November 17, 2014, 10:00 pm
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ashton_lgAshton Cummings

Driving: Monday, Nov 17 10pm – Tuesday, Nov 18 10am

Driving since: 2012
Points: 1
Crashes: 1

Editors Note: Ashton is incredibly busy and did not fill out his profile information. So we had other people, who happened to be around the Lunar Module answer for him.

When not at Desert Bus, he can be found:
The bowels of engineering – Dix

Special Skills:
Ashton is as comfortable behind an ASCII keyboard as he is behind the wheel of the Desert Bus. Thankfully, his code crashes much less than his bus does. While not its biological father, he participates in the DB Chat in a combination Paternal/Management role, imparting all to “Work with Daddy”. At any rate, he can nod down any epic sax guy video, ten hours or more. – Ian

He’s a total geek for:
18th century Russian Faberge eggs – Thomas

Claim to Fame:
Travelled back in time and wrote “Baby Got Back” and he’s been trying to get it back ever since. He can also convincingly fake being South African. – Jordan

Biggest fear about Driving for DB8:
The Dark – Beej

If he was reincarnated as a fruit or vegetable he would want to be:
Durian – Alex

Favourite Cheese:
Head cheese – Johnny

Doesn’t want you to know he listens to:
Math Rap – Pika

His “moves like Jagger” are more like:
coding skills like Bill Gates – Mia

To prepare for driving the bus he is:
He is eating a bus load of pizza. – Simon

What symbol does your superhero cape have on it?
An “A” made of lightning bolts. – Kelly

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