Desert Bus Coat of Arms

Desert Bus for Hope began 10 years ago, helping the children and bringing entertainment to the many people who watch it. The Desert Bus game itself was created a little over 20 years ago.

But what if... Desert Bus for Hope had existed since the Middle Ages?

In that case it would require some sort of heraldic symbol, which were all the rage back then. Some kind of crest, insignia... perhaps even... a coat of arms?

Enter the Desert Bus Coat of Arms! Each shift is represented in its own quadrant with meticulously crafted stained glass: the Dawnguard, with their shining rays of sunlight; the Alpha Flight, g more...

Winning Bid:
Kasheen for $800.00
XCOM brass pendant

This piece of handmade geek-wear in beautiful brass is a must for your wardrobe! The elegant pendant displays common symbols seen in the first and second XCOM games - the Vigilio Confido logo and Mutare Ad Custodiam. It pays homage to the game in style!

The pendant is cast in brass and measures about 40mm by 25mm. more...

Winning Bid:
Treyhawk for $800.00
Mario Tapestry

It's time for some classic Super Mario Bros! Fabric style. Measuring around 3 feet in length, (nearly 4 feet including the frame), this is an epic piece of needlework which took many hours, over many weeks, to complete. It's a kind of Bayeux tapestry of Mario in that Mario appears in several places, in different poses, telling a story.

Design - The design is based on a cut down version of World 1-1 of the original game, with a few extra sprites added in. The 25 count evenweave fabric allowed a 1:1 pixel to stitch ratio, so every pixel is represented. The whole of World 1-1 would be around 10 feet long if stitched in the same way more...

Winning Bid:
MadTheorist for $2,002.00
Steven Universe Lion

This friendly pink lion was named Lion by Steven Universe, but he acts just like a housecat: he loves boxes, napping in the sun and chasing butterflies. But unlike a housecat, Steven can ride him! Lion also helpfully makes portals for quick transit, although he does like a nap afterwards. He is super fluffy and huggable. He comes with a model of a Wacky Sacks box for sitting in if he so chooses.

Each lock of Lion's mane is hand stitched onto the needle felted base. The body is made of wool that was felted together around a metal armature for support. The neck and head are adjustable, but the legs are fixed in a seated position fo more...

Winning Bid:
DrGoldfire for $450.00
Full art altered Lorwyn Planeswalkers

Ever wished your planeswalkers weren't so....plane? This collection of cards from Magic: The Gathering could well be for you! Bringing together the original iterations of Garruk, Ajani, Liliana, Chandra, and Jace, this set of full art extensions showcases some of the game's most iconic art in practical, playable style. These alters are painted by hand onto genuine Magic cards using acrylic paint, and are finished with matte varnish. Note that the legality of alters for tournament play is always at the discretion of the head judge. more...

Winning Bid:
ElementalAlchemist for $825.00
Desert Bus 9 Rewind #1

Ever find yourself on a long flight, or eight hour bus trip, wanting to watch some Desert Bus for Hope? Desert Bus Rewind has you covered! Desert Bus Rewind contains the entire 159 hours of DB9 at 1080p, played alongside the entire chat log. All wrapped in a familiar Twitch-like UI and packed onto a USB flash drive. Requires a computer with a USB port and a modern web browser. more...

Winning Bid:
Ked for $1,016.50
Destiny: Thorn Hand Cannon

"To rend one's enemies is to see them not as equals, but objects—hollow of spirit and meaning." - 13th Understanding, 7th Book of Sorrow

This replica of the hand cannon, Thorn from Destiny was 3D printed in ABS at a 0.1mm resolution. The final product has been sanded, polished, and painted to a high standard to try and make it as indistinguishable as possible from the real thing. Its savage visage should strike fear into the hearts of your foes as either a cosplay prop, or even just as a display piece. Also included is one of Xur's "Strange Coins". What are they made of? Why does he want them? No-one knows, but maybe you'll be more...

Winning Bid:
Nereidum for $2,200.00
Classy Pokemon trio

Bulbasaur, the Seed Pokémon. A young Bulbasaur uses the nutrients from its seed for the energy it needs to grow. Older Bulbasaur yell at children playing in the grass.

Charmander, the Lizard Pokémon. When the tip of Charmander's tail burns brightly, that indicates it's in good health. The top hat and monocle indicate high class and good taste.

Squirtle, the Tiny Turtle Pokémon. During battle, Squirtle hides in its shell that sprays water at its opponent whenever it can. When not battling, Squirtle enjoys Charlie Chaplin films and the theatre.

In this set of amigurumi dolls are the three starter Pokemo more...

Winning Bid:
Ruley9 for $690.00
Nintendo Power pin-back buttons

Ah, the games of our youth! The classics and... the not so classic. These unique buttons are made from images published in Nintendo Power between 1994 and 1997, and one from the Super Game Boy Guide, and they are truly one-of-a-kind. This is a set of eight 1.5'' pin-back buttons and one 2.25'' mirror. The images used are:

Link from Link's awakening, Super Game Boy Guide
Samus Aran(Volume 58, March 1994, p.27)
Fox McCloud (Volume 98, July 1997, p. 10)
Mario (Volume 85, June 1996, p.12)
Virtual Boy Wario (Volume 87, December 1997, p. 67)
EarthWorm Jim (Volume 61, p. 31)
Terra in human and Esper f more...

Winning Bid:
Ω Lairon for $404.00
Hogwarts Express

The Hogwarts Express is a must-have for any Harry Potter fan. This nearly 3-foot long train is made entirely of plastic canvas and yarn, and is completely self-designed - you will not find this one-of-a-kind item anywhere else! A truly unique addition to any Harry Potter collection. The train features three pieces: the engine is a boutique-style tissue box cover, the coal bin is can be used as a candy dish or napkin holder, and the passenger carriage opens up into a 3-section storage area. First box of (unopened) tissues included. Approx dimensions: 6.5" W, 32.75" L, 4.75" H. more...

Winning Bid:
chimera8990 for $1,200.00
Shiny Umbreon Soft Sculpture Art Doll

Who's that Pokemon?! Catch this fantastic shiny Umbreon art doll as a fantastic addition to any Pokemon lover's collection. This Umbreon is made from a wire armature with a hand sculpted head and feet. Circles are painted with blue glow in the dark paint and custom painted eyes also glow! Piece measures approximately 11" from nosetip to tailtip and approximately 6" tall.

Special Note - This item is not intended for children as it includes a wire armature and small parts. Sculpture is gently poseable but is fragile and should be handled with care. Spot cleaned only. Do not force poses. more...

Winning Bid:
Antitonic for $310.00
Bob Ross style Desert Bus 10 logo painting

Hi, and welcome back to this fantastic little painting. I think you will really enjoy this painting. Today we are looking a great little painting of the Desert Bus for Hope logo.

This painting has the nice happy little tree air freshener up at the top and some happy little clouds spelling out Desert Bus for Hope. There is a lovely straight little road with the number 10 painted on it because this is the 10th Desert Bus for Hope. This painting was done using oil paint and is on a 20"x20" canvas.

Well, I think we will call this description about finished. Thank you for checking out this item and God Bless. more...

Winning Bid:
For the Leels (the best dan) for $350.00
Color Changing D20 Bulb

Do you feel others need to be illuminated on the level of your nerdiness? Well you're in luck: we have the perfect way to shed some light on the situation. First seen at DB9, these light bulbs not only provide light in a variety of colors but also advertise to the world that you are among the nerds. Made from the same mold as the Desert Bus Dice using an LED Color Changing Bulb, this device will display all your nerdy brilliance. It's made from epoxy resin with a frosted exterior to capture the light at its fullest, and it comes with a handy remote that controls its colors and brightness.

The bulb can be easily cleaned with soap more...

Winning Bid:
Kasheen for $800.00
R2D2 loves BB-8

WE all love R2D2 and BB-8, and the droids also seem to share a strong affection for each other. Honour film's most famous and most adorable droids by hanging this original art piece on your wall!

The piece was created with Sharpie, coloured markers and water. Nikkie, the artist, wanted to go in a comic book-inspired direction, but with flair, so the idea of a watercolour sky bleeding into the grass was born. Fun Fact, the original idea for this piece never included watercolour, but as the colour was added to the sky the way the colour transitions were turning out didn't seem right, so water was added to the mix which gave it a co more...

Winning Bid:
Mo for $600.00
Minecraft Creeper Fingerless Mitts

These guys have been creepin' around and it turns out they are too warm and comfy to explode. While that may make them an outcast on Planet Minecraft, they can be right at home with you! Don't let them scare you off, they just want to be close to you...These soft and stretchy hand-knit fingerless mitts will keep you gaming for hours. They're made of 100% super-wash wool can be machine washed, and laid flat to dry (although usually spot washing only is all that is required). more...

