November 16, 2014, 1:00 pm
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ashleyAshley Turner

Driving: Sunday, Nov 16 1pm – 4pm

Driving since: 2014
Points: 0
Crashes: 0

When not at Desert Bus, she can be found:
As a key member of the Ministry of Justice (though, she’s lobbying to have it renamed the Ministry of Avengers) Ashley is instrumental in the seizure of objects of unlawful activity.
No lie, she is personally in possession of the 5th and 6th yet unseen Infinity Stones from the MCU. Don’t even worry about it.

Special Skills:
I know every word to Baby got Back and know for a fact I can duet very well with someone singing along in an Afrikaans accent.

She’s a total geek for:
I like Iron Man. I like watching Iron Man, I like talking about Iron Man, I like playing with Iron Man, I like reading about Iron Man, I like dreaming about Iron Man, I LOVE to talk to Iron Man.
I like Iron Man.
Iron Man, Iron Man, Iron Man.

Claim to Fame:
I successfully won “Bros Clubbing Bros” at my own wedding.
Editor’s Note: She may have, in fact, won this FOREVER. Besides birthing a club soda or viewing one in a casket, I’m not sure this can ever be bested.

Biggest fear about Driving for DB8:
No, seriously guys. I’m terrified I’m going to crash the bus. I’ve put in MAYBE 30 minutes in the past 7 years.

If she was reincarnated as a fruit or vegetable she would want to be:
Asparagus, cause then I’d have the chance to come back and make someones pee smell bad.

Favourite Cheese:

Doesn’t want you to know she listens to:
90’s Boy Bands

Her “moves like Jagger” are more like:
A fish out of water

To prepare for driving the bus she is:
Getting advise from the one person who’s driven the bus more than anyone in the world. Lucky for me I know where he sleeps.

What symbol does your superhero cape have on it?

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