November 18, 2015, 10:39 am
Posted by: Mike

Bolivian Rosewood Hero Vault

Donation Drive!

$8.64 (or multiples) until 11:30am !!

We’ve got a beautiful Bolivian Rosewood Hero Vault to give away, and we thought, why not a Donation Drive?!

Get in your donations of $8.64 or multiples thereof before 11:30am to be entered to win! Remember that multiples of $8.64 gets you multiple chances to win!

This beautiful wooden box is the perfect way to carry your painstakingly painted miniature or your favourite set of lucky dice to the gaming table. The box closes firmly with rare earth magnets, and its interior features foam to pad your valuable contents, so your dice will not rattle and your miniatures will not chip! Made of lovely Bolivian Rosewood.

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