Winning Bid:
ekimekim for $500.00
Star Wars baby blanket

Is your baby tossing and turning every night? Maybe dreaming about a future in the Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance? With this blanket, your baby will learn to recognize the Empire's different machines, so that they too might one day fight with or against them. And truly, who doesn't love the combination of babies and Star Wars? This double-knitted blanket will keep your baby warm and cozy, as well as looking awesome!

Knit in Sanded Garn Babyull Lanett, 100% merinowool, superwash treated.

Measurements: 81x55 cm
Washing: Woolprogram or handwash at 40 degrees. Dry flat. more...

Winning Bid:
Agathachristi for $575.00
Jigglypuff pendant

I choose you, Jigglypuff! Helen has handcut one of her favorite Pokémons out of 18 gauge sterling silver and gave it a satin finish, soft as a Jigglypuff's lullaby. Wear it with Team pride! more...

Winning Bid:
Gravity Pike for $600.00
Shakespeare Romance Triptych

This romantic chalkboard triptych includes quotes from Hamlet, The Tempest, and A Midsummer Night's Dream hand painted across three black canvases. A wonderful addition to any home for yourself or an excellent gift for your favorite nerdy newlyweds! more...

Winning Bid:
Xylophobian for $335.00
Sting glass sword replica

This is a glass replica of Sting, the sword wielded by Bilbo and Frodo Baggins throughout the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. The blade, the guard, and the handle were formed by hand through glass blowing, then grinding and polishing. The hot glass was formed off a pipe at around 2100 degrees Fahrenheit (about 1150 degrees Celcius), which is approximately the temperature of Mount Doom in Mordor. Then, once it all cooled to non-hellfire temperatures, each of the three pieces was manually ground and polished on diamond grinding wheels to create the final shape and hone the edges. Lastly, the Elvish lettering and leaf details wer more...

Winning Bid:
For the Leels (the best dan) for $1,870.00
As is tradition bracelet

Coming from Desert Bus 8, the phrase "as is tradition" has become... well, a tradition! Immortalized in 1,400 individually handwoven beads with multiple strands of high-quality rayon thread, finished with a brass box clasp and two brass jump rings, the shiny gold letters will yell the phrase for you on a delightfully flexible 7.5-inch-long band. Not that you shouldn't also yell it, with or without taking someone to the store, with or without chat involvement. In fact, this is the perfect thing to take with you when you're away from both chat and Desert Bus. (May your journey always be short, in that case.) more...

Winning Bid:
CanadianGirlFNC for $360.00
MineGearPig Socks - Medium

Ah Desert Bus nostalgia, the memes of years gone by! Remember when our favourite pasttime was to Play Minecraft, Watch Topgear and Get Pig? Kristofer recalls it fondly, and has knit this pair of charming green Creeper socks to commemorate that moment in Desert Bus history. Keep your feet cozy and your memories fresh in these comfy socks with a very special non-slip pattern on the soles... yes their soles say "Play Watch Get"/"Minecraft Top Gear Pig," so that when you hold the socks up next to each other the full phrase is displayed.

The socks are 75% Superwash Merino/25% Nylon. They have an 8" wide foot and cuff, for about a siz more...

Winning Bid:
ɥɔɐoɹpǝ for $276.00
Chainmail Dice Bracelet

Never let anyone doubt your commitment to your adventuring party – proudly wear your dice everywhere! This one-of-a-kind chainmaille bracelet has been delicately crafted from 238 titanium rings, a full set of 7 plastic miniature polyhedral dice, and finished with a niobium clasp. The rings sit in a Romanov weave, a variation of the popular Byzantine. Each die has been carefully drilled through and beaded with titanium wire, acting as the centerpiece for each section. The metals used in this piece are completely hypoallergenic, making it a fashionable choice for any RPer!

The bracelet measures about 10 inches in length, but can more...

Winning Bid:
heliotropes for $580.89
Star Wars Christmas Decoration collection

How ready for the holidays are you? They arrive so fast after Desert Bus! But you can enjoy Desert Bus, support the children AND prep for Christmas all at the same time by bidding on this cute collection of Star Wars ornaments. And once the Christmas tree comes down, hang them around your room or on a potted plant or over your kitchen cabinet knobs for fun geeky decoration year round!

The set contains 8 ornaments: BB-8, R2D2, the Death Star, Boba Fett's helmet, a Jawa, an Ewok, Princess Leia and Yoda. They were needle felted (stab stab stab, it's a marvellous crafting technique) from colourful dyed wool. more...

Winning Bid:
Agathachristi for $510.00
Desert Beast (and driver)

Tired of being waylaid by bandits on your daily commute? What you need is the Desert Beast! Fresh from the wastelands, this all-terrain behemoth is perfect for all your transportation needs, be it a never-ending loop from Tucson to Las Vegas, or just a quick ride to your local scrap trader. Comes complete with a luxurious litter capable of comfortably seating up to four passengers, and an affable goblin driver not keep on asking too many questions. Goblin, litter, and teeth all lovingly crafted from polymer clay and painted in acrylics, beast is foam and semi-posable wire frame painstakingly needle felted with merino wool. Measurements are ap more...

Winning Bid:
pao for $432.10
Mass Effect Sprite Pack

From Garrus Vakarian to Thane Krios and Urdnot Wrex, this cast of Mass Effect characters will sci-fi up your room and remind you of all those good times you had together on the Normandy.

Whether you need a hand storming a bar full of thugs or saving the galaxy from the Reapers, Wrex has your back and he's now available to watch over your room in bead form.

Thane Krios might just be the most skilled assassin the galaxy has ever seen. Find a spot on your wall for his portrait and remember the fallen member of your team.

And Garrus has got your back with his thoughtful advice and his killer marksmanship. He more...

Winning Bid:
BillTheCat for $500.00
Sami (Advance Wars) Pixel Art

Introducing: Sami from the Game Boy Advance series Advance Wars. She's the Commanding Officer for one of the game's factions and has always been a personal favourite of Tim K!

'Sami (Advance Wars): Pixel Art' is a piece of pixel artwork done on graph paper and coloured by hand with pencil crayons. The graph paper used for this project has it's tiny squares 10 across per inch of real estate, which is tiny. A combination of Crayola and Scholar pencil crayons were used to get the job done, which ended up taking between 50 and 80 hours to do (but he sorta lost track of time as he's usually watching Star Trek while colouring). It mea more...

Winning Bid:
SammiRei for $355.00
Kids Next Door toy gun

Standing for Shooting Heckuv Alotta Very Elastic Razors And Multiple Armaments, this S.H.A.V.E.R.A.M.A. effectively defeats facial hair in the name of saving the world!

This toy S.H.A.V.E.R.A.M.A. from the animated series Codename: Kids Next Door is signed by two of the voice actors from the series: Cree Summer (Numbuh 5) and Benjamin Diskin (Numbuh 1 & Numbuh 2).

This item has been generously donated by the organizers of MomoCon. With 28,300 unique and over 71,000 turnstile attendance in 2016, MomoCon is one of the fastest growing all-ages conventions in the country. Fans of Japanese Anime, American Animation, Comic more...

Winning Bid:
Maxite for $145.00
Silent Movie Cross-stitch tiles

In the early days of cinema, dialog was confined to phrases written on the screen. Only a few choice phrases, ones that carried the film as a whole, earned the privilege. This selection of memes have transcended the bussing that they were born of, and now represent the spirit of Desert Bus as a whole. They have been preserved for the ages in the style of the classic silent movie dialog tiles, as befits their timeless nature. Each 6x6 square is stitched by hand, and one of a kind. Let these tiles bring the words and emotions of Desert Bus to your everyday life! more...

Winning Bid:
Birdthing for $275.00
Winnie the Pooh clock - signed

Remember your childhood and perhaps teach your own kid how to tell time using this sweet little Winnie the Pooh clock, featuring your favourite characters from Pooh's Corner in their Disney iteration. This adorable timepiece will be a charming addition to your home!

The clock is from a limited edition run, and is numbered 3408 of 7500. It's signed by Jim Cummings, voice of Winnie the Pooh, and Tigger too!

This item has been generously donated by the organizers of MomoCon. With 28,300 unique and over 71,000 turnstile attendance in 2016, MomoCon is one of the fastest growing all-ages conventions in the country. Fans of more...

