November 19, 2012, 7:00 am
Posted by: kathleen

Ever seen a picture of something awesome on Reddit? Did you know there is 38 percent chance you’re looking at something Harrison Krix of Volpin Props made?

World famous for his Daft Punk Helmets and his Half Life Gravity Gun, Harrison’s creations have raised tens of thousands of dollars for charity. And we’ve hit the big time! We have a Krix creation to auction off!

A replica of the “steel axe” found in the game Skyrim, this is 1 of only 3 such completed axes, and the only one that will be offered for public sale (well, donation). The detailed handle wrap is genuine leather, made by God Save the Queen Fashions. While we can’t guarantee that this axe will improve your gameplay for Skyrim or any other game, we are ready to definitively state that it will make you plenty more badass and awesome in general.  All its parts are handmade.

Harrison Krix, the man behind Volpin Props, is a mainly self-taught designer and maker of props and replicas. He works out of his garage creating stunning one-of-a-kind weapons, helmets and other props, many of them replicas of items from video games and films.

It’s being auctioned off on Tuesday at 6:00 PM PST, so be sure to tune in then!

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