November 14, 2015, 2:52 pm
Posted by: Jordan

Let’s keep this ball rolling folks, James has another Donation Drive headed your way. As we creep past the halfway mark of James’ shift, we’re hoping to explode with excitement on this Minecraft Kickstarter lot. 0144_03_MinecraftKSLot


This entire lot can be yours for donations of only $7.77 or multiples thereof. We will run this donation drive until 3:30 PM PST.

Oh Minecraft, that amazing thing that happens when you take out almost all the elements of a game except for gathering materials and then putting it together to make some really cool stuff. Who knew it would be so addictive, those darned Creepers ensnaring adult and child alike in their green, pixelated grasp? So, in days of yore, when Minecraft was on Kickstarter, Notch and his crew put together some really spectacular backer rewards like a Wind-up creeper toy, perfect for tormenting cats, and a Pig Bank, for all your spare change since you aren’t leaving the house anymore to spend money, because you just need a bit more wood…

contains (from this campaign: 
– DVD signed by 2 Player Productions – $60 tier prize
– wind-up Creeper toy – $60 tier prize
– Poster signed by Notch – $250 tier prize
– Pig Bank – $500 tier prize

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