November 14, 2018, 8:43 am
Posted by: Ash
Remember, you still have time to submit your entry for Beej’s Music challenge!!


He has challenged the community to create an original song that encapsulates the feel of Zeta shift. It’s not about Beej, it is about the total absurdity that makes really makes Zeta what we all know and love.

A few quick guidelines to help y’all make the best entry possible-

  1. Each entry should be uploaded as a public video to Youtube, and you’ll need to send the link over to [email protected] with the subject line “Zeta Song Contest”. Please let us know in your email what name you would like us to announce on air should we show your submission
  2. Please keep the songs to 90 seconds or less
  3. We want to see your original compositions created during the challenge that showcase your talent! Samples are awesome! Covers are not!
  4. All entries must be in for judging by 8pm PST on Wednesday so it can be played for Beej’s shift!

The winner of this challenge will get this year’s Desert Bus t-shirt!

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