November 17, 2021, 12:28 am
Posted by: Soraya

My, my, my. What didn’t happen this Night Watch! We had Holodeck failures, a banger auction, a marriage proposal, a Hamfather cameo… we were even on Canadian TV!

Opening Credits

You know that awkward feeling when you show up to a Halloween party and you’re in costume but no one else is? Yeah, we’re having the opposite right now. All of us showed up to the Holodeck only to find out we’d all reserved it at the same time and overloaded the system, so it broke!

Back and white shot of Ian wearing an old trilby hat and a long coat over a suit jacket. The old time office behind him vanishes, to be replaced by the black and yellow grid of the Holodeck.

After last night’s giveaway (which by the way, turned out to be a birthday gift! Awww!), we were ready to go live with a 3D Felted Totoro and Friends auction. And just like last night, we got to see another record broken: at $16,384 this live auction went for the highest amount in Desert Bus history! Thanks so much to all our participants for helping the children, and also being incredibly good-hearted and supportive as the bids rolled in.

Of course, we had to celebrate this milestone so cue the Random Dance Party! Sheer, glorious luck landed us on the Kidz Bop version of Montero – and then a marriage proposal happened!

Boomer dressed in an elaborate golden corset and red velvet cape looks shocked and mouths the words:

“During Kidz Bop, really?!” -Chief Boomer

No sooner had we recovered our breath from that wild ride than a well-dressed gentleman apparently known as “The Hamfather” entered the room to accompanying violin and approached Graham with a proposal. “Ham?” “Please.” Over the course of the next few minutes… and then next few minutes… and then quite a while after that, actually… the Hamfather laboriously shoved pieces of steak into a grinder and made a hamburger for Graham’s delectation.

Ian in a suit places a ground-up beef patty onto a frying pan.

Graham seemed to enjoy it.

You’d think that was the whole six hours of adventure, but no! Here are just a few more of the silly situations into which the crew of the USS Tucson was thrust:

Jacob sits in the Engineering chair, only to turn and find Joe leaning in from off-screen to his left. As Joe leans further into the screen, Jacob backs away in his chair.

We also continue to be overrun by Thwomps, to such a degree that we invited the Chat Continuum to send us art of Thwomps infesting the USS Tucson. We were also delighted to receive a fan-made video of the Wii Shop music (as played by Thwomps) and find a link to an N64 Everything is Thwomps video.

In short: we will never be using the Holodeck again. Let’s just blow up Zeta and get out of here!

Ian is putting a strange tiny hat onto his head, but as soon as he removes his hands it springs into the air and disappears behind the couch. Moments later, as Graham giggles about the hat, the text *HOOOONK* appears on screen and an orange box flies at Graham from off-screen, causing him to fumble and drop it.

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