Winning Bid:
ConspiracyOfCartographers for $365.00
Desert Bus Alphabet book art - letter H

This original artwork is from the very special Desert Bus Alphabet book, an illustrated rhyme created for Desert Bus 10. The letter H, which stands for Handmade, was drawn by Helen Cowart, and the original piece could be yours! more...

Winning Bid:
Nightsintodreams for $243.45
Rey & BB-8 Fabric Art

The Force Awakens was one of the most visually stunning and inspiring movies of 2015, and of course we all fell in love with BB-8 and Rey. This iconic scene was re-imagined using fabric and is a unique addition to any Star Wars collection! Starting with a hand drawn concept, fabric colors and styles were carefully selected to capture the spirit of the scene. The intricate design was layered and sewn piece by piece, resulting in a one-of-a kind work of art.

The finished piece is mounted to an 11x14" canvas and is ready to be hung on a wall or displayed on a shelf. more...

Winning Bid:
Tanok of Ogo for $500.00
Shadows over Innistrad Drinking Glasses

Stay hydrated in your upcoming Magic games with these finely etched drinking glasses! They are permanently etched with the logos of Magic he Gathering's most recent (and upcoming) sets: Shadows over Innistrad, Eldritch Moon, Kaladesh, and Aether Revolt. These fine chalices measure about 16 cm tall and have a 7.5 cm mouth. They should be hand washed. Make your friends jealous of how nerdy and how chic you are with these great kitchen essentials. more...

Winning Bid:
Mr_Horrible for $660.00
'Chewie, We're Home' cross stitch

Stitched primarily during Desert Bus 9, "Chewie, We're Home" was a labor of love, anticipation, and hope that the (then) upcoming Star Wars movie was going to be amazing (spoiler: it was). That moment of the trailer had crafter Julisana e in tears as all the feels just exploded inside her chest. So when Julisana saw what the 2015 Steotch-a-long pattern was she knew what she would do with her free time that November.

"Chewie, We're Home" is stitched on 18ct Aida fabric with cotton embroidery floss, and protected by wood and conservation glass so your lovely piece will stay colorful and heart wrenchingly nostalgic for many years t more...

Winning Bid:
moar crazzy horn songs plox cori for $579.00
Steven Universe DB painting

Take a magical ride on Mr. Universe's bus from Tucson to Las Vegas with the whole Crystal Gem crew - and Rosco! This painting features each of the main characters from the show Steven Universe piled onto a bus, ready for whatever adventures the road may bring them. It was lovingly crafted with acrylic paint on an 11 x 14" stretched cotton canvas with a deep gallery profile. The edges are painted a deep pink so there's no need to frame it - you can hang it up immediately and get right to singing the Steven Universe theme song to it! (Maybe with some minor modifications? "We're... on a Desert Bus!") more...

Winning Bid:
Ctabbe for $530.00
Crocheted Bowser doll

This handmade crocheted Bowser stands approximately 12" tall, and is adorably ferocious! But just bop him on the head 3 times and he'll settle down for cuddles for a bit before charging off to another castle. Princesses should beware, but all others will surely squee over his sweet little scowl (aww, such frump!) and beautifully detailed stitching.

Bowser was made with wool and a bit of nylon. Keep him clean and out of those lava pits - not all the wool used was Superwash, so it can felt if machine washed. He was made free-hand, with no pattern, so is truly one of a kind! more...

Winning Bid:
Sylenctone for $455.00
Rose Quartz Black Velvet Painting

She's the one we all rally behind. Through Steven, we almost have a glimpse of what life with her could have been like. Bold and beautiful, Rose Quartz is rendered in acrylic on sleek and cosmic black velvet. Greg would have loved to hang this in his garage. For maximum class and feels, Rose Quartz is honored with real pieces of rose quartz decorating the frame, along with ribbons and acrylic gems to celebrate the balance between her ability to be down to Earth jubilant yet dedicated to her cause as a Crystal Gem. Hang her up, and feel the love! Measurements: 28x20 of all the big beautiful woman she is. more...

Winning Bid:
Harmondale2 for $286.00
R2D2 & BB-8 Crocheted Blanket

Once upon a time, in a small town far from anywhere, a crafter got an idea; a wonderful, cuddly idea. And so began the journey from concept to drawing, from drawing to pattern and finally, from pattern to stitches.

As a young droid BB8 heard the stories of Luke Skywalker and R2D2. For BB8, R2D2 was a legend, and after many light-years of travel, scary escapes and adventures, BB8 finally got to meet his hero. This blanket captures that moment when BB8 tries to awaken R2D2 with a little head-butt. So, if you have always secretly wanted your own droids, then here's your chance ... YES, these ARE the Droids you're looking for!

Winning Bid:
Rogue13 for $660.00
Calgary Expo Make A Wish Artbooks: work by Ken 'Value Added' Steacy

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


One of Ken’s absolute Fave shows is the annual Calgary Expo, which raises funds for the Make A Wish Foundation with these amazing art books. Each book contains one of Ken's colour paintings in addition to all the other a more...

Winning Bid:
Space_Titanium for $733.00
Desert Bus Alphabet book art - letter M

This original artwork is from the very special Desert Bus Alphabet book, an illustrated rhyme created for Desert Bus 10. The letter M, which stands for Miles, was drawn by Rose Nightshade, and the original piece could be yours!

Rose Nightshade is a freelance artist, cosplayer, and all around nerdy geek. She spends most of her free time working on art, listening to podcasts, and watching anime, pop culture, and cartoon content. You can find more of her work online at more...

Winning Bid:
RockPusher for $222.22
MineGearPig Socks - Large

Ah Desert Bus nostalgia, the memes of years gone by! Remember when our favourite pasttime was to Play Minecraft, Watch Topgear and Get Pig? Kristofer recalls it fondly, and has knit this pair of charming green Creeper socks to commemorate that moment in Desert Bus history. Keep your feet cozy and your memories fresh in these comfy socks with a very special non-slip pattern on the soles... yes their soles say "Play Watch Get"/"Minecraft Top Gear Pig," so that when you hold the socks up next to each other the full phrase is displayed.

The socks are 75% Superwash Merino/25% Nylon. They have a 9" wide foot and cuff, for about a size more...

Winning Bid:
Juliamon for $170.00
Ken 'Value Added' Steacy postcard lot

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


Nothing to see here, just a bunch of miscellaneous postcards, greeting cards, signature plates ’n stuff that Ken’s done over the years - move along, move along! more...

Winning Bid:
jpe0002 for $330.00
Real Ghostbusters cover sketch lot by Ken 'Value Added' Steacy

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


Ken created covers, centerspreads, comics, and illustrations for most of the quarterly RGB magazines back in the 90’s. All of the originals were purchased at the time by the publisher at the time, so these sketches are a more...

Winning Bid:
azninsect for $250.00
Silver Chainmaille jewelry set

This is a set of Stepping Stones chainmaille jewellery, and all craftsmanship is of the highest quality. It consists of a necklace, measuring roughly 20", a bracelet, measuring just under 8", and a pair of earrings (approximately 1 3/4" inches each). Each piece is woven from two materials: anodised niobium and blackened silver. Both are hypoallergenic and safe to use for anyone with metal allergies (in point of fact, niobium is actually physiologically inert and is used in pacemakers). Blackened silver is acquired by exposing silver to free sulphur, and forms a lovely dark grey. Despite this, the blackened surface is perfectly safe for use an more...

Winning Bid:
lunaflame for $600.00
Camosun College posters by Ken 'Value Added' Steacy

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


Ken and Joan created the Program in Comics & Graphic Novels at Camosun College ( here in Victoria, which features a comic art festival at year’s end! Bonus: surprise sweetener! more...

Winning Bid:
meatathon for $222.23
Steven Universe jewelry

Taking inspiration from the Steven Universe characters and the real life gems they take their names from, this set is subtle enough wear every day but still show off your fandom! Mix and match this elegant set of jewelry that represents the many different forms love and friendship can take.

First, for Steven we have a crocheted seed bead bracelet of yellow pixel stars on a red background, with 4 round rose quartz accent bead and one yellow glow in the dark glass accent bead.

For Garnet there's a band of ruby colored seed beads woven together with one of sapphire colored seed beads. Each has a small garnet stone to more...

Winning Bid:
heliotropes for $517.77
Sailor Moon sillhouette paintings

On behalf of the moon, I will right wrongs and triumph over evil, and "I" here means you! Help protect your heart from darkness with these shining beacons.

Each of the 10 8"x10" paintings by Stephanie Martin show the silhouette of a different sailor scout, done in pearlescent acrylic. The backgrounds are done with metallic watercolors and they transition between each scout to create a cohesive design no matter how you want to display them!

