October 5, 2015, 5:15 pm
Posted by: Kara

Best of Games Quilt

Created & Donated by Tara Heilke

Best of Games Quilt 1 of 4

In those 11 and a half bleak, quiet months between one Desert Bus and the next, you can cozy up under this colourful commemorative quilt, consoling yourself by playing games with actual plots, mechanics, characters and even scenery. This quilt will remind you that Desert Bus, while the best of games, is really also the worst of games. While sadly not watching it, you can rest content in the fact that you are also not playing it. The quilt’s detailed stitching shows off the bug splat, the road, the pine tree air freshener, the steering wheel, and the Sega controller. And if you flip the quilt over… surprise! It’s reversible and the back displays a video game that a mildly sane person might actually want to spend time playing. Just don’t let that Tetris song get stuck in your head…

This is a cotton quilt with polyester filling measuring approximately 45″ wide x 66″ long (approx. 113 cm x165 cm).

About the artist:
Tara Heilke (the mother of Desert Bus’ very own Tally Heilke) is a longtime seamstress who’s especially fond of appliqué. In between making monster hoodies for baby gifts and duck-embellished slippers for her son-in-law, Tara enjoys doing side projects like making masks and tea cozies and whatever else she can think of. She generally feels that the world needs a little more colour and pizzaz in it.



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  1. Wow – very nice indeed! It’s clear Tally didn’t get her crafting talents from a stranger! :)

    By FrodoNL - October 6th, 2015 10:13 am
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