The Road (scarf)

Is one week of Desert Bus not enough for you? Wish you could recreate this epic journey from Tucson to Las Vegas and back year-round? Now you can, with this stylish hand-knitted desert road scarf that's perfect for chilly nights out in the desert or anywhere else. The fun doesn't have to stop when the bus does!

Made from acrylic yarn, this scarf measures 110 cm (43 in) x 13 cm (5 in). more...

Winning Bid:
ekimekim for $740.00
Topsy Turvy Sleeping Journey Plush Doll

In Journey, the player takes on the role of a robed figure in the desert. This plush is of that character, from the start of its path to when it’s complete and gets to rest. The doll can be turned over to reveal each side, one awake and one asleep. All the added details depict the levels the character gets as they take their journey.

The doll is made from jersey and cotton quilting fabric; felt, stuffing, embroidery, paint and thread. It measures 15 inches (38cm) tall. more...

Winning Bid:
rkcr for $725.00
Steven Universe lot

Steven Universe Teapot Cozy - made by Tina Hollands
- The warmth and love of Steven Universe is imbued in this teapot cozy to keep your tea piping hot. One side showcases Garnet lovingly bracketed by Sapphire and Ruby. The reverse side has Lion, ready to resplendently oversee your tea party. Inside,a hidden Tiny Floating Whale keeps your tea company. Have a wonderful tea party as you watch new episodes of Steven Universe!
- Crafted out of wool and cotton, this tea cozy has been both machine and hand sewn with love and care. All designs have been needle felted with 100% wool and alpaca fibers. Measures 14 inches in length by 11 more...

Winning Bid:
Katkat for $360.00
Solar Flare - Amaterasu painting

So you just finished playing Okami and you're thinking to yourself, "hmmmm that was great but I want to have more Okami in my life." Well you're in luck, dear player. We have just the thing for you!

Introducing the "Solar Flare" Amaterasu painting! This 16" x 28" painting is the perfect art to have on display when company comes over. Your guests will be full of awe and envy over this stunning piece. They may even want one exactly like it, but rest assured this is a one of a kind ink and watercolour painting of a Japanese sun god, and you can only get it here on Desert Bus For Hope 9. And along with this beautiful painting, you wi more...

Winning Bid:
ElementalAlchemist for $850.00
Tardis Egg

How about a "little" time travel? This goose egg Tardis may not be bigger on the inside, but it can hold
the biggest imagination! And the mirrored floor reflects the silver glitter and crystal covered ball in the center to give the illusion of space on the inside. Created with help from the family cat, who broke the doors repeatedly so they had to be started over, till finally they were to his liking. This Tardis is now fully cat-approved.

This Tardis is made from a candled, non-fertile goose egg, glitter and crystals, silver filigree and hinges, and comes with a silver twirled stand. By itself, the egg is 3" tall and 2 1/4 more...

Winning Bid:
Mums for $578.00
Plush Tetris Blocks

Now YOU can be the one that arranges the blocks that continue to fall from up above! Made of polar fleece and stuffed with fiberfill, this complete set of tetrominoes will let you stack and build comfiness wherever you are - on the sofa, on the bed, on the floor, anywhere you want to build a small fluffy wall, these are the materials of choice. Please note, making lines will NOT cause them to disappear!

Measurements: Each individual square is ~4x4. The blocks vary in total size. more...

Winning Bid:
MondoTitan for $1,000.00
BusBoy One

Play Desert Bus any time, anywhere (that there's also a TV and electricity)! The Bus Boy One is the world's first dedicated Desert Bus game console. Designed exclusively for Desert Bus for Hope, this one-of-a-kind video gaming experience features HDMI video, wireless controls, and a sleek, compact design so you can easily take the fun on the go!

The BusBoy One game console comes with everything you need to play Desert Bus on your own TV: a wireless controller designed to work exclusively with the BusBoy One, an HDMI cable for easy play on modern TVs and monitors, and a dual-use power supply to power the BusBoy One and charge the more...

Winning Bid:
DoctorBobtastic for $666.66
Fairy Necklace

Sometimes you beat the boss on your first try. You had those three fairies in bottles all prepared and didn't end up needing them. But part of you can't deny that having those fairies helped you be bold enough to land every hit, and this necklace is for those time when you need to be bold.

These three fairies started out as mess of sparkly beads that were organized and stitched together to form the glorious beings you see now. They are connected using a thin sterling silver chain, which shimmers and glistens in the light just like their fairy dust. On this necklace you have two regular fairies in case of knockout, and one Great more...

Winning Bid:
Ba Dum Tish for $340.00
Dipper and Mabel dolls

Are you a Gravity Falls fan? Maybe! Do you know someone who is a Gravity Falls fan? Of course you do! Do you or your friends like cuddly dolls that look like your favorite characters? Who wouldn't? Beamie, the humble dollmaker, has made two 17" dolls in the likeness of Dipper and Mabel Pines.

Made of cuddly cotton, squishy fleece and soft felt and yarn, these would be the perfect companions to your merch collection or your stuffed animal army. They also have floppy and weighted limbs for maximum cuddlebility!

Mabel has her signature Fuzzy Sweater and braces, while Dipper has his trusty hat and one of the infamous Jo more...

Winning Bid:
kelderek for $333.00
D&D lot

This collection of gargantuan D20s is sure to delight the dedicated dungeon-crawler. Get serious about rolling 20s or tracking your life totals with these SRS BZNZ D20s.

Desert Bus Die and fuzzy bag - made by Gregory McIntyre
- Do you want your GM to FEEL it when your dice hit the table? Do you want your life total in Magic The Gathering to be visible from across the room? Do you want your roll to be felt around the world? The forging of these monstrous dice required the sacrifice of approximately 2 dozen smaller dice. May their death fuel your gaming.
Instructions: clean with soap and water, if needed reink numbers more...

Winning Bid:
Neogetz for $676.76
Time's End Shadowbox Clock

Do you have difficulty keeping up with the passage of time? Do you have a sense of dread, like something big is hanging over your head? Have you met with a terrible fate? Mark your passage through the stream of time over and over with this Majora's Mask themed papercraft shadowbox! This piece was made and assembled by hand over three days (repeated endlessly to get it right) to capture the feeling of wonder and dread that one often feels when playing this wonderful game. The piece is almost 100% paper! With the addition of a AA battery (not included), the Clock Town tower clock will slowly rotate and give the illusion of time passing (if time more...

