with some leeway.

Hat is hand knit from an original pattern with a super soft Merino Wool yarn. Hand washing is recommended. Lay flat to dry, pinning ears will help them stand up. Machine washing may result in felting and is not recommended. more...

Winning Bid:
DaMullet for $960.00
Knitted Tardis Hat

For all you Whovians, what could be better this time of year than popping your head into a TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space)? You know you have
always wanted to. Now is your chance. This TARDIS Hat is hand knit in blue and white from acrylic yarn so that it is allergy free and won't stretch out of shape.
This hat features the upper windows of the Call Box. Its fun, carefree and will certainly turn heads and make your friends jealous. Now you can go traipsing around
the universe in Dr. Who style. more...

Winning Bid:
MondoTitan for $666.66
Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Concert Poster, signed #2

One of the great joys of being a gamer is how even a few strains of music can liven the senses and awaken dormant memories. Just a few violins, or a growing crescendo and magically you are transported to a fantasy realm where you strove and succeeded against all odd. No wonder video game music is hitting concert venues around the world to wild acclaim. This signed poster from the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Concert is signed by Naoshi Mizuta (Composer), Eric Roth (Conductor), Benyamin Nuss (Piano Soloist), some of the incredibly gifted musicians bringing your games to life.

Generously donated by Momocon. more...

Winning Bid:
Grim Bourne 63 for $713.63
Signed Postcard Lot by Ken (Value Added) Steacy! B^)

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


Still nothing to see here, just another bunch of miscellaneous postcards, greeting cards, signature plates 'n stuff that Ken's done over the years - pls keep moving to the next lot! more...

Winning Bid:
Tyranic-Moron for $769.00
Desert Bus-Earthbound Crossover Prints

Ah, Desert Bus! The annual drive where four random children with psychokinetic powers decide to take a trip through the dusty, desert dunes between Threed, Nevada and Fourside, Arizona, raise money to give to a good cause (whether it be bailing out their favorite band, helping children, bailing out their favorite band again, etc.) and at the end of it all, wind up facing the greatest existential terror the world has ever known. I'm pretty sure that's how it goes, anyway... Now immortalized in print form, join the Earthbound gang as they party down, Sweeten the Pig, run tech, hang with their friends, and all come together to make one of the mo more...

Winning Bid:
heliotropes for $673.89
Signed Trading Card Lot by Ken (Value Added) Steacy! B^)

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


If asked nicely, I'm sure Ken will demonstrate what he used to do with cards not unlike these when he wuz a lad - hope someone's brought their bike! more...

Winning Bid:
Changling for $501.00
Signed Poster Lot by Ken (Value Added) Steacy! B^)

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


15 Fabulous signed posters to pin up in yr bedroom, bathroom, rec-room, livingroom, classroom, garage, dormitory, or any other space that needs brightening up! more...

Winning Bid:
DazzlinCanadian for $800.00
There and Back Again Scarf mk 1.5

Originally intended for DB10, this project proved to be ludicrously ambitious to start in August 2016 and finish for the September deadline. In the end, it was completed August of this year.

Depicted on the scarf is the story of Bilbo Baggins, and his adventures in The Hobbit. There's so much going on in this scarf that it's really more like a tapestry you can wear. See if you can name all the scenes on it! Credit goes to Frivolite Handicrafts for the original pattern. That pattern was heavily modified (because I can't leave well enough alone), including adding the Desert Bus logo to the end.

This scarf is doublekni more...

Winning Bid:
ThinksTooMuch for $3,005.00
Prince of Lucis

A framed one-of-a-kind print of a digital watercolour painting of young Prince Noctis and his Carbuncle from Final Fantasy XV. The print is embellished with hand painted 18k gold leaf, featuring Noctis' voice actor Ray Chase's autograph and handwriting on the phrase 'You are King'. This print will not be available anywhere else, and is completely exclusive to Desert Bus for Hope. more...

Winning Bid:
Antitonic for $555.55

Whether you main a tank, defense, or support, this incredible comic art bag signed by Overwatch's Charlet Chung (, Fred Tatasciore (Soldier 76), Lucie Pohl (Mercy), Matthew Mercer (McCree), and Jonny Cruz (Lucio) should be right up your alley. Or at least an alley. Possibly guarded by turrets. Or Reinhardt, you never know.