As a bonus, the paintings also comes with a charming postcard depicting Sailor Moon as a NASA astronaut. Procured & donated by Andrew Ferguson, this card was created by Ale more...

Winning Bid:
Shywolf for $525.00
Hardcover art book - 200 paintings by Ken 'Value Added' Steacy

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


One of only two copies ever created, this amazing volume features 100 traditionally painted images and 100 digitally painted images! more...

Winning Bid:
ThinksTooMuch for $750.00
Steven Universe paper cut shadow box

"...I wonder who I'll meet next!" Lion is taking Steven on another surprise detour, this time to visit you! Leaping out of a vibrantly lit portal, this 3D layered papercraft Steven is eager to greet you with a warm smile. While visiting, Steven is entrusting you with some of the most important bubbles from the temple. Centipeetle and her Chaaaaps Chips, Bismuth, Jasper, as well as a variety of artificial fusion monsters and miscellaneous shards will be in your care.

Measurements: 15in x 7in x 2in
Materials: Cardstock, Foamboard, LED fairy string lighting, plastic orbs, bismuth, jasper, amethyst, lapis lazuli, pyrite, citrin more...

Winning Bid:
ekimekim for $500.00

The secret is revealed. You made it to the end of the Harry Potter books for the hundredth time. (But really, who's counting?). Regardless of what you thought of Snape's actions, the imagery is powerful. His patronus, his spirit animal, was for her. Through years of grieving, anger, redemption....Always. Once again, the books are reread and the movies are re-watched. But do you know what can fill the hole left by the post Potter-binge? Being able to see the doe patronus on your wall and remember. Always.

This painting is 12" x 12". It is acrylic paint on a clay-coated board and already comes custom framed. The doe is drawn in blu more...

Winning Bid:
For the Leels (the best dan) for $800.00
Lego Weighted Companion Cube Coin Bank

Need a place to hide your allowance from GLaDOS? Get clever and put it inside your Companion Cube - she'll never suspect! This Companion Cube coin bank is made from LEGO building blocks, and studs on the top allow for decorating with LEGO minifigs and tiny creations. Easily use the door on the bottom to retrieve the contents held inside. Now once you escape you can just go buy your own cake! more...

Winning Bid:
Kiyote for $500.01
Dinosaur 3D colour book by Ken 'Value Added' Steacy

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


These amazing images really leap off the page at you! Lot includes a B&W original, and the special 3D glasses, without which the effect is somewhat less alarming!

Bonus: Ken has sweetened the dinosaur! This lo more...

Winning Bid:
LlewellynZ for $355.00
Poster lot by Ken 'Value Added' Steacy

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


Even bigger than last year’s lot - literally! These huge posters include Wolverine, Spidey ’n Mary Jane, Speed Racer, even the Flash! Bonus: it includes an original sketch for the Wolverine-Fights-A-Shark poster! more...

Winning Bid:
Ctabbe for $430.00
DB 10th Anniversary Epic Fox Hat

What does the fox say?
It's time for a wicked cool hat!

In celebration of 10 years of Desert Bus for Hope, we're bringing you this one of a kind edition of the Epic Fox Hat with special pom poms on the earflaps that feature a 1 and a 0! There will never be another one like it! This hat is not only fun and fashionable, but it will also protect your head from the upcoming cold winter elements. Hat is sized to fit approximately 22" (standard adult) head with some leeway.

Hat is hand knit from an original pattern with a super soft blend of acrylic, wool, and nylon. Hat is machine washable but hand washing is recom more...

Winning Bid:
KeenKrill for $606.00
Enchanted Rose from Beauty and the Beast

This rose is 100% guaranteed curse free! Though it's still probably best to be nice to all wandering old women asking for shelter...

This reassuringly benign replica brings the visual magic of the enchanted rose from the Disney animated film Beauty and the Beast into your home. In the movie, the rose and the prince have a spell cast over them; the prince is cursed to live as a beast unless he can learn to love before the magic in the rose fades. To replicate the rose's enchanted glistening, programmable light effects are embedded into the replica's rose and underneath the petals. The rose shines constantly, and the petals twinkle more...

Winning Bid:
squijum01 for $505.00
Desert Bus Alphabet book art - letter F

This original artwork is from the very special Desert Bus Alphabet book, an illustrated rhyme created for Desert Bus 10. The letter F, which stands for Flat, was drawn by Eric Johnson, and the original piece could be yours! more...

Winning Bid:
pao for $654.32
Clone the Pig - Dice Bag and Dice Tray

It's a doubly good Desert Bus meme: clone the pig!! Who doesn't want to guard their collection with the cutest pink clones? This dice bag is made of denim and soft flannel to protect your precious polyhedrals. Measuring 5'" tall and 4" around at the base, this bag has six compartments around the side and a large spot in the middle to keep your sets sorted from your gems and everything organized!

Coordinating dice tray is a 5"x5" square when snapped together and lined with soft flannel clones. Each corner has a set of snaps so the tray can be stored flat in your bag or binder. This set is perfect for your next game night! more...

Winning Bid:
pimento for $400.00
Needle Felted Koro-Sensei

Get out your S.A.A.U.S.O. knives, and turn to page 37 in your text book! It's Desert Bus Time, and Korosensei is ready for you! Korosensei is the beloved/unkillable teacher/target from the manga and anime Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyōshitsu). This 14 inch (35 cm) version of Korosensei is needle felted out of polyfill and craft wool, with a wire through his body and tentacles for support, flexibility and maximum *slither slither slither.* His dashing scholarly attire is made from craft felt, hand sewn and felted onto his body.

In the manga and anime, Korosensei changes his color to express different emotions, and the need more...

Winning Bid:
Gravity Pike for $200.00
Star Power Shadowbox

Feeling a little FLAT? This Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door shadowbox is sure to raise your spirits! Experience Star Power stage battles first hand with this carefully crafted arena, containing an excited audience (and special guest), a ravenous beast, and a stalwart hero coming to the rescue! This piece is made of scrapbook paper and adhesive, and has been carefully layered into an 11x14x3 frame to give the illusion of depth. Each piece has been cut by hand! Yes even all those toads! It is also set behind glass to protect it from crumpling. Would look great sitting on a desk or hanging on a wall! more...

Winning Bid:
LlewellynZ for $525.00
Triumph album jacket by Ken 'Value Added' Steacy

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


Ken did a bunch of album jackets wa-ay back in the day, and this is one of his faves, created for iconic Canuck rockers Triumph. Lot includes a copy of the album, pencil roughs, and a poster of the jacket art. more...

Winning Bid:
Sephis for $500.00
Plush Minecraft Blocks

Have you always wanted to experience the delight of mining and also crafting while curled up on the couch? Now you can, with these tasteful blocks, lovingly sewn from custom-printed 6oz woven cotton! The cubes have been pre-washed, securely stitched, and stuffed with hypoallergenic polyfill to the point of being pleasantly squishy yet reassuringly solid. The blocks measure roughly five inches on a side.

Please note that in accordance with the handcrafted nature of these items coupled with the ever-vigilant forces of chaos, the fabric shrunk a bit more in one direction than the other, so the blocks aren't quite perfect cubes. more...

Winning Bid:
Lizardman175 for $506.07
Furiousa painting

Furiosa - she is a force of her own, a hero anyone can stand behind. Now you can have her picture on your wall to remind you of just how fierce and incredible you, too, can be!

18x20" acrylic on canvas more...

Winning Bid:
Harmondale2 for $101.00
Unopened Star Trek cards

This box of Star Trek The Next Generation cards brings with it the aura of the 1990s, which will waft upon you as you open the shrink wrap for the very first time. An entire box of brand new, unopened cards awaits the discerning Star Trek fan upon receipt of this item.

The box contains 36 packs of cards, and perhaps some randomly packed hologram cards too!

Special thanks to Jonathan Valentine for donating this item from his collection! more...

Winning Bid:
The_Naughty_Norn for $190.00
Desert Bus Alphabet book art - letter L

This original artwork stems from the very special Desert Bus Alphabet book, an illustrated rhyme created for Desert Bus 10.

The letter L, which stands for Laughter, was created from scans of original paper-cut artwork made by Tally Heilke. Here, Tally has taken the original paper images and created this 18"x20.5" piece incorporating the full Desert Bus organizing crew, commemorating 10 years of wild dancing and singing and laughter. more...

Winning Bid:
aliumsativum for $253.52
Magic wristwarmers

Have all the colors of Magic at your fingertips! Command the winds of Magic with a flick of your wrist! Whether it's from the frozen peaks of Tarkir or the slightly damp basement of Pete's Games Pit, you can do so in comfort and style. Dazzle your opponent with these incredibly stylish Magic: the Gathering wrist warmers.