Winning Bid:
UndeadSnowman for $800.00
Baby Geek lot

Are you or a loved one expecting a new geekling soon? This little collection of items will get that young'un off to a cozy and cheerful start in life, with a soft blanket, a rattle, and a squishy little star friend. This lot contains:

Star Wars At-At blanket - made by Tally Heilke
The itsy bitsy At-At walked through the field of ice,
Down came the Alliance planes which were not very nice,
Out came their grappling ropes to tie and trip and snare,
So the itsy bitsy At-At decided to go elsewhere.
... like Endor! Wrap your baby up in this soft fleece and flannel blanket with a felt At-At appliquéd on on more...

Winning Bid:
Diserasta for $750.00
Link-bo and Zelda-Bo

What's the best rainy day activity for kids and chocobos? Dress-up! Grab some fabric, make some props, make a mess (...then clean it up...), and have a blast! These two chocobos have decided they want to be Link and Zelda from the Legend of Zelda series, complete with decorative accessories. The Link outfit comes with beaded blanket, Hylian Shield medallion, trademark hat, the Master Sword, and two bracers. The Zelda outfit comes with beaded blanket, Royal Crest medallion, crown, sword, and two of those nifty shoulder dealies. And yes, of course they can swap whatever accessories they want, or the entire outfits!

Standing "natura more...

Winning Bid:
burningdragoon for $719.00
Precursor Orb

Only 89 more until you get a Power Cell! No more electricity bills for you! Mind you, in this world these babies are much harder to come by, so perhaps the Precursor Orb could make a better decoration than currency. It is awful pretty. Carefully hand crafted using a chicken egg and polymer clay, this Precursor Orb was certainly made with love. This is mostly because if the egg shell senses fear or anger it will shatter just to spite you. Luckily this one has been safely wrapped up in two layers of polymer clay and a few layers of sealant. It also has been hand painted to give it a weathered look better matching the aesthetics of the long lo more...

Winning Bid:
The Derp Duke for $300.00
Star Wars Stocking

It's awfully cold on Hoth, but we bet there's some great sledding! Imagine what Christmas in a galaxy far far away would be like with this wonderful stocking, jam packed with Star Wars goodies. This lot includes:

Star Wars Stocking - made by QueenTess
- Celebrate the season! The season of a new Star Wars movie! This stocking features stylized versions of Darth Vader, Boba Fett and a TIE fighter pilot. It's a large size to hold all those goodies, and padded to make it extra fluffy. The interior fabric is a Star Wars schematics pattern in a light color, so you can easily find everything in the depths of this magnificent stock more...

Winning Bid:
Agathachristi for $545.00
Serenity Painting

A must-have for any Brown Coat, this beautiful 12" x 12" painting will proudly show your love of Firefly to any visitor. It is standard size, so no special frames are required. Acrylic paint is extremely durable, so as long as the painting isn't mistreated it should last a long time.

Materials: acrylic paint, canvas more...

Winning Bid:
Rogue13 for $710.00
Pacman Sweater

At first, faraway glace, this sweater may look like simply another beautiful handknit piece of winter garb in one of those traditional winter-sweater patterns that never go out of style. But look closer and... that traditional pattern has an untraditional component - Pacman! Yes, show your love for this classic 80's game in this cozy sweater, guaranteed to keep you warm and full of nerd cred during the cold winter months. Pac-Man, Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde are all present to make your winter days the best they can be, and wrap you up in a warm woolly hug.

Washing instructions:
Hand wash, dry flat. It doesn't need to be more...

Winning Bid:
Cremity for $515.00
Lava Bear Painting

Rising from the cavernous depths of the Temple of the Lava Bears, this fearsome fellow isn't your average 2/2 bear. Inspired by Jeremy Petter's D&D campaign and the exquisite art style of Magic: The Gathering, this one of a kind painting would be a perfect creature to bestow upon the wall of your gaming room. It will remind you of a great D&D campaign, the general fearsomeness of bears, and the total terror of a ferocious death machine that is ALSO MADE OF LAVA. If your D&D party ever starts complaining about how tough your campaign is, just point to this painting to remind them how much worse things could be.

The piece is made w more...

Winning Bid:
UndeadSnowman for $1,775.00
Arstotzka Air Passenger

(In Andy's Border Guard Voice): Papers Please... Please make sure to have all passports, entry visas, exit visas, work visas, birth certificates, national I.D.s and cards from local strip clubs ready before boarding aircraft. This aircraft has been painted in striking Arstotzkan colours, with glorious Arstotzkan flag on tail to make all other aircraft tremble. We will be serving you finest Arstotzkan gruel onboard our flight to Colechia, where you will be denied exit of plane without all travel documents. If you fail to produce any of these documents you will not be allowed to leave the aircraft in Colechia, you will also not be allowed re-en more...

Winning Bid:
TheFaceoftheDoctor for $310.00
Classic 8-Bit Quilt

You know their legends. You stayed up late to beat just one more boss. Now you can curl up on your couch with Kirby, Pikachu and all your other old friends. Made of 100% cotton fabric and polyester fill and tied with acrylic yarn, this quilt is hand-pieced and perfect to snuggle. Theoretically machine-washable on a gentle cycle, but dry cleaning's probably a better option to keep it always looking new and minimize possible shrinkage. Don't mind the small imperfections, those are the lovingly rendered mistakes of two women with a bone to pick with their sewing machine. They just give the quilt more charm.

The quilt is made with 10 more...

Winning Bid:
GhostEye for $1,110.00
DB9 Cookie-of-the-Month Club auction lot

Please note: this auction lot can only be shipped to an address IN THE UNITED STATES. To bid on this item, you must either reside in the US or have a really awesome friend who lives there and who you're going to have all these cookies sent to. (Better make sure it's a REALLY awesome friend - these are good cookies.)

The winner of this auction lot will receive a shipment of special baked treats once a month, from December 2015 through November 2016. Each month's baked goods will be made and sent by a different member of the Cookie Brigade. Please note that while nut-free treats can be accommodated, the bakers cannot provide a ful more...

Winning Bid:
ks for $1,567.89
World of Warcraft lot

The true testament to the immersiveness of a game world is just how long people keep coming back. For over ten years, Azeroth has called, and we have answered. We have opened the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj, stormed the Dark Portal, survived the Cataclysm, plummed the depths of Deepholm, and even travelled through alternate timestreams. We have battled as the Horde and Alliance. We have banded together against greater and more deadly foes. Celebrate your achievements with this fabulous World of Warcraft lot, including: World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Collector's edition, WoW Funko Pop figure, and World of Warcraft collector's edition cloth map more...

Winning Bid:
NINJAmumyRAMSES for $610.00
D&D Charm Bracelet

Show your RPG pride with this all-encompassing charm bracelet! Handmade with love, this geek-chic piece features 23 individual charms, each with unique designs, showcasing the base races and classes as seen in popular roleplaying systems D&D 5E and Pathfinder. Additionally, a full 7-piece set of mini polyhedral dice has been wire-wrapped and is interspersed among the charms. All of these ornaments have been delicately hung along a silver-plated 7" chain. A lobster clasp and extender chain make it easily adjustable to fit wrists of different sizes. Perfect for the gamer who has played it all, or simply someone who wants to boast their tabletop more...

