November 14, 2015, 12:39 pm
Posted by: Mike

Pope James Under the Sea!

ft. Steven Universe

From Velázquez to Bacon, pontifical portraits are a great tradition in art! We thought we’d join in on the fun here at Desert Bus, and that brings us to our first ART CHALLENGE of DB9!


Our intrepid driver James is a man who wears many hats, sometimes literally! Today he put together this maritime mitre, and that is the inspiration behind the Art Challenge!

James would like you to create some art of him as POPE UNDER THE SEA! You can do that in any medium you like, but it should include his spectacular hat!…. and, per James’ special request, must ALSO include Steven Universe! How you want to work all that is up to you!

You have until 4pm to get your work in! To enter, email [email protected], use the subject line “Pope Under the Sea Contest” and make sure to include a name for us in case you win!

We’ll show off the top entries on the stream! The BEST entry wins this adorable, Huggable Sweetened Pig! And ALL entries will be posted on the blog for your viewing pleasure!

Interesting note: among the Pope’s many titles is “Pontifex Maximus,” Latin for “greatest bridge-builder,” which coincidentally also describes James’ overpass-creating superhero power!

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