November 9, 2019, 1:53 am
Posted by: Matthews

The first Zeta Shift of the run has it’s first Donation Drive, for a Throne Of Eldraine Booster Crate & CFB Events Golden Ticket.

throne of eldraineWhat’s better than drafting Magic: The Gathering with your friends? Drafting with your friends twice! This Throne of Eldraine Booster Crate includes a booster box of the Throne of Eldraine along with twelve additional booster packs, enough for a Throne of Eldraine draft and a Chaos Draft! The boosters included in this crate are: two Hour of Devastation, two Iconic Masters, two Core Set 2019, two Ixalan, one Rivals of Ixalan, one Guilds of Ravnica, one Ravnica Allegiance, and one Core Set 2020. But wait there’s more! You will also get a ChannelFireball playmat, deckbox, sleeves, life pad, and two spindown life counters.

Oh, one more thing! You will also get a CFB Events Golden Ticket, good for a free entry into MagicFest Grand Prix anywhere in the world in 2020!

Donate $8.33 (or multiples thereof) for a chance at this great prize donated by our friends at Channel Fireball. We’re running this drive until 2:45am PST.

Don’t forget to make a donor account to get this awesome prized shipped out to you even faster if you win!

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