Winning Bid:
Ba Dum Tish for $510.00
Pokémon Legendary Bird Trio Cross-stitch

Are you on your way to becoming a Pokémon master, but still haven't caught the Gen 1 legendary birds? Well put down your Poké balls (or perhaps Ultra balls) and spend another night at the Pokémon Center because now you can have the legendary trio delivered to you! You no longer have to go on a long cruise to a cave filled with ice puzzles, make a special trip to your local power plant, or take a detour through a Zubat-infested Victory Road on the way to the Elite 4. Beautifully (and humanely!) captured in a black wooden frame, this legendary trio cross-stitch will be an excellent addition to your home décor!

Wire hanging k more...

Winning Bid:
Space_Titanium for $1,150.00
Mario Wall Squares

Be the only person you know with the classic Mario matching game on your wall for all to see. Mix em' match em'.... unlimited possibilities... Immediately brings any room back to the golden years of Nintendo. Reminisce in style!

Each 8" x 8" painted canvas piece was created with acrylic paint and gloss lacquer. Altogether, the full display of 9 squares will take up 26" x 26" of wall space if hung with 1 inch spaces between each painting. more...

Winning Bid:
adam1 for $1,475.00
Custom Painted Miniatures for Wargaming

It's just what the title says - Custom Painted Miniatures for Wargaming, this is no longer restricted to Warhammer Fantasy/40k, and you choose how you want it to be painted! Crafter Lareina Chan says if you'd like her to do an army or an assortment of models in a certain theme, she can most likely accommodate that - she's always up for a challenge to do new things!

Some examples: she could do every Space Marine as different My Little Pony characters complete with individual colour schemes and cutie marks on their shoulder pads! Or if you'd like her to try to replicate a certain colour scheme you found on the internet, she can d more...

Winning Bid:
Space_Titanium for $1,300.00
The First Flower of Artifice

There are legends that speak of a flower that was not, a lotus born of blood and artifice. A plant that grew of no pool of water, but tapped into the very mana of the multiverse. The Black Lotus, its very name stirs the souls of planeswalkers.

There are few cards in Magic: The Gathering with more myths and legends that surround them then those that follow the Black Lotus. In reality it is a rare card from the alpha set that lets you slam a four drop or combo on turn one. Thats prettygood dot gif, but can it truly explain its price tag?

Legends speak of a warehouse fires, or a guy who had stockpiled the "worthless" more...

Winning Bid:
ElementalAlchemist for $2,100.00
Creepy Doll Dragon Scale Tie

Fashionably Creepy or Creepily Fashionable? Take your pick. Either way, you are sure to be noticed when your tie is freaking everyone out with its soul-consuming stare! But the Creepy Doll knows how to keep things classy, dressing in the ever-fashionable black-and-white formal combo. This tie, following the Creepy Doll's same colour scheme and design, will similarly match any formal occasion.

The tie body is made from approximately 7000 anodized aluminum and vulcanized rubber rings, and the neck chain uses stainless steel rings. Tie Length: 20"
It fits up to a 24" neck comfortably with added rings every 1/2" for easy adjust more...

Winning Bid:
ekimekim for $1,200.00
Triforce beaded rope necklace

Crafter Michelle Willson's mother-in-law has a vintage beaded rope necklace that a favorite aunt had made her back in the 60s. She showed Michelle all the different ways she could wear it and said that when she was a young woman she could even wear it as a belt. That was Michelle's inspiration to learn how to bead crochet so she could make something like this. Geeking things up with a triforce pattern spiraling around the rope took over 5000 seed beads, threaded and crocheted to get the desired length. The pattern is subtle, but makes a striking and extremely piece.

Oh and did we mention that the end focal beads glow in the dark? more...

Winning Bid:
heliotropes for $455.56
Geek Couples lot

Many of us hope to find that perfect someone with whom to share D&D adventures and Star Wars 1-3 rants, someone who we can battle ferociously in Mario Kart but who will still somehow love us afterwards. That person who will completely understand our desire, no, our NEED, to watch Firefly for the third or fourth or twentieth time, and won't judge if there's a little something in our eye during the opening titles. A player two, an adventuring companion, a prince or princess who is NOT in some other freaking castle, but is right there with us, travelling alongside.

This lot is a collection of items perfectly shared by two geeks in l more...

Winning Bid:
Jamesian for $800.00
AeroSnorsh Passenger Plane

(In Kathleen's Snorsh voice): Hello Everybody! Welcome to Snorsh Air, flying you from Snorsh to many different locations in Northsoutheast Noteurope. But usually wherever we happen to crash. Did I say crash? Of course I meant land. Land means stop flying, right? Anyway, this plane is newest in fleet and is lovingly painted in AeroSnorsh colours with Snorshian flag on tail. Please ignore little weagle on the front wheel, he'll fall off. We have several emergency exits. We know they work from last time we "landed". We will serve lunch on this flight, traditional Snorshian dish of Sgkklorghfggrk, with side of Weagle paté. We will take soon, so more...

Winning Bid:
pao for $336.00
Witness Me! - calligraphy piece

What better words to have on your wall as you go about each historic day on your own personal fury road? The iconic invocation "Witness me!" is surrounded above and below by more sayings of the War Boys and the Immortan, in a gothic hand appropriate for Mad Max's sometimes downright medieval post-apocalypse. But the Five Wives also have a voice in this piece, as "We are not things!" and "Who killed the world?" disrupt the ordered gothic script with blue ink and an unbound hand. This tension is a reminder, asking: what are you doing that's worth witnessing? And who do you want to be witnessed by?

The piece is on Windsor&Newton; Ca more...

Winning Bid:
alyeska39 for $777.00
Sharing Is Caring - Dark Souls painting

Warped by the Bed of Chaos incident, blinded by the Blight Pus, and only conversant in a forgotten tongue, the Fair Lady of the Chaos Servant Covenant has had a rough time. Maybe take a moment and share a succulent Humanity with her. Those black sprites and the company of her sister Queelag are the only little joys she has left. Just don’t mention what you did to Queelag on the way down.

This painting uses India ink on Rives BFK printmaking paper. The image itself measures 11"x14", on paper that's 12"x15". more...