Generously donated by Momocon. more...

Winning Bid:
kataanglover1 for $451.00
Temple Medallion Scarf Set

Do you love The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? What's a better way than to show your love for this iconic game with this set of Temple Medallion Scarves from the game? So you can wear your pride anywhere. You can pick your favorite temple and wear it over and over or rotate through the entire set. Each scarf is made out of anti-pill fleece and measures 8 1/2 inches wide and 59 inches long ( ~21.59 X 150 cm). Each medallion was created by the designer in embroidery software and then stitched on the scarves with an embroidery machine. Care of the scarves is super easy because you can wash normally however make sure to use a detergent that do more...

Winning Bid:
Just_Elesde for $818.18
Reversible Warm Pocket Scarves

The birds are flying south and a chill is filling the air -now so wisdom holds that Winter is Coming. Prepare yourself to stay warm in the frosty months ahead with this cheerfully coloured pocket scarf. It's made with Anti-pill Polar Fleece and measures approximately 56" x 9".
Even better, the scarf is reversible - simply turn the pockets inside out. So in fact, you get two scarves in one! It can be worn draped around the back of your neck, with your hands in the pockets to stay warm or place one pocket inside the other to keep your neck warm and keep the scarf from blowing off. It can also be worn short by wrapping it from the front o more...

Winning Bid:
Agathachristi for $515.00
Extra Credits Lot

This lot contains:

A Game Plushie - What's green, smiling, and teaches people about all sorts of interesting corners in video gaming? Why it's Game of course! From the delightful minds of Extra Credits, this Game plushie just looks like it wants a hug, also to remind you that Video Games Matter. Of course, if you're reading this, you already knew that.

A Fail Faster Poster - Try, try and try again. Practice makes perfect. There are many aphorisms out there, and they all amou8nt to the same thing. No one gets it right the first time, and you know what? That's a very good thing. Every failure is a chance to learn. more...

Winning Bid:
iSmartMan for $850.00
Shift Banner Cat Cube

Celebrate a great Desert Bus tradition year round with this one-of-a-kind cat bed made of soft fleece and plush foam. The sides are decorated with each of the four shift banners, allowing you (or your cat) to express yourself as you see fit. Match the top side to your favorite shift, or introduce mandatory stretch breaks into your cat's schedule as you rotate the cube every 6 hours in coordination with the shift changes! However you choose to display it, your cat will have a cozy place to sleep and your house will have a functional reminder of the joy that is Desert Bus. more...

Winning Bid:
warkface for $987.65
Kingdom Key Prop

Perfect for a Sora cosplay, or just smashing some Heartless, this is a full size Keyblade prop. This is the Kingdom Key, the iconic starting keyblade of the Kingdom Hearts games. The prop measures at 3 feet (.91 meters) long without the chain and 9 inches (23 centimeters) wide at the base. It is made primarily of 14 3d printed PLA parts, and has a PVC pipe core and wooden dowel inserts for added stability and durability. The chain is aluminum and it has a genuine leather stitched grip. The blade is painted aluminum weathered using steel wool to give it a brushed effect. This has been my largest, most complicated project yet, and I hope you en more...

Winning Bid:
Grim Bourne 63 for $1,763.00
Signed Comic Book Lot by Ken (Value Added) Steacy! B^)

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


Biff! Bam! Pow! Comics, they're not just for kids any more! Wait, what? Ken's always drawn comics for everyone, witness this stack of stories for your perusal! more...

Winning Bid:
Gravity Pike for $550.00
The Great Wave off Macaroni I and II

Two renderings after the famous print Kanagawa oki nami ura, (Under the Wave off Kanagawa) also known as The Great Wave, from Hokusai's series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji

These 'Pasta-pieces' were inspired by an improv segment by Canadian comedy group Loading Ready Run. After observing the segment, the artist wondered what the results of a serious approach would look like, and decided to find out. Hokusai's The Great Wave came immediately to the artist's mind because of its iconic status, distinctive curling wave crests and relatively simple color palate.
Inscription: キウイ浪浪 [多国籍料理] Kiwiroro [Takokuse more...

Winning Bid:
Gravbomb for $615.00
Muchly Signed FFXV Flags and Prints Lot

The Muchly Signed FFXV Flags and Prints Lot celebrates the Final Fantasy XV Universe via a variety of unique crafted items, all signed by members of the game's cast and crew.

