D&D Gods Icons Charm Bracelets set

D&D Gods Icons Charm Bracelets setD&D Gods Icons Charm Bracelets setD&D Gods Icons Charm Bracelets setD&D Gods Icons Charm Bracelets setD&D Gods Icons Charm Bracelets setD&D Gods Icons Charm Bracelets setD&D Gods Icons Charm Bracelets setD&D Gods Icons Charm Bracelets setD&D Gods Icons Charm Bracelets set

Perhaps you play characters of various allignments in multiple D&D games. Perhaps your character is a little flippy floppy on the whole good/evil/neutral thing (aren't we all, some days). Perhaps your character is still deciding just which gods to offer obeisance to. Or perhaps you have some differently-alligned pals to gift the other bracelets to. Each bracelet has it's own certain charms (ha!), as you can see below...

Good Gods Bracelet
Oh-ho, so you want to punch things and feel smug about it after? Well then, these are the gods for you... you'll have to narrow it down though. There's Bahamut if you want to act like a paladin, even if you aren't classed for it. Moradin if you like justice AND shiny things. Pelor, if you like staring at the sun muttering about healing things. Avandra if you fancy wandering about the place 'changing' things, or Corelion Larethian if you're super into 'elves and elf culture'. Let us know when you're done polishing your breastplate.

Evil Gods Bracelet
So, you've decided to worship evil, eh? Have you narrowed down your alignment... no? Then this is the bracelet for you! We have Tharisdun, the chained god, if you fancy burning an orphanage down. Bane, the Black Lord, if you want to buy the orphans' land out from under them. Zehir, if you're just kind of moody and want to poison some orphans, Vecna if you want zombie orphans and Torog or Gruumsh if you just think the orphans need a lot of punching. (May only work on innocent orphans.)

Unaligned Gods Bracelet
You not into all that 'good' and 'evil' business? Excellent, we like the cut of your jib. Why deal with orphans or smiting when you can just worship Sehanine Moonbow and dream about moons? Personally I like The Raven Queen, summer is over-rated anyway. What about Erathis, building cities not good enough for ya? How about Melora, the sea is nice some times. Well how about Ioun, knowing things is alright by me. Ah, you never were one to commit to anything were you..... get back to me when you decide to buy something.

The bracelets are made with aluminium chain and copper attaching rings, antiqued with sulpher to give a darkened surface. Charms are solid, hand cut brass. Each bracelet is an 8" length with triple strands, and the charms average at about 15mm square.

Care Instructions
Wash in soapy water with a soft, plastic brush or cloth. Attaching rings can be opened/closed by hand or a sturdy pair of tweezers for assistance, may cause metal fatigue and damage if removed and attached more than 3 or 4 times.
Antique effect may fade after multiple washings, but will naturally reoccur with wear. Especially strong cleaning agents, acidic substances or abrasion will also affect the antiquing and general metal surface, a quick rinse in clean water will usually prevent any lasting damage.

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