November 15, 2015, 6:48 am
Posted by: Tim

During Andy’s shift, we asked you to submit your Shakespearian sonnets about dinosaurs. Here’s the winning sonnet and runner-up, respectively:

An Ode to Stars & Lovers

By Hunter Esquire

When ‘neath the jewel lit sky we lied,
Your reptile eyes bewitching mine,
Running fingers though your spines
I held you close as we both spied.

That across the night, now blazing red.
The wind began to burn and bluster,
Filling hearts with endless dread
And feet as fleet as we could muster.

I ran, my mind in instinct acting
And ducked into a cave to hide
When then I found, my heart redacting
That behind me you had not arrived.

The tears for you were gently falling,
much like the sky did without warning.

Requiem for a Tyrannosaurus Rex

By LandfishAttack

We fight and hunt with tooth and claw,
Primordial battlegrounds we scout and stalk.
The weakest of our kind, the herbivore,
Their fate, unjust, uncouth, they squawk.

Here we stand, so tall, proud and heroic.
Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous,
An age of reptiles: Mesozoic!

Imagine we were a park of sorts,
Corralled together by some feckless twit.
Would he see the reckless fate that he courts?
… A flight of fancy. Forget I said it.

We shall live forever, we’ll never die!
Wait… what is that rock falling from the sky?

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