Dress to Impress - Ladies' Accessories lot

Dress to Impress - Ladies' Accessories lotDress to Impress - Ladies' Accessories lotDress to Impress - Ladies' Accessories lotDress to Impress - Ladies' Accessories lotDress to Impress - Ladies' Accessories lotDress to Impress - Ladies' Accessories lotDress to Impress - Ladies' Accessories lotDress to Impress - Ladies' Accessories lotDress to Impress - Ladies' Accessories lotDress to Impress - Ladies' Accessories lotDress to Impress - Ladies' Accessories lotDress to Impress - Ladies' Accessories lotDress to Impress - Ladies' Accessories lotDress to Impress - Ladies' Accessories lot

As a lady geek, you have numerous opportunities to accessorize, adding a little extra pizazz and sparkle to everyday or special occassion outfits. But perhaps you'd like your accessorizing exterior to match your lovely geeky interior. Well we have just the thing for you - an outstanding collection of earrings, brooches, keychains, a bracelet and a necklace to spice up your wardrobe with geektastic accents, and all of them are handmade by a cast of incredible crafters! What's included? Check out the photos and read on below:

Tardis and Dalek cross stitch earrings - made by Sarah Overall
- Snazz your ears up with these Doctor Who earrings, handmade in teeny cross stitch patterns! Wear them as matching pairs, or mix it up with one Tardis and one Dalek, battling it out on either side of your face for galactic supremacy or universal peace.

Portal Cake Jewelry set - made by Blaine aka BrainStew
- Now you can have your cake and wear it too! This set of Portal themed black forest cake earrings and necklace look good enough to eat... but are actually made out of polymer clay, so they are at least a little bit a lie. The necklace comes strung on a metal chain and the earrings on hypoallergenic posts. Easily the best way to taunt hungry people this side of making a complex testing facility run by a maniacal AI.
Measurements: 18 in (46 cm) long chain, the full cake charm is 1.5 in (3.8 cm) in diameter, and the earrings hang 1.25 in (3 cm) long.

Kobold Tooth Stud Earrings - made by Jack Browne
- People don't take kindly to kobolds - they make a mess when allowed to wander, and a lot of noise when they're tied up. Sometimes you need to just punch them. Which might loosen a few teeth, and then you might you want to wear those teeth as a warning so you don't have to scuff up your gauntlets again... Did we mention that these earrings give a +3 to intimidate checks versus Kobolds?
The earrings are made using naturally shed Reindeer antler from a stud farm in Finland, air dried, with a light beeswax coating to preserve their surface. They're shaped by hand and glued to aluminium studs (zinc / nickle free).

Chainmail keychain - made by J Barr
- Keep your keys in order on a keychain with a lovely bit of silver and red chainmail weave, beautiful but also highly functional!

Bioshock Infinite Brooches - made by Michelle Kuipers
- In life's Infinite web of constants and variables, why just choose the Bird or the Cage when you can have both? These handmade Bioshock Infinite brooches modelled after Elizabeth's iconic accessory are perfect for this or any timeline.
- Each brooch is measures 1.5 inches high by 1.125 inches wide, and is made from antiqued metal bezel, acrylic paint, paper, transparency film, epoxy resin, a safety pin back and e6000 adhesive.

D20 earrings and keychain - made by Courtney Stone
- Whether it's D&D, Pathfinder, or a multitude of other tabletop games, show your roleplaying pride with these D20 earrings - a part of the Chic Lady Geek lot. Each piece features a plastic Chessex 20-sided die with marble green and gold colouring, and dark green pips. The dice are embellished with rondelle glass beads and bronze-plated findings, making them an elegant addition to any gamer's jewellery box. Wear them as a subtle addition to your ensemble as a surreptitious nod to your favourite pastime, or go all out in your nerdiest attire! The earrings are a total of 5cm long.

Beaded green bracelet and forest earrings- made by Michelle Willson
- This beautiful bracelet is hand beaded and crocheted into a sturdy but elegant tube of shimmering beads. This is magnificent detailed handiwork at its finest, and will look great on your arm as you order coffee or beat back crowds of godless Dragon Age mages.
- Speaking of mages, if you’re enjoying a quiet walk through the forest trying to commune with local tree spirits and such, these dangling earrings featuring butterfly and leaf beads will be just the thing. Always important to match your attire to the occasion!

Desert Bus glass keychain - made by Helen Cowart
- Made from fused glass and featuring the pine tree air freshener, this elegant keychain will keep your keys safe and serve to remind you all year long of the bizarre and sleepless joys of Desert Bus!

Donated by:
Blaine aka BrainStew (website, twitter)

Blaine aka BrainStew is a writer, crafter, cook, and DesertBus chat survivor who loves to game, read, and generally make fun geeky and nerdy stuff!

Adamantine Accessories (website, twitter)

Jack is a nerdy jeweller who loves tabletop games of all kinds, especially role-playing games. He also enjoys video games and fantasy novels, likes making the various magical items found in them. For this reason, he has themed his store after the accessory shops and merchants that might be found throughout those media. His goal is to work with cosplayers, larpers and romancing gamers (of all kinds) to help them create that perfect something.

J Barr (twitter)

J Barr Has been weaving chainmail for the last few years as a fun hobby - he finds it relaxing and enjoyable. Just something to keep his hands busy while he watches TWD or GOT. J started donating to Desert bus back with DB7. He has felt both humbled and ecstatic that his work has been so well received while at the same time helping bring in money for the kids.

Michelle Kuipers

Michelle is a crafter and cosplayer, and a law school graduate. She is based out of Chicago.

Courtney Stone (website, twitter)

Courtney is a Ph.D. student who dabbles in all kinds of crafting in order to keep her sanity. When actively avoiding her academic obligations, she can often be found travelling to different comic cons, trying to sell geeky jewellery to unsuspecting- er, entirely willing customers. She also enjoys watching way too much Netflix, and taking naps with her pet cat Squishy.

Michelle Willson (etsy)

Michelle has been crafting from an early age and is mostly self taught. She enjoys challenging her skills and making her own patterns and designs. This is her 4th year participating in the Craft-Along.

Helen Cowart (website1, website2, website3, twitter)

A creator with many interests, Helen ventured into sewing this year for Desert Bus. While her main focus is on fine glass art, she thoroughly enjoys making crafty things and illustrations while her glass is "cooking" in the kiln. There is a deep satisfaction in creating. It renews the soul.

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