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November 14, 2018 5:06 am
Posted by: Matthews

We are currently running a donation drive for 2 full sets of Guilds of Ravnica cards.

guilds of ravnicaIt is autumn on Ravnica. The story occurs mostly in darkness with shadows and moodiness, similar to a Film noir. The story gears up for the final showdown with Nicol Bolas. He is trying to slowly influence Ravnica and warp it to his needs. The guilds fight internally between the forces pulling them toward or away from Bolas’s influence.

The cards that represent the Story Spotlights in Guilds of Ravnica are: Thousand-Year Storm, Guild Summit, Assassin’s Trophy, and Firemind’s Research. This lot includes two full sets of cards, 1 standard, and one premium foil set! They have been donated by our friends at Wizards of the Coast.

Donate $5.18 (or multiples thereof) for a chance to win this prize. We’ll run this donation drive until 6:05am PST.