Craft-Along submissions are now closed.

We are not currently accepting submissions for the craft-along. Submissions will re-open in the spring and will be announced via our Twitter, Facebook, and website.

If you are interested in submitting an idea of a future craft-along, please see the information below for a general overview of the process and what types of submissions we are looking for. More detailed information will be published when the craft-along opens for submissions.

The Craft-Along Submission Process

  1. Submit your idea and examples of your work to the Craft-Along Coordinator
  2. Your idea is approved
  3. You create your piece of art and mail it to DB Headquarters in Victoria, BC, Canada
  4. We use your handmade creation as a live auction, silent auction, or giveaway prize during Desert Bus for Hope and raise money for Child's Play!

Handmade items and original artwork that:

  1. appeal to our geeky, gamer audience
  2. are family friendly (at least in a general sense - PG13 type themes/content are ok, but no homemade Mario dildos or anything like that)
  3. are of the best quality that you can produce

What is NOT acceptable for the Craft-Along:

  • Handmade items or artwork created by someone else. But feel free to convince them to donate their work to us directly!
  • Factory made or store bought items.*
  • Items that are too large or heavy to ship easily and economically. If you are uncertain whether your item is too large or heavy for us to process, please contact us with details so we can make that judgment call.
  • Handmade items that are available for regular sale elsewhere, especially online. Because of the auctioning method we use with most of our prizes, we are looking for unique items that are at least a little different from anything you regularly make that has a regular availability and set value. We may make some exceptions to this rule, but it will be on a case-by-case basis, and we prefer submissions for unique, not-for-sale items.
*If you have an amazing and truly unique item that is not handmade - a bunch of comics all signed by Stan Lee, or the boxed set of Serenity signed by the entire Firefly crew, for example - and you wish to donate it, you can contact our Corporate Donations crew, [email protected], to see if they wish to accept it.

How many items can you submit?

2 items per person. Occasionally, there are exceptions, but we'll let you know if your idea is one of those exceptions.