Winning Bid:
Space_Titanium for $655.00
Legend of Korra figurines

What happens when you combine one strong, brash, sarcastic lady with an engineering genius who can rebuild a broken airship into a sand sailer overnight? You get Korra and Asami - that's what! From The Legend of Korra, the immensely entertaining sequel series to Avatar: The Last Airbender, these two ladies travelled the world (and also the Spirit World), sticking it out for four seasons of incredibly compelling storytelling addressing complex issues including trauma, terrorism, race, gender, and identity. Show your support for this critically acclaimed series, and its terrific leading ladies with this pair of detailed figurines, wonderfull more...

Winning Bid:
Twoflower for $475.00
Minion blanket

Minion blanket! Everyone needs a little minion in their lives, and it happens that this blanket was made from its crafter's heart and soul. The process was grueling especially when she ran out of yellow yarn and had to ask people for some cause the only store in town ran out because minions are all the rage... so, in a way this is a community-created blanket, too! How very perfect for Desert Bus. Feel the love and support of a whole bunch of random yellow-yarn donors when you wrap yourself up in this awesome blanket.

The blanket can be machine wash and tumble dried. It is made from yarn, yarn and more yarn and measures roughly 7 more...

Winning Bid:
Narr for $595.00
Beemo Gameboy

Who wants to play video games? You can help Beemo find a family or even a little boy or girl to take care of. This Beemo may not be a real little living boy, but it is made from a fully functional, original Nintendo Game Boy and comes with 5 classic games: Tetris, Super Mario Land, Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Gargoyle's Quest, and Dr. Mario. Help Beemo be more by attaching the removable arms and legs and applying one of the six included vinyl cling faces. And yes, batteries are included!

This is an original Nintendo Game Boy, modded with acrylic paint, clear gel coat, polymer clay for the limbs and epoxy putty to smooth it more...

Winning Bid:
scottgoblue314 for $650.00
Stained Glass TARDIS lamp

This tiny TARDIS is guaranteed to take you through time and space, as long as you don't object to going through time in a linear and forward fashion and are willing to put in the legwork in to move yourself through space. Fortunately, with this stained glass TARDIS you will always have a light on to guide you. The TARDIS is completely handmade from stained glass, with electric lights that work via touch sensors. The lamp is powered via battery and recharged via USB. There is a button on front to power the board, to prolong battery life. One tap lights it up, one tap turns it off. Double tapping will play the TARDIS sound and flash the lights more...

Winning Bid:
Lizardman for $1,516.17
Star Trek lot

Go where no man or woman has ever gone before... until a bunch of them did and a bunch of Red Shirts died and a bunch of alien women fell in love with a human spaceship captain and a bunch of other crazy stuff happened, for years and years and seasons and seasons! This lot contains numerous delights for the Star Trek fan, from coffee accessories to a felted menagerie of alien creatures. Read on for details!

Creatures of Star Trek - made by Nathan Yaussy
- Star Trek is known for many things, such as addressing current societal issues, creating the look of new technologies, and forming the basis for how future fandoms arise. more...

Winning Bid:
badpandabear for $800.00
Deadpool meets Coulson

Do you like Deadpool? Let's be real, who /doesn't/ like Deadpool. Even Agent Coulson likes Deadpool. At least a little.

Right, since everyone likes Deadpool, let's all enjoy this recreated panel from Deadpool VS SHIELD. It is entirely hand done with only the assistance of a drafting ruler, and painted with various brain-melting acrylics onto an 18x24 wrapped canvas (that's 46x61 cm). That's right, you can have a Deadpool, painted on a real canvas, like real art! Who wouldn't want that? Comes with a custom foam box to keep it cozy while traveling.

Materials: 18x24 level 2 canvas and acrylic paint, with watercolor penc more...

Winning Bid:
LlewellynZ for $334.75
Game of Thrones lot

Winter is totally coming. Christmas too, in fact, and whether you want to surprise a Game of Thrones fan in your life or you think Santa might want to leave some GoT delights under the tree for you, this lot is a great option. Featuring two handmade and very detailed dolls and six exquisite House sigil cards, it's a collection of true GoT finery! The lot includes:

Daenerys Targarye and Jon Snow dolls - made by Stephanie Martin
- "When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.” Daenerys and Jon both know what that's like, so it’s best to keep them close. Both plush dolls are modeled after the show versions of the more...

Winning Bid:
MCJiopur for $250.00
My Neighbor Totoro mittens

Tired of freezing your fingers off while waiting for the Catbus (or indeed the regular bus) to arrive? Well, say goodbye to cold hands and hello to these handknit, warm and above all stylish pair of mittens. Knit in a soft merino yarn, the doublethread pattern will make sure your hands stay wonderfully warm. A must for every Totoro fan who doesn't live in a tropic climate. Unfortunately they're not waterproof - rembember to carry an umbrella!

These mittens are made from Drops Merino Extra Fine, a yarn that's cable spun from 100% merino wool fibers from free-range animals in South Africa and South America. The yarn is superwash tr more...

Winning Bid:
rkcr for $601.00
Super Hexagon Blanket


Important facts about hexagons:
- A regular hexagon has 6 rotational symmetries and 6 reflection symmetries, making up the dihedral group D6.
- Hexagonal tessellation of the plane is combinatorically equivalent to close-packing of circles.
- Everything is better with hexagons: videogames, the future, videogames about the future...and blankets.
- This is a thick, warm, crocheted hexagonal blanket measuring 72 inches vertex-to-vertex.
- Its white-and-purple pattern is based on the Hyper Hexagoner level of Super Hexagon.
- It serves as an excellent shawl when folded in half.
- It more...

Winning Bid:
MadTheorist for $1,006.00
NES Clock

Want to wake up in the morning, but can't stand to have something in your house that isn't about retro gaming? We have a solution for you! Plug in any NES controller to set the clock or alarms. That's right: TWO Alarms! So if you share a bed with someone who sleeps in, they can be woken up, too! (Take that, Fido!) Alarm A is pre-set to the Mario theme, and Alarm B pre-set to Zelda, but anything you have on MP3 can be used.

The clock is even resistant to power failure, storing your alarms in non-volatile memory. (We apologize for taking away your best excuse for being late.)

Finally, the best feature of all: flip th more...

Winning Bid:
adam1 for $620.00
Dinosaur, Giant Squid, Star Wars and Batman 3D colour posters

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


These amazing images literally leap off the page at you! The lot includes 2 B&W originals, 3 colour prints, and the special 3D glasses, without which the effect is somewhat less alarming. more...

Winning Bid:
LlewellynZ for $400.00
Star Wars Celebration Europe print

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


Created in 2007 for Star Wars Celebration Europe, this 18x23” signed and embossed artist’s proof includes a pencil sketch remarque - your choice of character! more...

