Lava Bear Painting

Lava Bear PaintingLava Bear PaintingLava Bear PaintingLava Bear PaintingLava Bear Painting

Rising from the cavernous depths of the Temple of the Lava Bears, this fearsome fellow isn't your average 2/2 bear. Inspired by Jeremy Petter's D&D campaign and the exquisite art style of Magic: The Gathering, this one of a kind painting would be a perfect creature to bestow upon the wall of your gaming room. It will remind you of a great D&D campaign, the general fearsomeness of bears, and the total terror of a ferocious death machine that is ALSO MADE OF LAVA. If your D&D party ever starts complaining about how tough your campaign is, just point to this painting to remind them how much worse things could be.

The piece is made with acrylic paint on a gesso primed masonite board, and measures 16" x 12".

Donated by:
Joel Hustak (website1, website2, website3, website4, twitter)

Joel Hustak is a freelance illustrator working in the entertainment industry, and is based out of Saskatchewan. He has worked on a bunch of titles for Fantasy Flight Games, such as Lord of the Rings LCG, A Game of Thrones LCG, Star Wars LCG and RPG, and X-wing Miniature Game. His work can also be found in the movie WolfCop and on the cover of Juno award winning album 'We Still Move on Dance Floors' by The Strumbellas. Almost all of his freelance work is painted digitally in photoshop but he also enjoys painting with acrylic and oil paint for private commissions and landscape painting.

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