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November 13, 2016 6:39 am
Posted by: Mike

Shakespeare wrote: “This above all: to thine own self be true.” But sometimes you wanna play as someone else! This morning, Jer is inclined towards the latter, so we’re running a DONATION DRIVE to help select what Role Playing Game he’ll play!

Until 7am, make your donations to cast your vote!

  • Donate $5.23 or multiples to make Jer play Baldur’s Gate
  • Donate $7.87 or multiples to make Jer play Diablo II
  • Donate $9.31 or multiples to make Jer play Final Fantasy II

NOT ONLY THAT! EVERYONE who enters our donation drive will be entered to win the BIG BAG o’ DICE, surely the most incredible assortment of RNGs ever put together!


November 18, 2015 10:11 am
Posted by: Mike

Congratulations to Rose Nightshade! Cam loved Rose’s illustration Nathandriel the Elf, so Rose will receive the fantastic Fantasy Lot!
Rose Nightshade

Adorably murderous! We had a few entries make the Honourable Mentions list too!

And all the excellent submissions we received!

November 18, 2015 7:24 am
Posted by: Mike

RPG Art Contest!

We here at Desert Bus are big fans of RPGs and we know you are too! For Cam’s next Art Challenge, he has asked you to send us an illustration of your favourite RPG character! (Pro tip: Cam recommends “strong visual storytelling”!)

The options here are endless: this can be a character of your own creation or not, from any kind of RPG imaginable! (video game, pen-and-paper, board game, etc.!)

To enter, simply email [email protected] with your submission before 9:30am Pacific!! Use the subject line “RPG Art Contest” and MAKE SURE to include your screen name too!

The winning entry will win our fantastical Fantasy Lot! The Fantasy Lot includes a Dawnbreaker Necklace, a Dragon Dice Bag, a Googly Eye Die, a copy of Citadels multi-player strategy game, a Hero Vault in Oak wood, and a set of Tiny Titans dragons!! Follow this link for more details!


November 16, 2015 11:30 pm
Posted by: Kelly

inkworksInkWorks Productions is a small group of enthusiastic Myst fans who have brought the MYST RPG to life in Unwritten. Unwritten brings the surreal worlds of Myst and Uru to tabletop role-playing, Using the popular FATE gaming engine. Unwritten gives players the chance to delve into the depths of D’ni’s troubled past, influence the future of the D’ni, and explore or even create new Ages. The team launched the title after a very sucessful Kickstarter campaign, raising $30,000 more then their $5000 goal.

We thank InkWorks Productions for their support and sponsorship of Desert Bus for Hope this year.

November 14, 2015 7:00 pm
Posted by: Jordan

0147_01_Unwritten_001Ian is running his first Donation Drive of his shift for this Unwritten PackRaise your hand if you played Myst? Chances are your hand is up because it was the most popular game of the nineties. Unwritten is a manmade Myst RPG built using the FATE system. There is a whole lot of wonderful things inside the pack that I’ll list below, but here is what YOU need to know. This drive will be running until 8:20 PM PST, and any donations of $8.88 or multiples thereof will get you entrance for a chance to win this pack!

– 1 Kickstarter exclusive hardcover (not available retail) Unwritten core rule book. Signed by the authors, and some members of the beta team. Includes bonus autographs from several Cyan Worlds employees, including Rand Miller and Richard A. Watson!

– 1 Kickstarter exclusive Unwritten postcard
– 12 Unwritten themed fate tokens in a hand dyed silk bag
– 4 Unwritten themed FATE dice in a hand dyed silk bag
– 5 Unwritten themed Scoutbook notebooks