Samorost 3 characters

Samorost 3 charactersSamorost 3 charactersSamorost 3 charactersSamorost 3 charactersSamorost 3 charactersSamorost 3 characters

This doll duo hails from Samorost 3 by Amanita Design - an enchantingly beautiful game of strange worlds and alien landscapes. In it, your character, a little being in a white suit, wants to build a spaceship and explore space.

The first plush is of that main character, and is made of polyfil, acrylic yarn and clip doll eyes. It has pipe cleaners in its arms and legs, giving it the ability to pose (though it cannot stand up on its own). That character is 27.94cm(11in.) tall and 17.78cm(7in.) long from its nose to the back of its head.

The second plush is Saint Termite, a creature that the main character encounters in Samorost 3. It is made up Polyfil, acrylic yarn and clip doll eyes, and has pipe cleaners in its legs, wings, and mandibles. It measures 30.40cm(12in.) tall and 25.4cm(10in.) long and 7.62cm(3in.) wide.

Take this pair of explorers with you on all your own local and interplanetary adventures!

Donated by:
lightingexpert13 (Deviant Art, Website)

Elizabeth Simon works in both traditional and digital mediums when she creates art pieces. She also is an avid crocheter when she can spare time from getting her Certificate in Website Design and Development, and her pieces for Desert Bus are examples of this crochet work. In her spare time Elizabeth takes walks with her dog and play video games.

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