The wristwarmers are approximately 29.5 cm/11.6" long from top to bottom, and 11 cm/4.3" wide across. The thumb is approximately 5 cm/2" long at the most. Please note that all measurements were made while the wrist warmers were laying flat, and all knitted garments are a little stretchy. Will fit most grown-ups, more...

Winning Bid:
Space_Titanium for $630.00
GNU Terry Pratchett calligraphy

Terry Pratchett's work touched the lives of thousands and thousands of people, making the world a better and more joyful place. After his death last year, it seems only appropriate to memorialize him here with a Craft-Along item, in support of a cause that so clearly matches the spirit of his work.

The quotation comes from his novel Going Postal, as does the inscription. Rather than the traditional RIP, GNU is an instruction to make sure his name is not forgotten. In the book, GNU is a command to keep a message running up and down the internet-like system of communication towers called "the clacks": "G" to send the message on, "N more...

Winning Bid:
Twoflower for $675.00
Dragonstrike game development artwork by Ken 'Value Added' Steacy

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


This was a sticker-based game that must’ve gotten stuck in development hell! The lot has original sketches for the stickers. Ken is even adding in a set of the images printed on sticker paper, so you get your own sticker more...

Winning Bid:
Shamrock Sheik for $160.00
Desert Bus Alphabet book art - letter W

This original artwork is from the very special Desert Bus Alphabet book, an illustrated rhyme created for Desert Bus 10. The letter W, which stands for Week, was drawn by Erin Nix, and the original piece could be yours! more...

Winning Bid:
Nightsintodreams for $327.01
Symbols of Star Wars cushion cover

Just like the force, there is a dark side and a light side to this cushion cover. Choose your side and put it on display - relax on your couch in comfortable Star Wars fandom with this beautifully crocheted item, re-watching the films and resting up for your next light saber training session.

Each light side symbol is positioned back to back with the symbol of its dark side counterpart:

Rebel Alliance Vs The Galactic Empire
Jedi Vs Sith
Galactic Republic Vs CIS
New Republic Vs First Order

When empty and flat this cushion covers measures 50 cm Square, and comfortably fits a 45cm square more...

Winning Bid:
Manfred909 for $260.00
Gravity Falls Beanie Trio and Mabel Pines Shooting Star Sweater

BEWARB! This is not only a tediously knitted, adorably cute, one of a kind sweater that would make the great Mabelangelo squeal with delight, it also includes three beanie hats inspired by the iconic characters of the series! Why choose one favorite hat when you can have three? Each item is hand knit (with some crochet) from cotton and acrylic yarns. Each hat measures to about 18 inches (or 45.5 cm), making them the perfect size for a child or a young adult. The sweater is designed to comfortably fit a child from 3-7 as they spend their summer days solving and unraveling mysteries in the Pacific Northwest (or wherever adventure takes them!). more...

Winning Bid:
for $600.00
Thane Plushie Polymer Sculpture

Soft plush cuteness and wee polymer adorableness combine in this squee-worthy handmade sculpture of Thane Krios from the Mass Effect series. Thane, beyond being just darling in this incarnation, is a skilled Drell assassin who can be recruited to join the fight against the Reapers, share his dark backstory and
perhaps even start a romance with Commander Sheperd.

The sculpture's design is based on the adorable plushie of the same character, made by the incredibly talented Eitanya Designs. He is the only one that will ever be made and so this is a truly unique item for any Mass Effect fan to have on display.

Than more...

Winning Bid:
GentlemanFFS for $1,500.00
Sega All Stars Sprite Pack

Greet Ulala, Sega Superstar and ace reporter for Space Channel 5. Ulala was in the original Sega Superstars game and has been part of the series since. Now she races alongside the others in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. This sprite is based on a custom design which was the first portrait style sprite the crafter ever made. The first copy was given away at the g33kwatch 24 hour slumber party for Child's Play back in 2011 and this version uses an edited design that improves on the original. The updated sprite went on silent auction last year. The sprite measures 26cm wide by 27cm tall.

Straight out of Shibuya-Cho comes Gum. more...

Winning Bid:
Bugle for $235.00
Chainmail Tie

The sent of pine trees wafts through the air, and reminds you of a trip to the mountains. A cool breeze rustles your hair. The sound of tires on gravel... wait, what ... oh crap STEER LEFT!!!

Just as the pine air freshener dangles from the mirror on the bus so will this great Tree tie dangle from your neck and remind you of all the fun of Dessert Bus. The endless road, the burning days, the shivering nights, the many crashes... All those good times.

The tie itself is made of rubber rings and anodized Aluminum. The neck chain is made of Stainless Steel. The tie is 20" in length and should fit up to a 22" neck. more...

Winning Bid:
DaMullet for $380.50
Jack Frost plushies

Jack Frost just loves Desert Bus as this is the third time he's come to play. First he had to check it out on his own, then last year he brought Black Frost and Pyro Jack with him. This year Pyro had some problems with his lantern and had to bail at the last minute, but King Frost was able to clear up his busy schedule to attend Desert Bus 10. A strange cat named Morgania also asked to come along. Jack didn't quite know what to make of her, but figured the more the merrier. Each plushie sits between 5 and 6 inches in height and is primarily made of acrylic yarn and polyfill with felt and pipecleaners for accents. All arms and Morgania's tail more...

Winning Bid:
ReddHerring for $450.00
Orphan Black painting

Sarah Manning is not, and will never be your property.

This mixed media portrait could be.

The artist was inspired by the phenomenal Canadian science fiction drama Orphan Black. The lead actress, Tatiana Maslany, portrays an ever-expanding field of people in the show, including streetwise con artist mom, Sarah, shown here. Instead of working to create a specific image of that character, the artist chose to work from a promotional image of the actress, and apply the character details using it as a base.

This piece began as a sun print, created using a dual-layered stencil, helping to create some of the su more...

Winning Bid:
kat2kool for $250.00
Crocheted R2D2 & BB-8

R2-D2 and BB-8 have come to Desert Bus looking for their new human companion(s)! Are they the droids you're looking for? They fell through a hole in space and time that not only brought them to the here-and-now, but also turned them to yarn and filled them with fluff. What does that mean? It means they're not as mobile nor as vocal as they used to be, but they still have a lot of love and sass to give, and certainly many cuddles. They remember everything about their lives working with the resistance, but now they look like they've been crocheted out of Acrylic yarn, filled with Polyfill, and had their visual sensors replaced with plastic doll more...

Winning Bid:
Agathachristi for $555.00
QWERPline Traffic Qwopter Model

"Let's cross over to Richter Hammockslam in the QWRP Traffic Qwopter. How's it going up there Richter?"

Graham, the traffic is amazingly smooth all the way from Berbershire Drive to Crescent Crescent with the QWRP Traffic Qwopter watching from above, and now you too at home can look down on Nsburg from the vantage of your very own replica Traffic Qwopter.

With Richter Hammockslam at the helm, and young Joy riding shotgun, you will avoid all traffic hazards on the streets of Nsburg (except for those that Richter Himself creates). The QWRP Traffic Qwopter is a proud Nsburg institution, like the Berbershire Potholes, th more...

Winning Bid:
SupermonkeyGX3 for $432.10
Avengers Kanzashi Flower Hair Clips

Avengers assemble! These kanzashi flower clips are a classy way to show love for some of your favorite comic book heros. Ladies, give your ensemble a heroic touch with one of these flowers in your hair. Gentlemen, show the world your inner superhero by wearing a flower as a boutonniere.

Tsumami Kanzashi are traditional Japanese folded flowers and are usually worn as hair ornaments. This set was folded with comic book printed fabric featuring Ironman, Captain America, the Hulk, and Thor. The petals were then sewn by hand. Aleene's Fabric Fusion was used to attach the character buttons and E6000 glue was used to attach the more...

Winning Bid:
ProceduralRyan for $227.00
As is tradition Desert Bus crest

The Desert Bus for Hope family coat of arms proudly displays the motto "As is Tradition". The shield is emblazoned with bug splats, the road, and a noble air freshener. It is crowned by the bus, cruising through the desert dust. The logos of the four shifts, Dawn Guard, Alpha Flight, Night Watch, and Zeta Shift, adorn the bottom. The shield is supported by two Carmeldansen dancers, rampant. Done in watercolor and ink on 300 lb. hot press archival paper. 18.5" by 15.5". more...