The crown jewel is a full-sized 2 foot x 3 foot (61cm x 92cm) flag of Lucis made of polyester and decorated in metallic vinyl signed by 8 different cast and crew members – Ray Chase (Noctis Lucis Caelum), Robbie Daymond (Prompto Argentum), Adam Croasdell (Ignis Scientia), Chris Parson (Gladiolus Amicitia), Matt Mercer (Cor Leonis), Steve Blum (Verstael Besithia – Episode Prompto), Max Mittelman (Tredd Furia – Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV), and Keyth more...

Winning Bid:
BubblyOasis for $950.00
Desert Bus 10 Rewind #2

Desert Bus 10 Rewind is Desert Bus on the go!
Plug this 256 GB flash drive into any computer with a modern internet browser and you'll be able to watch all 159 hours of Desert Bus 10 alongside the full chat.
Wrapped in a familiar Twitch-like interface, it's nearly identical to the live broadcast. The first few hours of Desert Bus 10 Rewind can be previewed at more...

Winning Bid:
LlewellynZ for $580.00

Whether an ancient creature of the Feywild, or the result of a demented wizard's experiment, the owlbear is as fearsome as it is majestic, with many an unwary adventurer falling prey to its powerful talons. So why not add some mystique to your home, office, or subterranean lair with this unusually docile specimen? Most owlbear can grow up to eight feet, but this cub/chick comes in at a manageable 11" x 8" x 6", and has only maimed one of its handlers to date. This particular owlbear is painstakingly needle-felted with merino wool over a wire and foam base. Its feet and beak are lovingly sculpted from polymer clay and painted with acrylics. more...

Winning Bid:
Sephis for $2,000.00
Night in the Woods Characters

Coming to you from Possum Springs is Mae, Bea, Gregg, and Angus. This lovely group comes from the game Night in the Woods, an indy game that you should look into. Mae is a cat that dropped out of college to move back in with her parents. Bea is a cigarette smoking alligator, but she has decided to quit for this event, that works in the town. Gregg is the fox that works at the convenient store and Angus, his boyfriend, is the bear that works at the video store. Each of these characters are made from fleece, hand embroidered eyes and accessories, and filled with Polyfil. This group has to be washed by hand because of the hand embroidered eyes. more...

Winning Bid:
Bugle for $550.00

Attention fans of LoadingReadyRun! These providers of quirky comedy and constant streaming want you to share in the delights of their many merch items. Dress comfortably in a LRR t-shirt and hoodies, adorned with a charming LRR pin. And get ready to play some Magic with your own LRR playmat and Dice Bag.

One of each of the following items, from what is available in the online LRR store. You can see current store items here:

- t-shirt of choice
- Hoodie
- Playmat
- LRR pin of choice

Also included in this lot is "One year of Feathercrate". Which means th more...

Winning Bid:
Lareina for $1,025.00
Signed Book Lot by Ken (Value Added) Steacy! B^)

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


A big stack 'o signed books, all of which contain work by the lovely and talented Ken (you-know-what!) Steacy! more...

Winning Bid:
viralstitch for $805.00
Provide a keg of beer for the Desert Bus after-party

"Want to donate to Desert Bus, but your home is already totally full of amazing art and handcrafted items? Want to help the exhausted post-Desert Bus team drink till they forget how tired they are (probably by just falling asleep in the middle of the floor)? Here's the deal: James' dad retired, bought a boat and sailed away to Mexico, but that hasn't stopped him from donating this years keg... which is to say James has paid for it and hopes to see the cheque in the mail in the next 4-6 weeks. The crew will happily drink it (slowly and responsibly and with all car keys kept safely put away) for the children (better than the children doing the more...

Winning Bid:
lostluck for $3,011.00
Desert Bus Shoes

About the shoes: Two colorful pairs of shoes depicting the fun and excitement of desert buss made from pictures and modpodge, with a little pink paint and sharpie on the bottom depicting the tradition of the shame ticket. These shoes show the beauty of desert bus (along with some of the insanity) and challenge people to face the amazing disaster that raises awareness for a perfect cause. While they may seem a mess it fits the chaos of Desert Bus and makes sure your ready for many more Desert Bus to come. more...

Winning Bid:
Maxite for $250.00