Winning Bid:
Lord Hosk for $901.11
Captain's Shield shawl

When Captain America throws his lacy shield - He tosses it onto a tabletop or jauntily over shoulders. Though this cotton lace may not strike fear into most evildoers, it is soft, warm, and iconic.

This item was hand knit, with a pattern made up as the crafter went along. And fittingly, too - Steve Rogers isn't the kind of hero who goes for super fiddly plans. He may be a bit of a Boy Scout, but rather than standing for the status quo he challenges his country and his world to become better. Fairer. More honest and compassionate. Lacier.

Cleaning tips: it's recommended to wash this by hand with baby shampoo or a pro more...

Winning Bid:
DaMullet for $543.21
1991 Winnipeg Comic-Con signed poster

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


This 11x17” poster is signed by Ken (Value Added) Steacy, Steve (The Dude) Rude, Lovern Kindzierski, George Freeman, Doug Wheatley, & Stan Sakai, and includes a terrific Usagi Yojimbo sketch! more...

Winning Bid:
theo5p for $235.00
Ken (Value Added) Steacy t-shirt lot

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


11 different designs by Ken Steacy. The lot includes 8 T-Shirts, 1 long-sleeved shirt, 1 hoodie, and 1 lab coat, all extra large for comfy fit! more...

Winning Bid:
Maddog for $405.00
Brok Windsor Comics Anthology limited edition

Published by Bedside Press, the heroic wartime adventures of Canada’s own superguy are collected in this limited edition hardcover (#602) available only to Kickstarter supporters. The lot includes book w/slipcase & signed bookplate, plus 26 print portfolio. more...

Winning Bid:
Antitonic for $301.00
Ken (Value Added) Steacy signed poster lot

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


The biggest collection yet, this lot contains 15 posters ranging from Spider-Man, The X-Men, Real Ghostbusters, Magneto, to 7 Against Chaos, FanExpo 2012, Tempus Fugitive etc. It even includes Ken’s super-rare sultry Ha more...

Winning Bid:
TehSpud for $600.00
Epic Fox Hat

What does the fox say? It says hush up already and put this hat on because it will make you look awesome! Styled after the sly and cunning red fox, this hat is sure to keep you warm in the coldest of months while being fun and fashionable. This year's hat includes ear flaps to further protect those pesky human ears from the cold.

The hat is hand knitted with acrylic yarn, and has a 22" circumference. For best results, hand wash in warm water and lay flat to dry. more...

Winning Bid:
ekimekim for $1,000.00
Minecraft lot #2

It's all well and good to decorate your Minecraft home with delightful worldly goods, but what about decorating your real-world home with delightful Minecraft goods? This lot is full of fantastic Minecraft pieces to put in your home, as well as books full of gameplay tips and tidbits. The lot contains:

Handpainted Minecraft buttons - made by Tina Bongorno
- Who needs more Minecraft merch in their lives? YOU do! These are handpainted wooden Minecraft pins that you can place on your favorite fabric object to show off how super cool and in-the-know you are when it comes to this new-fangled Minecraft thing the youngins are all more...

Winning Bid:
Juliamon for $360.00
Pokemon Trainer lot

Train your Pokemon up right so you can venture forth and catch more Pokemon for your team! This lot will seriously boost your Pokemon collection, with a whole bunch of the darling creatures and three types of Pokeball! It contains:

Pokemon Buttons - made by Roxanne Wayne
- You can't go out into the tall grass without a Pokemon of your own. Luckily, you have a choice of 18 different starter Pokemon! After two years of Desert Bussing, these lovingly-raised critters have evolved to their powerful third stages, carefully drawn and assembled for a lucky trainer. They can tag along on bags, hats, jackets, or whatever surface they more...

Winning Bid:
badgersprite for $675.00
1986 Comico the Comic Company poster

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


This lot includes the 20x30” poster, the rough sketch, and a B&W print of the inked version, all signed by Ken! more...

Winning Bid:
thecwis for $295.00
Ken (Value Added) Steacy convention signs

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


Seven signed signs from various comic shows over the years, here and abroad! more...

Winning Bid:
Maxite for $225.00
Mega Altaria

"Altaria dances and wheels through the sky among billowing, cotton-like clouds. When it connects heart-to-heart with someone, it envelops that person in its soft, beautiful wings, humming in a pure soprano tone."

This wonderfully fluffy pokemon is made of wool rovings, allowing it to be very poofy. I do needle felting and realized that would be the perfect medium for all that floofyness. It is fluffy, poofy, floofy. FLUFF FLUFF FLUFFF. SOOO FLUFFY YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT. The wool is felted to a core of armature wire for support. The wings and cloud-like plumage can be posed, and the tilt adjusted on the neck and f more...

Winning Bid:
lunaflame for $515.00
Mr. Teddy, Geek Bear Extraordinaire

This adorable geeky teddy bear was a collaboration between two geeky crafters, Tally Heilke and Jessica Schwab. Tally sewed the bear, and Jessica knit several cute nerdy accessories from wool yarn to keep it warm. The bear comes with:

- 1-up Sweater (Super Mario Brothers)
- Jayne Cobb Hat (Firefly)
- 4th Doctor Scarf (Doctor Who)

This teddy is a fan of lots of things, just like you, and can’t wait to give you a hug (it's extremely huggable, being made from a felted chenille sweater). The bear is patient and a great listener, and will gladly lend a sympathetic ear as you express your impatience waiting more...

Winning Bid:
aliumsativum for $651.34
D&D Gods Icons Charm Bracelets set

Perhaps you play characters of various allignments in multiple D&D games. Perhaps your character is a little flippy floppy on the whole good/evil/neutral thing (aren't we all, some days). Perhaps your character is still deciding just which gods to offer obeisance to. Or perhaps you have some differently-alligned pals to gift the other bracelets to. Each bracelet has it's own certain charms (ha!), as you can see below...

Good Gods Bracelet
Oh-ho, so you want to punch things and feel smug about it after? Well then, these are the gods for you... you'll have to narrow it down though. There's Bahamut if you want to act like a p more...

Winning Bid:
ThinksTooMuch for $505.00
Agent Carter Wall Scroll

Do you know your value? Agent Peggy Carter knows hers, and she's not going to let anyone or anything stand in her way. Hang this banner on your wall and bring Peggy's determination and spirit into your home. This piece was designed by Featherweight, who also turned the finished embroidery piece into a hangable scroll. It's the largest piece crafter Sarah Overall has ever embroidered, and is likely to stay that way for some time.

The piece was made with linen, cotton embroidery thread and a wooden dowel. It measures approximately 15.5 inches wide and 26 inches tall, with a horizontal 20 inch dowel supporting it. more...

