November 21, 2013, 7:27 pm
Posted by: Mike

Going under the hammer today…

Live Auctions

We’ve got a mountain of Live Auctions going on today,
courtesy of Desert Bus for Hope stalwart

Ken “Value Added” Steacy



Tsuneo Sanda Yoda Print (pictured)

Seven Against Chaos Lot

Artist’s Proof Card

Victor Vector & Yondo Original


World of Warcraft Elendril Original (pictured)

X-Men Pyro Original

Harry Potter Original

Venom Original


Racer X Original (pictured)

Portrait Sketch and Colour Commission:
Ken Steacy custom art!

Douglas Coupland lot

We also have an odds-and-ends set of valuable assorted Magic: The Gathering items


Assorted Magical Oddments lot

Silent Auctions

Ending at 6pm today

Mega-Man painting set

Leather Pouch, featuring Rosco P. Jangles IV and the Desert Bus


Scott Pilgrim lot

Star Wars Celebration Europe 2007 print

Kobolds Ate My Baby tea cozy

Leather LRR logo wristband


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