Firefly Cushion and Dice Bag

Firefly Cushion and Dice BagFirefly Cushion and Dice BagFirefly Cushion and Dice BagFirefly Cushion and Dice BagFirefly Cushion and Dice Bag

When you've been travelling the 'verse for a while it's nice to return home to some cozy comforts. Adorn your bunk with an elegant cushion cover in a red-gold weave, featuring the familiar silhouette of a beloved ship. Stow your dice or other small treasures in a little pouch of the same material, featuring Serenity on one side and the phrase "big damn heroes" across the back.

The text and imagery are appliquéd in black wool felt, onto a pretty red-gold fabric that's of unknown origin, but sure looks nice. The sort of thing Inara would probably have in her shuttle. The cushion cover (actual cushion not included) is 14"x14" and the drawstring bag stands 7" tall.

Donated by:
Tally Heilke (Website, Twitter)

Tally Heilke is a west coast crafter, clothing maker, lapsed blogger, tea-obsessed office worker, ice cream connoisseur, and former Desert Bus crew member. She's also a new parent and currently spends a great deal of time reading or watching Netflix with a sleeping baby on her chest, and crafts sporadically in roughly 5-minute increments when said baby allows it. She looks forward to again someday completing any given craft project in under a month.

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