November 15, 2013, 2:27 pm
Posted by: Kara

Hello Desert Bus bidders! We have a very important announcement that concerns some of this year’s auction lots. Ken Steacy has asked that something a little different be done with his auctions.

A personal note from Ken Steacy:

“It is a privilege for me to again participate in Desert Bus For Hope, which is fuelled by the tireless efforts of the Desert Bus crew. For their commitment and good hearts I can offer only my deepest gratitude, but for their efforts above and beyond the call of duty I have always wanted to offer something more tangible.

Therefore, starting this year (and with the blessing of Child’s Play), 50% of the auction proceeds for all my donations to Desert Bus For Hope will fund operations for the Desert Bus organizational crew, without whom the bus would never leave the station. Thanx to them, and to everyone who contributes for keeping the wheels spinning – let’s roll!”

– Ken “Value Added” Steacy B^)

So to recap, half of the auction proceeds from all of the items donated by Ken Steacy – whether giveaway, live auction or silent auction – will go to the Desert Bus organizational team – the folks who plan Desert Bus throughout the year and are in charge of putting it on. The other 50% will go to Child’s Play. Ken has made it clear to us that he would like this money to go to the team in recognition of their efforts and the hours they put in. Administrative costs (eg: office supplies, shipping costs, etc.) are privately sponsored from other quarters.

The entire auction amount will continue to go towards the total number of hours we will bus for.

As Ken mentioned, this has been discussed and given the ok by Child’s Play themselves – neither we nor Ken would ever proceed with this without their permission.

We love putting on Desert Bus, and we will continue doing it as long as we can, regardless of any sort of compensation. That said, we are deeply touched by Ken’s gesture, as well as by his continual support of Desert Bus for Hope.

We want all of you to be fully aware of exactly where your money is going should you choose to bid on any of the items that Ken has donated this year.

Thank you all for your wonderful support of Desert Bus for Hope!

~The Desert Bus team

22 Comments on “Ken Steacy Auction Items”

  1. Awesome!

    By LadySephiroth - November 15th, 2013 2:43 pm
  2. Will Ken be appearing at DB7? I always enjoy watching his live work!

    By Terrence - November 15th, 2013 2:45 pm
  3. Terrence – Ken will be here on Thursday night. We’ll be adding him to the official schedule shortly.

    By Kara - November 15th, 2013 3:13 pm
  4. I am fine with this only if the DB crew uses some of the money to get themselves real food though out the event, and lots of coffee :p

    By Famout - November 15th, 2013 3:38 pm
  5. Wow, Ken is a fantastic guy. He never ceases to amaze me with his awesomeness!

    By Pilf - November 15th, 2013 3:55 pm
  6. Glorious! I cant imagain the level of logistical effort that desert bus takes – LRR do great things with this, and I’d hate to see it slowed down by lack of support. The more you have to work with, the better the results!

    By Tiempo - November 15th, 2013 6:05 pm
  7. I’m really glad to see this. I don’t want DB to ever stop, but I know that it takes a lot of time and money to do this.

    By dew - November 15th, 2013 6:15 pm
  8. I am so glad. I was actually thinking last night as I was falling asleep about starting a chipin to supply you guys with Things You Need, but this is much better.

    By Oscelot - November 15th, 2013 6:30 pm
  9. What a guy! Always thinking. <333 But, he's appearing on Thursday?! Nooo I have class until 7:30 pm :( I'll miss his dramatic entrance.

    By Piggysama - November 15th, 2013 7:22 pm
  10. Good idea as long as the money is used for operational expenses. I don’t want to see this become a salaried charity.

    By Andrew - November 15th, 2013 8:29 pm
  11. Andrew – We understand your concern. The money will be distributed amongst the organizational committee as honourariums. We have no plans to become salaried, nor a charity.

    By Kara - November 16th, 2013 1:03 am
  12. Will all of the auction proceeds be counted towards this years total, or only 50% as to reflect what is actually going to Child’s Play?

    By Sorknaes - November 16th, 2013 3:54 am
  13. Sorknaes – “The entire auction amount will continue to go towards the total number of hours we will bus for.” It makes sense that they still have to bus for the time, in order to ‘pay back’ the donor.

    By Tufty - November 16th, 2013 6:01 am
  14. That’s awesome. In future years, may send you guys goodies, but been very behind with everything this year, still intend to enjoy it all and lose all my wages to you!!

    By RebelKatx - November 16th, 2013 7:32 am
  15. I applaud this idea. Seeing the amount of auction items and stuff going on behind the scenes, I can’t imagine even 50% of kens items are going to cover all the costs of shipping, packaging, pens, stickers, labels, tape, food, coffee, beer, etc.

    By DutchGuy - November 16th, 2013 8:06 am
  16. Great idea, Ken! You all deserve this! Thanks so much for all of your hard work–can’t wait to tune in!

    By Tara - November 16th, 2013 9:32 am
  17. Truly a fantastic idea. The time, effort and cost to their personal well being that the crew put into Desert Bus is something that should not go uncompensated somehow. Even with half of the proceeds going to the crew, Ken Steacy is still going to be a massive spike on the graph of donations so why not help the crew who deserve so much.

    By SiSweetman - November 16th, 2013 9:37 am
  18. Ken is amazing and your guy’s efforts (performed at cost to time, productivity and income) undoubtedly deserve reward. So much blood sweat and tears go into every second of this charity. Thank you Ken!

    By Cultureshock007 - November 16th, 2013 9:50 am
  19. Someone mentioned this before, but I wanted to point it out again. I love the idea of giving back to the desert bus crew who make our lives a little geekier and more amazing once every year, but I worry that we’re counting all the money (earned from Ken Steacy’s stuff) as “raised for Child’s Play” (which will be reflected on the graphs) but it won’t really be raised for Child’s Play, only half of it will. Will we be excluding the 50% that goes to desert bus from the chart? I feel like that’s only fair, since it’s not being raised for the children. Which also means the Desert Bus crew would have to work a little bit harder to get more that last year? Just a thought. But Ken is so amazing for negotiating this for the awesome Desert Bus Crew 😀

    By Jessica - November 17th, 2013 8:41 am
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