Beemo Gameboy

Beemo GameboyBeemo GameboyBeemo GameboyBeemo GameboyBeemo GameboyBeemo Gameboy

Who wants to play video games? You can help Beemo find a family or even a little boy or girl to take care of. This Beemo may not be a real little living boy, but it is made from a fully functional, original Nintendo Game Boy and comes with 5 classic games: Tetris, Super Mario Land, Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Gargoyle's Quest, and Dr. Mario. Help Beemo be more by attaching the removable arms and legs and applying one of the six included vinyl cling faces. And yes, batteries are included!

This is an original Nintendo Game Boy, modded with acrylic paint, clear gel coat, polymer clay for the limbs and epoxy putty to smooth it out and make the extra button. It measures approximately 6"x3.5"x1.25" without the limbs attached. The legs stick out about 3" in front and arms go a few inches out from the sides.

Donated by:
Michael Magill

Michael is an IT guy who like to dabble in crafting every once in a while. This usually takes the form of helping his wife make themed birthday cakes for their children, but he has also made some clay sculptures and done some wood working.

Winning Bid:
scottgoblue314 for $650.00
**All prizes are subject to change**