D6 Cat Cube

D6 Cat CubeD6 Cat CubeD6 Cat CubeD6 Cat CubeD6 Cat CubeD6 Cat CubeD6 Cat CubeD6 Cat CubeD6 Cat CubeD6 Cat Cube

Finally, a way to include your cat in dice-based role playing games! This plush D6 gives your cat a place to curl up in comfort while you and your adventuring party search for treasure and slay dragons, while giving you the reassurance of knowing that your cat won't feel left out, even when you won't let her knock over all of your miniatures. The bed also comes with a matching set of 7 blue-and-white polyhedral dice, in case your friends couldn't tell how important it is that your cat be involved in all of your hobbies.

The cube measures ~17" on all sides and is made from Blizzard fleece and 1" HD36-R foam. The included dice are Chessex brand. Photography by Stephen Schmidt.

Donated by:
Flailsquared (Website, Twitter)

Lauren has been sewing since she was 7 and now focuses mostly on cosplay and cat-based crafts. Her two cats are deeply offended every time she makes a bed that they can't sleep in, despite the fact that they already have cubes made specifically for them. This is her 4th year contributing to the Craft-Along.

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