November 15, 2014, 10:00 am
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Jeremy Petter

Driving: Saturday, Nov 15 10am – 10pm

Driving since: 2008

Points: 10

Crashes: 3

When not at Desert Bus, he can be found:

Running Quality Assurance at Metalab and Flow, streaming, dungeon mastering Temple of the Lava Bearsor buried in a book.

Special Skills:

I am bad at everything, but I will try almost anything. I have sung and improvised songs, rapped, improved, played video games with my feet, dressed up like a sparkly vampire and created horrible games for our donors and my cohorts. I also designed the Desert Bus app (everyone drink).

He’s a total geek for:

D&D (and roleplaying games in general), Magic cards, video games (especially retro console games), John Bellairs novels, and ducks.

Claim to Fame:

Yes, I am one of the guys on episode 5 of the A Life Well Wasted podcast. How many people can say that they got to be on the best podcast ever? Sounds like a rhetorical question, but it’s probably around 20.

Biggest fear about driving for DB8:

That Rosco will end up like Samantha at the end of Her. He’s getting pretty smart—it could happen :O!

If he was reincarnated as a fruit or vegetable he would want to be:

A Jalapeno – so I can be super hot

Favourite Cheese:

Stilton, because who doesn’t like the blues

Doesn’t want you to know he listens to:

Anything by Hoodie Allen

His “moves like Jagger” are more like:


To prepare for driving the bus he is:

Preparing myself to spend hours making almost zero progress by grinding in Destiny.

What symbol does your superhero cape have on it?

A duck in front of a comet

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