November 19, 2020, 3:21 am
Posted by: Matthews

From our friends at Channel Fireball, comes this MagicFest in a Box!
Magicfest in a box

Physical Distancing got you down? Missing out on the energy of big Magic events? Looking for a little slice of the MtG experience to share with your bubble? Well we have you covered with this amazing MagicFest in a Box lot from Channel Fireball. Featuring everything you need to host your very own mini-MagicFest in the comfort and safety of your own home. Sure you might not have to brave the gauntlet of vendors, but just think how much easier it will be to find a cup of coffee (or other beverage of your choice) without the convention hall lineups? You even get to poop in your own toilet!

This lot includes:
1 Sol Ring Foil Promo
1 Sol Ring Non-Foil Promo
2 Path to Exile Foil Promo
4 Path to Exile Non-Foil Promo
4 Lightning Bolt Non-Foil Promo
1 Mutavault Foil Promo
10 Basic Land Foil Promos
1 Ultra Pro Commander Deck Box + Sleeves (100ct)
1 Ultra Pro MagicFest PlayMat (Mystery)

If you’d like to get in on this super spicy giveaway, donate $10.03 or positve multiple integers thereof from now until 5:40am PST for a chance to win! As always, please make sure that your donor account is set up, and ready to go, so that we can shout you out on the stream!

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