November 13, 2017, 2:05 pm
Posted by: Ash

Holy Bus! Desert Bus 2017 is less than 4 days away!!

Remember, donations are open so feel free to start adding to our total right now! Lets see how much time we can put on the clock before we even begin!


In the meantime, here’s….

Prize Preview #4
Bamboo Plywood D20 Dice Box

“This is an icosahedral bamboo box. All craftsdwarfship is of the highest quality. It is fastened with the rarest of earthen magnets. Symbols of fate are emblazoned on every facet.”
This is one of only 3 such boxes crafted, each with unique iconography, but the first to be available publicly. This box features the numbers 1 to 20 engraved and burned on the outside faces. The idea came a few years ago as a unique way to store a collection of dice and other small gaming components and as a challenge of woodworking skill. The box has enough capacity to hold several standard sets of dice, and will stand out from the crowd at any gaming table. Usage and care instructions, as well as technical specifications are included on a card inside the box.

0016_001_D20.jpg0016_004_D20.jpg (1)

Thomas Coe, Craftsdwarf, has created Tenshed Etost, a bamboo plywood box! Thomas developed his creative woodworking talents while working at a cabinetry shop in Victoria, BC, Canada. His interests include gaming and woodworking, and creates projects or crafts almost exclusively as gifts or personal projects. Past projects include 2 other d20 boxes, one with Elder Futhark runes and the other with Skaven runes, a more standard 6-sided dice box with custom engraved lid (2d6 in relief), custom chess board with playing pieces and storage box, and a Viking period chest.

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