November 18, 2020, 9:00 am
Posted by: Az
It’s a Space Station.


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Behold! The newest treasure for your incredible Pinny Arcade collection! This rare 20th anniversary Pinny Arcade pin is one of only one hundred and fifty that have ever been manufactured, it has been signed by Gabe and Tycho themselves & is numbered 135. This rare jewel depicts the Creation of Gabe, born into this world through the grace of Tycho and his empyrean host. Highly sought after by the discerning collector, rare is the chance that one might possess this pin for oneself. Hang this 12″ wide masterpiece high on thine lanyard & become both Pinny Arcade Flavor Flav and the envy of your fellow collectors everywhere. Were pin collecting more fashionable in sixteenth century Italy, perhaps even Michelangelo himself would look upon your newest prize and say ‘Dang’. Plus, don’t miss your chance to outshine James!

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