Winning Bid:
Final Bus Down! for $250.00
'It's A Long Drive' quilted wall hanging / lap quilt

This beautiful piece of work displays the view driver sees while on the bus, but in especially vibrant and tactile textiles! Its main imagery will remind you of the horrible monotony of the Desert Bus drive, while its bright, cheerful colours bring back memories of all the happiness, zaniness and excitement that drive still manages to include. The 36" X 36" quilted wall hanging (which could alternatively find use as a lap quilt) includes a myriad of lovely details from the Desert Bus game and event, and bears a special inscription on the back. more...

Winning Bid:
Schala-Kitty for $375.00
Steven Universe Black Velvet Painting

He's saved us multiple times. He loves everyone unconditionally, and just wants to have fun with everybody. Even Lars. 'And Steven!' is now rendered in acrylic on plush and cuddly black velvet. Worthy of Greg's (albeit messy) garage Man Den, but just classy enough for anywhere really. Give him all the space he needs to smile in your home, and he will make you smile in return, along with possibly clearing the air after any argument or disagreements. How could you say no to Steven? Emblazoned with his tummy gem (acrylic plastic) and ready for action. Or at the very least, ready for a big donut. Measurements 12x14 including gem and lovable pudge more...

Winning Bid:
Yadda for $183.56
Fantasy Chess Set

Bring your most beautiful game to the table, with this collection of elegant fantastical chess pieces! This is a complete 32 piece chess set custom painted with acrylic paints on earthenware clay. The board measures 20"x20" and the pieces are larger than an average so it displays beautifully in a game room or table.

Instead of your traditional pieces, this set reflects a fantastic world of dragons, unicorns, monsters, and magic. One side is painted in the calming hues of a green and blue ocean, while the other is a fierce desert of reds and oranges, both blending together on a cobblestone chess board placed in the courtyard of c more...

Winning Bid:
sideralarts for $850.00
Reversible Pocket Scarf in green

Both HBO and conventional it's-November-now wisdom holds that Winter is Coming. Prepare yourself to stay warm in the frosty months ahead with this cheerfully coloured pocket scarf. It's made with Anti-pill Polar Fleece and measures approximately 56" x 9".

Even better, the scarf is reversible - simply turn the pockets inside out. So in fact, you get two scarves in one! It can be worn draped around the back of your neck, with your hands in the pockets to stay warm or place one pocket inside the other to keep your neck warm and keep the scarf from blowing off. It can also be worn short by wrapping it from the front of your neck t more...

Winning Bid:
Agathachristi for $465.00
Shift Banner Scarves

Show your love for ALL the Desert Bus shifts with these beautiful and cozy hand-knit scarves! They're made in the design of the Shift Banners originating at DB 9. Dawnguard, Alpha Flight, Nightwatch, and Zeta -- so you can proudly display your shift affiliation. You probably don't need all 4 to keep warm - one should certainly be plenty! But if you want to do things in true Desert Bus style, we suggest switching scarves every 6 hours, at the appropriate shift change times. And don't forget to sing the shift songs (or, uh, make the appropriate squawking sounds) when you do!

Made with acrylic yarn, each scarf measures approximately more...

Winning Bid:
Mr_Horrible for $1,111.00
Xenomorph Painting

This artistic representation of what is believed to be the last image seen by several of the crew of the Nostromo was created from the descriptions given by Warrant Officer Ripley. Now you have the chance to have your very own Xenomorph without all the messy business of death usually associated with it. Guaranteed not to kill you or your guests! Chestbursters and Facehuggers not included.

A beautiful memorial to a truly memorable movie, this Xenomorph painting is sure to liven up your house, and perhaps your visitors. It's created in oil paints on a canvas board and is already framed and ready to be displayed, perfect for fans of more...

Winning Bid:
Bryligg for $445.00
framed Kaladesh art

Kaladesh is a vibrant, beautiful place, full of fascinating people and strange, wonderful creatures. A perfect example of that is Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter and her little metalic companion. The charming art for this card was done by Magali Villeneuve, and you could hang it on your wall to enjoy daily in large size! This framed print would make a wonderful bit of decor in any Magic player's home.

This item is generously donated by Wizards of the Coast, that magical company of... well, of Magic, actually. And D&D and other fantastic things we dearly love. Special thanks to Magic: The Gathering for the generous donation of pr more...

Winning Bid:
Just_Elesde for $470.00
Joe Vollen Ouija Board Playmat

Talented artist Joe Vollen is back with more fantastical one of a kind playmats! His detailed designes and delightfully strange creatures have a distinctive look that will catch the eye anytime you pull this playmat out for a game. Lay your cards down on some one-of-a-kind artwork and game in style! This playmat features a ouija board design in black and white.

Joe Vollan is a highly respected Seattle based artist, known for his surreal, sometimes spooky artwork. His pieces have an air of mystery about them. His work has been shown in all of the top galleries in the area from Roq La Rue, Flatcolor Gallery, BLVD, Schmancy, Ouch My more...

Winning Bid:
No Doe, nor a Count for $200.00
Mega Man Nesting Dolls

Super fighting robot! Mega Man is here to fight for justice and defeat the Robot Masters from his original eponymous NES game. The set includes Mega Man, Guts Man, Elec Man, Cut Man, and a teeny-tiny Ice Man. The nesting dolls are painted acrylic on wood and protected in a layer of lacquer. The Robot Masters can also be hidden away inside the Mega Man doll if the stress of Dr. Wiley's antics become too much for you to handle. Please note: the Elec Man doll does have some imperfections in its wood on the right side.

Mega Man measures 6 ¼" tall with a 2 ½" base, Guts Man is 4 ½" tall and 1 ½" base, Elec Man is 3" tall and 1" more...

Winning Bid:
gidgets for $220.00
Desert Bus Kanzashi Flowers

For the Children! These kanzashi flower clips are a classy way to show support for Child's Play Charity and the Desert Bus Crew. Ladies, your ensemble is "sooooo in" with one of these flowers in your hair. Gentlemen, show the world your inner Octopimp by wearing a flower as a boutonniere.

Tsumami Kanzashi are traditional Japanese folded flowers and are usually worn as hair ornaments. Each petal was folded with cotton fabric and sewn by hand. Three of the centers were made with epoxy stickers and the DB center was made with perler beads. Aleene's Fabric Fusion was used to attach the centers and E6000 glue was used to attach the more...

Winning Bid:
KittyKibitzer for $220.00
Crocheted Pokemon Dolls - 20 for the 20th

In honor of this year's 20th anniversary of Pokémon, a set of 20 crocheted, amigurumi-style Pokémon, all from the first generation/ original 151. These would include all-time favorites (Pikachu, the starters) as well as more recent meme stars (Omanyte, Slopoke, etc.) more...

Winning Bid:
DaSunao - See you at Desert Bus 14 for $1,669.69
50+ convention badges for Ken 'Value Added' Steacy

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


These are from various comic shows over the years, including Comic-con International, FanExpo, Calgary Expo, Star Wars Celebration, and many more! more...

Winning Bid:
Farnsfarffle for $225.00
Pokemon Buttons - Dragon Types

You can't go out into the tall grass without a Pokemon of your own! Luckily, you have a choice of 30 different starter Pokemon here, with a set of 13 dragon type Pokemon and a set of 17 ghost type Pokemon. After two years of Desert Bussing, these lovingly-raised critters have evolved to their powerful third stages, carefully drawn and assembled for a lucky trainer. They can tag along on bags, hats, jackets, or whatever surface you wish to pin them to.

These hand-drawn and -assembled buttons are about an inch and a half in diameter, and can be pinned to hats, bags, clothes, or anything else pins can be pinned to! They are each a u more...

Winning Bid:
Space_Titanium for $335.00
DBX toque with Creepy Doll mittens

Sometimes life gets you down, and the only thing you can do is just keep on bussin' until things start to get better. Now you can continue to bus in style and comfort with this hand-knitted hat and pair of mittens made of machine-washable acrylic yarn. And you won't be alone--we promise these mittens will only creep on other people. We think. Mostly.

Hat: 7.5" tall, 19" circumference
Mittens: 8.5" long, 4.25" wide more...

Winning Bid:
Agathachristi for $480.00
Mr. Meeseeks Nesting Dolls

Oooooh yeaaa, caaaan dooo! This set of 3 Mr. Meeseeks nesting dolls is here to fulfill any request you may have. The dolls are painted acrylic on wood and protected in a layer of lacquer. If you feel that 3 Meeseeks are too many you can hide two of them away as they are fully nesting capable! Just don't ask them to take 2 strokes off your golf game.

