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November 15, 2016 12:45 pm
Posted by: Mike

Sunday we predicted the outcomes of 13 NFL games and went an astounding 6-for-13!!! Any match can end in a win, loss, or tie, all of which are definitely equally likely. Therefore the odds of guessing 6 of those 13 correctly is just 24 percent! Talk about beating the odds! Also, we were ?% correct in predicting zero ties!


Now we turn our powers of clairvoyance to Canada’s game. By a Matrix-esque turn of numerical coincidence, there are 13 NHL games today, so let’s break down our picks!

  • Senators v Flyers Senators legislate themselves a victory
  • Capitals v Blue Jackets Capitals punish Blue Jackets
  • Sharks v Hurricanes Sharks Triumph in classic Sharknado Derby matchup
  • Panthers v Canadiens Habs give Panthers a French lesson: Today’s word “perdre”
  • Predators v Maple Leafs Preds chow down on irregular pluralization
  • Lightning v Red Wings Electric type super effective against Flying type
  • Blackhawks v Jets When you’re a Jet you’re a Jet all the way
  • Sabres v Blues Sabres rattle St. Louis
  • Flames v Wild Wild get lit up like the Great Sept of Baelor
  • Devils v Stars [A photoshop of the Holy Diver album cover but Patrick Sharp instead of the priest]
  • Kings v Avalanche “Well, the landslide brought me down” –what the Kings will say after this
  • Oilers v Ducks Peak Oil
  • Rangers v Canucks Rangers run riot over Canucks


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