November 16, 2021, 10:22 pm
Posted by: Soraya

Are you tired of boring boxes or your cards? Do you need to host a Desert-Bus themed Commander night, where the four shifts battle across the planes for dominance? Do you have any other things that could be stored in boxes taller than they are wide? Look no further than these Desert Bus Shift Deck Boxes!

A wooden box filled with 100 sleeved Magic cards. The box is currently open, showing the magnets that can be used to snap it closed. The visible side is decorated with the Alpha Flight logo. A small drawer in the bottom of the box has been pulled out to show a few dice.

These four laser-cut hardwood boxes are lovingly crafted from cherry and ash, inlaid with the flags of the Desert Bus shifts. Each one can hold up to a hundred double-sleeved cards, and has a drawer for dice or other counters. Strong magnets hold the boxes securely closed for travel.

Donate $7.44 or multiples thereof before 11:30pm PT for a chance to win!

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