November 19, 2020, 5:59 pm
Posted by: Tim


We’ve just wrapped up the last Alpha Flight shift of Desert Bus for Hope 2020. We hope you’ve enjoyed this afternoon’s collection of cursed toilets, RPG questions, videos of how things get made, and chill tunes. And we were visited by Jerry Holkins for much of the afternoon today!

From all of us here at Alpha Flight, thanks for tuning in. But, don’t go too far, because the last Night Watch and Omega Shift is imminent! Here’s some memories from today’s final Alpha Flight…

We review threatening toilets:

Jerry shows off some of his album collection:

What’s It Made, Round 2:

Jacob graciously concedes his Kindness War with Zeta:

We answer some of your questions about D&D and RPGs:

And, finally, we are graciously visited by the auspicious Wisdom Dog:

Remember, for the latest updates, stay tuned to You can also catch up on the latest #DB2020 happenings around the web…


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