Cats, cats, cats! lot

Cats, cats, cats! lotCats, cats, cats! lotCats, cats, cats! lotCats, cats, cats! lotCats, cats, cats! lotCats, cats, cats! lotCats, cats, cats! lotCats, cats, cats! lotCats, cats, cats! lotCats, cats, cats! lotCats, cats, cats! lotCats, cats, cats! lotCats, cats, cats! lotCats, cats, cats! lotCats, cats, cats! lotCats, cats, cats! lotCats, cats, cats! lot

Do you like cats? Of course you like cats! You're on the internet, you must like cats. Cats are the natural masters of the world, both online and off, and this prize lot pays homage to their soft fluffy greatness. Treat your cat like the queen or king it is with this collection of items:

Cat-panion cat bed - made by Flailsquared
- Back by popular demand, it's Catpanion cube version 2.0! Area and state regulations do not allow the Catpanion Cubes to remain behind, alone and companionless, when you leave the house. You could just never leave the house, of course, but you've got to at least buy groceries. We have a solution though: you know who doesn't need to leave the house? Your adorable cat! Your cat gets to sleep in the warmth of a Portal themed cat bed, and you get to add some geeky charm to your house - everyone wins! Don't have a cat? Stuff a blanket inside, flip the cube over, and turn it into a footrest - all sides are decorated so it looks good no matter which way you display it. Or wear it on your head as a sensory deprivation device (not recommended). Or get a cat (highly recommended)! Made from fleece and HD36-R foam, the bed measures 17 inches on all sides.

Wesley Crusher cat sweater - made by Jessica Schwab
- Ever wanted to yell ‘Shut up, Wesley!’ at your cat? Now you can. Poor Wesley Crusher had to endure numerous homely sweaters on his time aboard the Starship Enterprise. Well now your cat can endure the same adorable humiliation - Wesley Cat-sher!
- The sweater is sized to fit a smaller cat, 6-10 lbs. Buttons in the back make it (slightly) easier to put on your cat, just place it right-side down, put your cat’s front paws on the arm holes, and slip it up the arms. Then button really fast because they are probably trying to run away. You can’t escape the cute, Fluffy! Made from acrylic yarn so it’s fully washable, your cat is sure to love you forever with this gift. Just look how happy Lola and Baxter are wearing it! Sooooooo happy. We've provided lots of photos of cats wearing this sweater, because we know you'll all enjoy that.

Photo of MySpace - by Andrew Ferguson
- If you love cats, you may have a bit of a disagreement with your landlord about just how many cats is enough cats. Well not to worry, you can bring some more cat into your home without any eviction fears by hanging up this lovely artistic black and white shot of MySpace, the noble feline empress of Andrew Ferguson, official Desert Bus photographer.

This lot also comes with a darling tiny clay cat sculpture made by Jexebele, of two happy kitties playing together, and a cat magnet, so that you can truly have cats, cats, cats everywhere in your home!

Donated by:
Flailsquared (website1, website2, twitter)

Lauren (aka flailsquared) has been sewing and crafting since she took her first sewing class at 7 years old, and there's no end in sight. Currently, her main focus is on costuming and cat accessories, but she has been known to do everything from woodworking to knitting, and is always looking for a new reason to fill her house with crafts.

Jessica Schwab (website1, website2, twitter)

Jessica has been knitting for over 15 years, and designing her own brand of nerdy knit items for over 4 years. As much as she loves the finished items she crafts, the process of creating, collaborating, designing, and researching each project is what she enjoys the most. Knitting is her main hobby (addiction?), and she enjoys incorporating nerd culture into her designs. She recently recreated the infamous Clown Sweater for Wil Wheaton, and has many more fun projects in store. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her three cats, and one very tolerant-of-yarn-everywhere partner. This is her 3rd year as a Desert Bus crafter.

Andrew Ferguson (website)
Jexebele (website)

Jexebele started painting ceramics when she was 6 years old, worked at a pottery store when she was 15, and now that she has gotten her degree in marketing she manages said pottery studio full time. She has supported Desert Bus, all things nerdy, and all things homemade for a very long time and hopes her creations help make people happy.... cause happy matters.

Winning Bid:
David Barrett for $1100.00
**All prizes are subject to change**