Winning Bid:
Katkat for $235.00
Not So Simple Switchable Materia Bracelet

You want sleek, fancy, and mass-manufactured? Then you go see Shin-Ra about your fashion needs. You want a hand-wrought, reliably quick-switching linked materia bracelet that doubles as a defense in hand-to-hand combat? Then you come see Orin Drake. It ain't pretty, but it's gonna get your rear end back home. You can swap between any combination of two common materia: Magic (green), Independent (purple), Command (yellow), Summon (red), and Support (blue). The swing arm and magnet mechanism allow for quick switching and a secure hold, while the bulk of the bracelet itself it actually mostly cardboard and foam, so it's not too heavy! The winner more...

Winning Bid:
badgersprite for $333.00
Marvel Etched Drinking Glasses

Drink up! This is a set of three heavy-bottomed "iced tea" glasses etched with the logos of Marvel's "S.H.I.E.L.D.", "H.Y.D.R.A.", and "Avengers". The etch is permanent and dishwasher safe, but don't let Agent May catch you drinking from the Hydra glass, or nothing will be able to save you or the glasses!

Each glass is 6 inches (15.24 cm) tall and 3 inches (7.62 cm) wide more...

Winning Bid:
phobiandarkmoon for $863.00
Desert Bus 9 Portable Dance Party #1

Wear all the good times of Desert Bus 9 around your neck wherever you go! This USB-rechargable pendant will lie dormant, dimly flickering, until you bridge the two raised contacts with your finger. When you do, the lights wake up, get really bright, and do a fancy rainbow dance! When the moment is right, take the necklace off, activate it above your head, and DANCE THE BUS OUT in your own personal dance party. The rainbows shining down on your face will be the next best thing to the tech-wizards in Engineering putting the rainbow filter on the driver-cam. The Desert Bus 9 logo is silkscreened right on the front, letting the world know what yo more...

Winning Bid:
Omega Lairon for $900.00
LRR Logo Cabled Shawl

This shawl is science. Well, mostly science. The kind of science you get when a curious knitter learns about continuous cables and wonders if they could be used to replicate the LoadingReadyRun logo. A revised hypothesis of "that border won't work, let's drop those stitches". Some quick, back of the envelope calculations, and an educated guess or three, and suddenly there's a shawl where there used to be string.

Broadly inspired by patterns for "shippo" (or "tail") scarves, this asymmetric shawl/scarf has the LoadingReadyRun logo worked into a cabled border. The wedge-shaped end of the shawl can be draped over one shoulder for more...

Winning Bid:
Kasheen for $808.08
Pokemon Master lot

Have you mastered your large collection of Pokemon and won badges from all the gym leaders you can find? Then you'll want this lot to help show off your amazing Pokemon skills even more prominently! The lot contains two stunning and beautiful Pokemon items:

Starter Pokemon Mugs - made by Jexebele
- Three starter Pokemon (Charmander, squirtle, and bulbasaur) looking for a forever home. Good personalities, get along well with kids and spouses. They spend their time curled up and sleeping in their pokeballs until you're ready for a nice refreshing beverage. These mugs are hand painted and fired to 2,000 degrees making them com more...

Winning Bid:
burningdragoon for $810.00
Gentleman Geek lot

This winter 2015 season, we present a new set of Gentlemanly items for the discerning geek fellow. Enjoy the following selection of items for working, gaming, travelling and more!

Bus-it doll - made by Jen P.
- Even a gentleman gets annoyed sometimes, but he knows how to control his temper and show his distaste for the situation in just the right, gentlemanly way. Which is as follows:
When your internet gives you lag,
Or the crashing bus makes you shout -
Here's a little Bus-It doll
You can not be without
Grab it by the legs
And chose a place to smack it
And as you whack the stuffi more...

Winning Bid:
TheFaceoftheDoctor for $810.00
Tiny Hatching A'Tuin

One day, crafter Miryenne visited a little yarn shop she'd never notice before; it was bigger than she expected, but more yarn should never be questioned. In a back room there was a knitting circle, and one lady was showing off a super cute hatching turtle toy. It was a knit egg which could flip inside out into a turtle and the egg tucked into its belly. A circle of four elephants stood on the shell and a flat disk rests on their backs. As Miryenne had her knitting bag with her, she set to making one herself with leftover yarn. After she finished knitting the disc and the (tiny!) elephants, she packed up and said her goodbyes. And then a whol more...

Winning Bid:
kelderek for $777.00
set of 3 classic MtG posters

This lot contains three laminated Magic the Gathering posters from yesteryear. Their history and origin is a bit unusual, and we'll share with you now that tale, found at

Titled as "The Magic Card Catalog," an estimated 1000 promotional sets of three posters depicting every card from the Alpha and Beta sets were produced by an organization known as "The Charity Fellowship." The group was not a "charity" in the conventional sense, but rather a card clearinghouse of sorts that helped people finish sets. This organization was lead by David Moore, a card seller and ordained minister known locally in the Rochester, NY more...

Winning Bid:
fuzzygenius for $650.00
Geek Housewares lot

Enjoy spending time chilling at home, with this collection of Not-Your-Grandmas'-Homes-And-Gardens collection of household goodies with wonderful geeky themes! From a Gotham City style way to keep track of your keys to some timey-wimey baking accessories, enjoy this spread of true home improvement items. This lot contains:

Batman Keyrack - made by Mirrored Line Props
- Keep your keys (and Gotham) safe! Always know where they are by hanging them on this keyrack, which means you'll never have to fumble for them on your way out the door for an important mission.

TARDIS sprinkles set - donated by the Geeky Hostess< more...

Winning Bid:
Elmo for $575.00
Space Channel 5 - Ulala Bead Sprite

Greet Ulala, Sega Superstar and ace reporter for Space Channel 5. Perfect for the Dreamcast fan in your life.

This sprite is based on a custom design which was the first portrait style sprite the crafter ever made. The first copy was given away at the g33kwatch 24 hour slumber party for Child's Play back in 2011 and this version uses an edited design that improves on the original. Made from Hama, Perler, Hobbycraft and Nabbi beads, the sprite measures 260mm wide by 275mm tall. more...

Winning Bid:
SupermonkeyGX3 for $250.00
Two Doctors Scarf

This is a "Two Doctors" scarf, named in honor of Madame Ximon's two favorite doctors, Dr. Seuss and Doctor Who. It is the scarf that the fourth Doctor would wear if he retired to Whoville. This particular Two Doctors scarf was created with a colour theme inspired by the sea, because apparently the Doctors were in a maritime mood. Assembled from a huge assortment of colourful, crazy, and fluffy yarn combinations, it consumed a great deal of that timey-wimey stuff in the making. And just to slip a little extra geeky Deep Thought in there, the stitch count that started this lengthy fashion adventure was 42.

The scarf is made from A more...

