November 17, 2015, 5:43 am
Posted by: Tim

During Matt’s shift, we challenged the community to create comedic limericks related to the existential state of limbo. Here’s the winning entry, submitted by Jacob Currie:

Limbo’s a word from theology
To explain its name is just tautology
But sufficive to say
If you don’t behave
You might seek out its etymology

After the jump, we’ve included a selection of runner-up entries for your perusal…

If you died and you never were blessed,
Then to Limbo is where you will rest.
Where the walls are all grey,
And your job, with no pay,
Is a Desert Bus alpha game test.

Oh I fear when I die I might dwell,
In the First of the Circles of Hell,
Where babies abound,
No adults around,
All those diapers…dear Lord, it must smell…

One thought has my mind all akimbo:
What happened to those folks in Limbo?
The moment the Pope
Shrugged and said, “Nope”
Did they all disappear on a whim-bo?

There was a young man in silhouette,
Who walked a dark land for a bet,
The monsters were horrid
The humans most florid
And so he just lay down and contemplated the existential dread of being and watched the two minute version of duck army whilst Cameron narrated as Werner Hertzog until he was et.

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