The largest Meeseeks is 4" tall with a 2" base, the middle Meeseeks is 3" tall with a 1" base, and the smallest is 2" by ¾". more...

Winning Bid:
Ω Lairon for $456.78
Hand-turned Desert Bus Pens - set of 2

Bring Desert Bus to mind with every stroke of your pen! This elegant pair of handmade writing instruments was turned from South American Bloodwood - a deep brown wood with a red coloring. The upper barrel of each pen bears the pine tree air freshener from the Desert Bus logo. The pen kit is a slimline style twist pen made out of 24kt gold and measures 5.2 inches long with an average diameter of .35 inches. Each pen is finished with a coating of super glue for a tough and durable coating to protect the wood from everyday scratches. more...

Winning Bid:
ekimekim for $851.69
Avion's Shadow - painting

Stabbing perfectly innocent Colossi is sweaty business. Why not cool of with a dip in a nice, shady pool full of drowned spires? Avion is why not. Maybe if you don't do anything rash, Avion won't even notice you're here...

"Avion's Shadow" is an 11"x14" India ink painting on Rives BFK print-making paper. more...

Winning Bid:
thekingofcuba for $2,500.00
Reinhardt's Earthshatter

"This armor can still serve its purpose. One day it may fall apart, but until then, we will fight. Overwatch may be gone, but its legacy endures through us. We have sworn to carry on its ideals and restore hope to this troubled world... to seek out tyranny and evil wherever they take root... and bring the hammer of justice down upon the wicked." - Reinhardt Wilhelm, champion of a bygone age who lives by the knightly codes of valor, courage, and justice.

Reinhardt also really enjoys the music of David Hasselhoff, including his most recent hit, True Survivor. This exclusive piece is called Stonehardt - Hammer Down, and is a unique more...

Winning Bid:
Echelon_Being for $490.00
Screaming Ducks painting

Oh, the ducks of Desert Bus 9! They were a scream. Many screams. A horrible ear-splitting chorus of existential screams carrying far into the night and piercing the hearts and eardrums of all who heard them.

Remember these unique DB9 moments, and enjoy the pleasurable, grateful feeling of never having to hear those sounds again, as you gaze at this commemorative art piece by artist Featherweight, a portrait of one sadly screaming duck calling out to his flock. more...

Winning Bid:
Eponymoose for $777.77
Chocobo-Drawn Bus Carriage

Look, out there! In the desert! What is it, and what does it mean?! Why it's clearly Lucius the chocobo and the DB10 Party Bus, right on time! Partially inspired by real Arizona buses... and what I wish they'd have been like. Lucis is the biggest poseable chocobo yet, standing at 15 inches tall with a 15-inch wingspan to match, fully wired for maximum poseability in his top and bottom jaw, neck, wings, first four primary feathers (the rest remain unwired for easier folding), legs, toes, and each individual tail feather. He's made of acrylic yarn, polyfil, stainless steel wire, and glass beads. The DB10 Party Bus itself is 17.5 inches from fro more...

Winning Bid:
Geisterkarle for $499.00
Kinetic Aspis Shield

The Kinetic Aspis shield is used by the character Athena in the games Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Tales From the Borderlands. The shield protects Athena from damage when activated and can be thrown at opponents to inflict damage. (I would not recommend throwing this one). It is made out of foam and tinted acrylic plastic. It is also equipped with an LED light strip and Arduino microcontroller that activates the Aspis ability! It can be powered by a simple USB Micro and any 5V source (i.e., any USB hub or charger). The shield has a diameter of 21 inches or a circumference of about 66 inches. A handle is attached on the back so you can hold more...

Winning Bid:
ekimekim for $420.69
Zomb squid plush

Zomb Squid is a 3.5 foot long plushie squid that has adopted the unfortunate habit of eating guts and brains. Don't be fooled by the grim look - it's hand-made from soft anti-pill fleece and "bloodstained" cotton and is extremely squishable. The eyes and bloody hand details are hand-sewn and designed from felt fabric, and the squid as a whole will not disintegrate like real zombs would. The squiddle zomb enjoys nothing better than being displayed and cuddled by a human companion as long as it's not Rick Grimes. more...

Winning Bid:
SpacePirateJ for $460.00
Desert Bus Alphabet book art - letter J

This original artwork is from the very special Desert Bus Alphabet book, an illustrated rhyme created for Desert Bus 10. The letter J, which stands for Jocko, was painted by Kathryn Lancashire, and the original piece could be yours!

Kathryn Lancashire is a developer by day and artist by night who’s usual subjects include a lot of nature and birds. You can find these featured on her daily 20min painting project at and on her instagram @klancashire. more...

Winning Bid:
niteflite for $213.00
10th Anniversary Desert Bus Leather Playmat

Maximum spoop is the theme of this playmat! Some of the stranger things of Desert Bus for Hope magically appeared into this cute illustrated scene, including Creepy Doll, Maximum Spoop, Gibb, Dickbutt, Rosco, Bid Bot and more! There are even some hidden shift symbols for when you feel like hunting around in the dark... Keep your eyes peeled for the oddities of Desert Bus X!

(Crippling fear sold separately.)

Measurements: roughly 23 3/4 x 13 3/4 x 2/16 inches

Tooling leather lined and carved by hand.
Dyed with Eco-Flo leather dye.
Sprayed with protective finishing spray. more...

Winning Bid:
Dusa for $700.00
MtG judge foils: Commander lot

When piloting a commander deck, it's sometimes more important to win stylishly than to simply walk away with the victory. Fix your mana with Command Beacon, play more lands with Azusa, Lost But Seeking and then do it all again with Genesis. There's even a Temporal Manipulation to make sure you have enough turns to get your master plan off the ground. On top of that, earn some style points by bringing your deck out with these wonderful judge foils.

Don't yet play Commander? That's ok too—this lot enters the battlefield with all five new Commander Decks, donated by Wizards of the Coast. Do not pass priority on this lot, planeswal more...

Winning Bid:
Ctabbe for $575.00
LoadingReadyRun lot

Attention fans of LoadingReadyRun! These providers of quirky comedy and constant streaming want you to share in the delights of their many merch items. Snark about the news and enjoy your morning coffee from a Checkpoint mug, while dressed comfortably in a LRR t-shirt, adorned with a charming LRR Pinny Arcade pin. And when the news gets to be too much, get out your LRR playmat and enjoy goldfishing your Magic deck on its fancy surface!

The winner of this lot will receive a Checkpoint mug, and their selection of one of each of the following items, from what is available in the online LRR store. You can see current store items here more...

Winning Bid:
Tiny Ghost of Emily Carr for $625.00
Desert Bus 10 chainmail dice bag

As is tradition! Here is this year's Desert Bus themed chainmail dice bag, complete with the road, the air-freshener, the bug splat, and a big commemorative "10." Plus, it's bigger than dice bags from previous years, able to hold up to 45 dice. This bag is made from over 2,700 individual aluminum rings, linked together in the Japanese weave using only two jewelers pliers. This weave is very flexible and behaves just like fabric. It's perfect for schlepping a small hoard of dice, tokens, counters, you name it, to and from local game nights.

Materials: Anodized aluminum and bright aluminum, drawstring. (Dice not included.)

Winning Bid:
thenerdemperor for $420.69
Blade of the Endless Road

Desert Bus is a journey, perhaps even an adventure, and one should always undertake adventure well equipped. Especially such a long and arduous one as this. Travel with The Blade of The Endless Road at your side, ready to take on all foes and oppose all oppresors!

The Blade of the Endless Road is crafter AJ Hare's first Craft-Along submission and also the most elaborate thing he has yet built. This is no pristine showpiece - the wood and auto body filler blade has been sheathed in metallic foil and aged to perfection. Ten years of bussing? This two-handed sword has had to put in WORK. The fuller on the blade has been cut in an ir more...

Winning Bid:
HighXavier for $590.00
Poke-Ghosts artwork

Are you a fan of ghost-type Pokemon? Then this craft may Astonish you! This colored pencil artwork features all of the fully evolved ghost-type Pokemon, plus recently (at the time of completion) revealed Pokemon Mimikyu! Guaranteed not to put a Curse or Hex on you, or give you Nightmares! You surely won't have a Grudge against or Spite this art piece. In fact, you may find this art has a Destiny Bond on you...Shadow Ball. Made on 11 x 14 inch bristol board with fineliner, brush ink pens, Sharpie, and Prismacolor colored pencils. more...

Winning Bid:
heliotropes for $333.33
Star Trek Voyager Heros & Villains trading cards

Star Trek: Voyager fans, this lot is for you! A collection of cards depicting the heroes and villains of the show, as well as a special collection of cards showing Star Trek characters throughout the ages (and various series). Get your hands on this wonderful interplanetary card collection!