Winning Bid:
ProceduralRyan for $403.00
Doggie Fallout Vault suit

Prepare your puppy for the post-apocalyptic future with this super cute vault suit! It's adorable, it's comfy, it's doggie chic, and it's made by God Save the Queen Fashions, who makes incredibly high quality cosplay and prop outfits and accessories. Her commissions waitlist is miles and miles long, so skip the line by bidding on her fantastic work here at Desert Bus!

Some details about the Fallout Doggie Vault Suit:
- Made out of leather, poly knit, and felt by GSTQ Fashions
- Looks best at 18" neck, 28" torso but is adjustable
- Vault number 9 to celebrate Desert Bus's 9th anniversary
- Essential wardrob more...

Winning Bid:
Fugi for $500.00
Painted Space Hulk Board Game

Blood Angels vs Genestealers, who will emerge victorious? Will the Genestealers escape the Space Hulk to wreak havoc upon mankind, or will the Blood Angels be able to purge the ship from the alien menace? Only you will know if you win this board game. A stylistic game for 2 players, this is the 4th Edition version of it.

Normally this game comes unassembled, unpainted, and with unpunched tokens, but all that administrative stuff has been taken care of if you win this! Finally a ready-out-of-the-box board game with all the fixings! All figures have been painted in standard colours and some of the Blood Angels have some inscriptio more...

Winning Bid:
GhostEye for $1,600.00
Cats, cats, cats! lot

Do you like cats? Of course you like cats! You're on the internet, you must like cats. Cats are the natural masters of the world, both online and off, and this prize lot pays homage to their soft fluffy greatness. Treat your cat like the queen or king it is with this collection of items:

Cat-panion cat bed - made by Flailsquared
- Back by popular demand, it's Catpanion cube version 2.0! Area and state regulations do not allow the Catpanion Cubes to remain behind, alone and companionless, when you leave the house. You could just never leave the house, of course, but you've got to at least buy groceries. We have a solution th more...

Winning Bid:
David Barrett for $1,100.00
Midna figurine

Midna, mysterious princess of the Twilight Realm, is back! This time, instead of helping Link in his adventures, perhaps you can take her home and have her help you. This beautiful and intricate figurine was created by artist Camille Young (aka Meeellla), as a commission from a group called Want Midna Back. Only 10 of these figurines were ever created, but as with many rare and wonderful items, one of them has made its way to Desert Bus and could be yours!

In addition to the photos below, you may enjoy perusing this album of the figuri more...

Winning Bid:
Eivind for $888.00
Gravity Falls Puzzle Box

Inspired by the mysteries of Gravity Falls, this hollow book hides a set of puzzles, ranging from the entertaining to the outright devious. Each of the puzzles inside is a physical object. Study scrolls! Critique cards! Probe pamphlets! Note notebooks! Be curiously flummoxed by computer files! And decode a message hidden in five stainless steel rings, designed to be stylish accessories once the puzzle is defeated.

The six puzzles don't specifically relate to Gravity Falls but generally take a geeky bent, and each feeds into a final metapuzzle. All of this is contained in a replica of the Gravity Falls Journal #3, hollowed out for more...

Winning Bid:
iSmartMan for $750.00
Dress to Impress - Ladies' Accessories lot

As a lady geek, you have numerous opportunities to accessorize, adding a little extra pizazz and sparkle to everyday or special occassion outfits. But perhaps you'd like your accessorizing exterior to match your lovely geeky interior. Well we have just the thing for you - an outstanding collection of earrings, brooches, keychains, a bracelet and a necklace to spice up your wardrobe with geektastic accents, and all of them are handmade by a cast of incredible crafters! What's included? Check out the photos and read on below:

Tardis and Dalek cross stitch earrings - made by Sarah Overall
- Snazz your ears up with these Doctor more...

Winning Bid:
Agathachristi for $414.00
-Signed Gargoyles The Movie

It's a 90s Disney class, folks! Gargoyles The Movie on VHS, a piece of 90s gaming history. This copy also comes with the Gargoyles Interactive Game, an interactive VHS/LD board came that was released with the movie in 1995. The game portion of this lot is mint and unopened, and the movie tape has been signed by Greg Weisman (creator) & Keith David (voice actor of Goliath).

This item has been generously donated by the organizers of MomoCon. With 22,600 unique and over 66,000 turnstile attendance in 2015, MomoCon is one of the fastest growing all-ages conventions in the country. Fans of Japanese Anime, American Animation, Comics, V more...

Winning Bid:
Aidyn_ for $511.00
Star Trek: TNG trading cards, S1 - S3

Attention fans of Star Trek, specifcally The Next Generation! Do you love trading cards? Here's a trading card collection so vast it's broken into two lots! Get ready for tons of cards and lots of extras! This first lot contains:

- ST:TNG Season 1 binder and trading cards set along with The Original Series Seasons 1 and 2 sets with bonus cards
- ST:TNG Season 2 binder and trading cards set along with TOS Remastered set and miscellaneous bonus cards, Master Series sets 1 & 2 with bonus cards, miscellaneous TNG gaming cards, and the TNG Gaming Cards Player's Guide
- ST:TNG Season 3 binder and trading cards set along wit more...

Winning Bid:
Boxokittens090 for $190.00
Chic Lady Geek lot

For the winter season of 2015, we present this year's Desert Bus collection of fine items for the discerning lady geek! Enjoy a lineup of fun, useful, classy and/or amusing items with the following things:

Bus-it doll - made by Jen P.
- Even a lady gets annoyed sometimes, but she knows how to control her temper and show her distaste for the situation in just the right, ladylike way. Which is as follows:
When your internet gives you lag,
Or the crashing bus makes you shout -
Here's a little Bus-It doll
You can not be without
Grab it by the legs
And chose a place to smack it
And as y more...

Winning Bid:
Sondra for $374.12
Young Geeks lot

Is there a young geek in your life whose gaming interests you'd like to encourage? This prize pack, full of games-related goodies, would make a great gift for a young gamer, or for your own youthful side. The lot includes:

Desert Bus Die and fuzzy bag - made by Gregory McIntyre - Do you want your GM to FEEL it when your dice hit the table? Do you want your life total in Magic The Gathering to be visible from across the room? Do you want your roll to be felt around the world? The forging of these monstrous dice required the sacrifice of approximately 2 dozen smaller dice. May their death fuel your gaming. Instructions: clean with more...

Winning Bid:
kelderek for $905.00
Batman and Wonder Woman All Stitched Up.

Comics are filled with some wicked artwork starting right from the cover. While they look great framed and hanging on your wall, that kind of makes them difficult to read. To the rescue! Two wall hangings, one of the cover art for Batman: Black and White #4 and one of the cover art for Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #8. Have your cake and eat it, too! Or you know, display your comics and read them, too.

