November 13, 2016, 10:00 am
Posted by: Kara

Matt Wiggins & Tally Heilke

Driving: Sunday, Nov 13 10am – 10pm

Matt Wiggins

Driving since: 2012
Points: 3
Crashes: 7

Matt was enrolled early in an experimental super-human program meant to train participants to the limits of human endurance. He emerged as the prime physical specimen you see today: able to do barely one unassisted chin up, and a top 50% finisher in his age group at the annual Sun Run.

It’s Desert Bus’ 10th year:

His first memory of Desert Bus:
Paul and James talking about doing a charity fund raiser for Child’s Play, like, a year before we actually did one.

Favourite DB gif:


Tally Heilke

Driving since: 2012
Points: 2
Crashes: 5

She was a mild-mannered, all-Canadian girl… until the day she saw her family crushed in front of her by a crate of glitter tumbling from a speeding Michael’s truck. Through rainbow coloured tears she vowed to teach people to craft WITHOUT glitter, so such tragedy would never occur again.

It’s Desert Bus’ 10th year:

Her first memory of Desert Bus:
Me, to Jeremy, “Sorry, I don’t quite follow. You’re going to do /what/ exactly all weekend with your friends? Desert what? That game sounds terrible.”

Favourite DB gif:

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