Avion's Shadow - painting

Avion's Shadow - paintingAvion's Shadow - paintingAvion's Shadow - paintingAvion's Shadow - painting

Stabbing perfectly innocent Colossi is sweaty business. Why not cool of with a dip in a nice, shady pool full of drowned spires? Avion is why not. Maybe if you don't do anything rash, Avion won't even notice you're here...

"Avion's Shadow" is an 11"x14" India ink painting on Rives BFK print-making paper.

Donated by:
Eric Johnson (Tumblr, Twitter)

Eric Johnson is a Northern British Columbian who has been painting for the past twenty years, give or take. Focusing primarily on watercolors and india ink wash, he also employs pencil, pen, and acrylic. His work can be found at

Winning Bid:
thekingofcuba for $2500.00
**All prizes are subject to change**