Special thanks to Jonathan Valentine for donating this item from his collection! more...

Winning Bid:
Archonic Energy for $130.31
Shadows Over Innistrad lantern

You reach out for the heavy wooden door, the ritual carvings polished smooth under your hand. The iron hinges are rusted, and creak as you push your weight against the wood, watching as a sliver of darkness appears, growing until you can fit your body through the gap. Inside, the moonlight passes through stained glass windows, leaving a colourful pathcwork on the marble floor,but failing to illumine all but the very centre. A flick of your hand and the lantern you hold comes alight with a magical fire, the light piercing through to the horrors within.

If you love the gothic tension of Innistrad, this item is perfect for you. Thi more...

Winning Bid:
VestigialVeracity for $1,150.00
Samorost 3 characters

This doll duo hails from Samorost 3 by Amanita Design - an enchantingly beautiful game of strange worlds and alien landscapes. In it, your character, a little being in a white suit, wants to build a spaceship and explore space.

The first plush is of that main character, and is made of polyfil, acrylic yarn and clip doll eyes. It has pipe cleaners in its arms and legs, giving it the ability to pose (though it cannot stand up on its own). That character is 27.94cm(11in.) tall and 17.78cm(7in.) long from its nose to the back of its head.

The second plush is Saint Termite, a creature that the main character encounters i more...

Winning Bid:
Sidowa for $210.00

Everybody PICNIC! It's the phrase we all know and love to use in moments of Desert Bus trouble! Now you can adorn your home/office/cave wall with this piece to remind you to NOT picnic when something goes wrong. Or to, in fact, go ahead and grab your blanket and basket and some treats and go feast in the sun in the park until things look better.

18x20" acrylic on canvas more...

Winning Bid:
TheArtfulGamer for $250.00
Tickets to San Francisco screening of

The lucky winner of this lot will receive a unique experience - they will get 2 tickets to attend the "Director's Cut" movie screening in San Francisco on Dec. 1, 2016. In Penn's words, "It's a crazy movie. A crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy movie."

This lot also includes a signed copy of Penn's book Presto!, a signed P&T Deadpool comic, and a signed Fool Everyone Magic Kit!

Big thanks to Penn & Teller for their incredible ongoing support of Desert Bus for Hope! more...

Winning Bid:
gimsh for $201.00
Desert Bus Alphabet book art - back cover art

This original artwork is from the very special Desert Bus Alphabet book. The back cover features an ABCs bus, and the art for it was drawn by Rose Nightshade, and these original pieces that came together in the final design could be yours!

Rose Nightshade is a freelance artist, cosplayer, and all around nerdy geek. She spends most of her free time working on art, listening to podcasts, and watching anime, pop culture, and cartoon content. You can find more of her work online at more...

Winning Bid:
Ked for $765.00
Zelda bowler bag & matching wallet

Vintage inspired items are hot - even in Hyrule! This cool bowler bag has space to hold all the pieces of the Triforce plus a matching wallet and keys (on their convenient lip-balm holding fob).

The bag measures approximately 12.5 inches wide, 8 inches tall and 6 inches deep. Its light coloured interior makes it easy to find whatever you're looking for, but if you really need to keep an item in place, there is a zippered interior pocket. There's also a pocket on the exterior at one end of the bag where you can keep your phone handy. Need both hands to wield your sword? A detachable shoulder strap is included.


Winning Bid:
2stepz for $625.00
3D Printed Zendikar Hedron

This marvellous glowing object is a 3D printed LED light up Hedron based on the Hedrons from the plane of Zendikar in Magic: The Gathering!

Hedrons are ancient stone monoliths found throughout the plane of Zendikar. When properly aligned, hedrons become powerful tools of binding. When this 3D printed version is properly aligned, it may or may not be a powerful tool of binding (it probably isn't) but when turned on it will light up with a nice blue glow throughout, powered by six LEDs. Possibly it will bind someone to itself through mesmerized admiration...

The designs of the patterns that make up the Hedron are accur more...

Winning Bid:
ElementalAlchemist for $2,200.00
Deadpool Blanket

In this one of a kind piece, Deadpool manages to break the 5th wall - the Blanket Wall! You will be the envy of all of your friends with a Deadpool throw blanket which would look lovely on a couch, an arm chair, or you can go nuts and hang it on the wall (really though, let's be honest - Mr. Pool likes to be used!). Deadpool stands a whopping 64" tall, and 54" wide (approximately). He was crocheted out of 100% genuine magical unicorn hair masquerading as a 4-ply polyester/cotton blend yarn, and is fully machine washable. It is suggested that you wash on delicate cycle and air dry for best results. The blanket was pre-washed before packaging. more...

Winning Bid:
Fenneberg for $421.00
Hama bead place mats - DB shift banners

The banners of Zeta Shift, Dawn Guard, Alpha Flight and Night Watch are all represented in a simple pixellated style on these placemats. Each logo was designed to show the spirit of both the Desert Bus shifts, and the pixellated fun of 8-bit gaming. Although labelled as placemats there are many use options available here: Display them on the wall with just a little bit of sticky tack on the back, use them for resting those plates of donuts that you definitely don't eat, or use them as highly un-aerodynamic Frisbees* Each mat measures approximately 23 x 20cm and they are made using plastic Hama beads with a thin cork sheet on the bottom.

Winning Bid:
MondoTitan for $444.44
Kaladesh giant playmat #1

Kaladesh is a remarkable place, full of brilliant architecture, bright inquisitive minds, delightful creatures and contraptions, and home of the remarkable new Planeswalker Saheeli Rai! Now you can enjoy the scenery of Kaladesh up close and at very large scale, with this giant (and we do mean giant - we forgot to measure it but it's, like 10-12 feet long) playmat, featuring Planeswalker Saheeli Rai amid the beautiful buildings of Kaladesh. Create a colourful play space for yourself AND your entire friend group to play a little Friday Night Magic in style!

This item is generously donated by Wizards of the Coast, that magical compa more...

Winning Bid:
Sampy for $510.00
Limited Edition Desert Bus Ironwood Dice Box

Desert Ironwood is not very well known wood outside of woodworking circles, but it is without a doubt one of the finest decorative woods in the world. It also happens to grow in an extremely limited range which, interestingly enough, is crossed by the Desert Bus itself. Like many close grained, dense, heavy, waxy woods it grows slowly in a desert. Desert Ironwood is so dense in fact that it it sinks in water. This hardness and density is what also makes it such an amazing wood for working into sculptures and knife scales, all while giving off a scent reminiscent of burnt sugar or caramel as its worked.

This particular piece of i more...

Winning Bid:
Catachrel for $1,666.66
Provide a keg of beer for the Desert Bus after-party

Want to donate to Desert Bus, but your home is already totally full of amazing art and handcrafted items? Want to help the exhausted post-Desert Bus team drink till they forget how tired they are (probably by just falling asleep in the middle of the floor)? Here's the deal: James' awesome dad wishes to repeat what he did the past 2 years He has a keg of beer, he himself will not drink the keg of beer, so we will drink it (slowly and responsibly and with all car keys kept safely put away) for the children (better than the children doing the drinking!). Yes, for the children. We won't enjoy it at all, really, but of course we'll suffer through more...

Winning Bid:
lostluck for $6,000.00
Desert Bus for Intellivision

Ever find yourself watching Desert Bus for Hope and just thinking to yourself, ""Dude, I wish I could play that game!"" Well, you can, errr, sort of. Freewheeling Games is a fabulous little company making homebrew games for the Mattel Intellivision, including (drum roll please...) Desert Bus! This lot includes Desert Bus and a number of other games, not that you'll need them with the open road before you, and the promise of a bug splat just a few hours away.

And it even comes with your very own Intellivision, to play all these games on!

Thanks to Gary Magman for donating this item! more...

Winning Bid:
rocketwolf for $470.00
Chandra skate deck

This fantastic, limited edition Magic the Gathering Chandra longboard deck could be a functional skate deck, or a beautiful piece to hang on your wall. Designed by Erika Moen on Penny Arcade's Strip Search competition, the art on the deck was created the 2013 Vans Warped Tour, and the item comes in its original sealed plastic wrap. Definitely the best top deck you can have!

This limited edition item was available to win at Warp Tour 2013, but could not and cannot be purchased. But you can bid on it here and now, and help the children! The deck is 3ft long and 9 inches across at its widest.

This item is generously don more...

Winning Bid:
thorin5 for $777.77