Both hangings have been made using all new, 100% cotton materials with cotton/poly blend batting inside. The Wonder Woman piece has gold metallic thread detailing. Made using raw edge applique, each hanging has been more...

Winning Bid:
jjcard for $302.00
LRR Fan lot

This is the lot to have for any LoadingReadyRun fan! It includes pieces of LRR history, Pinny Arcade pins, LRR merchandise, handmade LRR meme items and even original artwork! In this lot you will find:

Creepy Doll plush - donated by LoadingReadyRun
- Made by Tally Heilke in commission for the LRR Kickstarter, this is one of just 50 large sized Creepy Doll plushies made! He's even numbered on the bottom. He's a great(ly terrifying) companion, who will watch you while you sleep and possibly nibble at the edges of your soul. A must have for any home!

Creepy Doll dice bag - made by Tally Heilke
- If the Creep more...

Winning Bid:
mkat404 for $3,876.00
Zelda Prop Set

Become Link (or Zelda!) with this great set of cosplay props. It's easy to find a replica master sword or Hylian shield, but many of the multitude items that Link somehow drags around with him are not available for purchase. To make up for that, we present this set of iconic items from Link's arsenal. Pulling heavily from TLoZ: WInd Waker, we have the Wind Waker itself, the grappling hook, and the trademark blue bomb. Feel the true struggle of the Hero of Time by trying to carry all these with you in only a tunic.

The bomb is made of 3d printed PLA with an epoxy coating, and measures 6" x 5" x 5" (13 x 10.5 x 10.5 cm). The grapp more...

Winning Bid:
Juliamon for $386.00
TARDIS Button-Up Cowl

Inspired by the Marilyn Phillippi's "Tilting TARDIS Cowl" pattern on Ravelry, this item embodies the timeless fashion of "Whovian Chic". At a glance, it is a stylish cowl perfect for chilly days. Up close, it is composed of iconic police boxes finding their way through a background of wibbly wobbly timey wimey...stuff. Add a Sonic Screwdriver and you have the perfect day-to-day look of a true Whovian!

The cowl was made with acrylic yarn, Mother of Pearl buttons, and some of that all-important Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey stuff. It measures 13 inches by 22 inches (or 33 cm by 56 cm). more...

Winning Bid:
Patrik for $193.00
Crocheted Mega Man Dolls


Five crocheted Mega Man dolls are here to fight for everlasting peace and be adorable while doing it! Featured together as Mega Man’s final smash in the latest Smash Bros, Mega Man Classic, Mega Man X, Mega Man Volnutt, MegaMan.EXE, and Mega Man Star Force are together again in yarn form for you to recreate their decades-spanning adventures.

Drawing inspiration from the character’s designs throughout their games, official art, and other media appearances, each one was individually designed to be cute and simplified, while still retaining the detail and character of the original de more...

Winning Bid:
Cultureshock007 for $700.00
It’s Desert Bus Time! - Adventure Time painting

Desert Bus Time,
C’mon grab your friends!
We’ll drive four hours,
And then four more.
With Roscoe the Duck
And Creepydoll,
The fun will literally never end
It’s Desert Bus Time!

This painting is a lovingly rendered scene of the A-list Adventure Time characters gathered around B-MO playing everyone’s favorite road trip simulator. If you were the proud owner of this algebraic painting you could gaze up at it and re-live the thrill of Desert Bus any time of the year! Also included with this painting is the honor of being the final authority on which Adventure Time character most rese more...

Winning Bid:
Ked for $933.00
Star Trek: TNG trading cards, S4 - S6

Attention fans of Star Trek, specifically The Next Generation! Do you love trading cards? Here's a trading card collection so vast it's broken into two lots! Get ready for tons of cards and lots of extras! This second lot contains:

- Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 4 binder and trading cards set along with TNG Inaugural, Making of, and Profiles sets, miscellanous TNG bonus cards (some from the toys), and Deep Space Nine series premiere set
- ST:TNG Season 5 binder and trading cards set along with DS9 1993 Premiere, Profiles, and Memories from the Future sets and micellaneous DS9 bonus cards
- ST:TNG Season 6 bin more...

Winning Bid:
Fermat for $222.00
Portal 2 lot

GLADOS got you down? We have the perfect solution right here with the Portal 2 Prize Pack. Surround yourself with momentos of your time solving puzzles by launching your friends through the air with your very own P-Body Action figure, Valve Exclusive Turret Statue, $60 Boat Mug, not to mention the signed Portal Gun (perfect for taunting your friends when they come over for games night!)

This lot has been graciously donated by Valve. more...

Winning Bid:
duaiwe for $1,910.00
MTG Mana-obsessed lot

Mana is crucial to most spell-casting, and your MtG game can be crippled if you don't have enough of it. This lot will provide you with plenty of mana in all colours, as well as some amazing custom artwork to spice up your Magic decks. The lot includes:

Custom MtG Tokens in India Ink - made by Eric Johnson
- From Soldiers to Wolves, Birds to Oozes, Tokens are vital to Magic decks in nearly all formats. Two perennial favorites are Zombies and Spirits, and have been very uniquely embodied in these stylish, India ink painted tokens. Be the envy of your play-group with these tiny one-of-a-kind works of art!
- The cards w more...

Winning Bid:
Skakerman for $560.00
Provide a keg of beer for the Desert Bus after-party

Want to donate to Desert Bus, but your home is already totally full of amazing art and handcrafted items? Want to help the exhausted post-Desert Bus team drink till they forget how tired they are (probably by just falling asleep in the middle of the floor)? Here's the deal: James' awesome dad wishes to repeat what he did last year. He has a keg of beer, he himself will not drink the keg of beer, so we will drink it (slowly and responsibly and with all car keys kept safely put away) for the children (better than the children doing the drinking!). Yes, for the children. We won't enjoy it at all, really, but of course we'll suffer through it for more...

Winning Bid:
TooManyKnives for $4,600.00
Chibi-inspired Game of Thrones Felted House Icons

While you watch your favorite characters get hacked to bits, what could be more comforting that holding your favorite house's sigil in woolly form? Each one was hand sculpted over many months, and every part that was not stabbed repeatedly with a needle was hand shaped and painted. The night may be dark and full of terrors, but "We Do Not Sew" is grey and full of joy. "Ours is the Furry" is crowned with cuteness. "Winter is Coming" is ready to help you prepare with Ice in mouth! "Hear me Roar" will show you all the fierceness of a tiny mew. In order to perfect the cuteness, "Fibers and Blood" must have three heads. This happy rose is "Growing more...

Winning Bid:
WampaX for $485.00