December 21, 2010, 6:03 pm
Posted by: Jer


The Creepy Doll is back! Again! The bad news is: this means that the Desert Bus auction winner of Creepy Doll #31 has mysteriously backed out of the bid, making Tally’s craftsy bunny ears droop with sadness. The GOOD news is: this gives all of you one last chance to own the last of this limited run of terrifyingly adorable dolls.

This is your official stand-up-and-take-notice warning that we will be silent auctioning Creepy Doll #31 next week. Starting at 12am on Monday, Dec. 20 and going until midnight on Thursday, Dec. 23, the Creepy Doll will be up for auction online, with proceeds being donated to Child’s Play (naturally). Watch this blog and the Desert Bus and LoadingReadyRun twitter accounts for further details as to where the bidding will take place.

Keep in mind, this is a very special Creepy Doll. Not only is he the 31st of only 30 numbered dolls, he also comes with all the festive paraphernalia he’s stolen from the other holidays. His hands even have velcro sewn on so he can hold these items. The winner of this auction will receive:

– the 31st Creepy Doll (numbered on the bottom)
– his scythe
– a Valentine’s Day box of chocolates*
– a St. Patrick’s Day 4-leaf clover
– a Thanksgiving drumstick*
– a Christmas Santa hat
– a Halloween pumpkin
– and a special Creepy Doll coffee cup sleeve, so he can stare accusingly as you drink your morning coffee or tea. Do you really need that much honey?

Bonus: Because this is a very special auction, and because she’s been at her incessant crafting again, Tally is going to sweeten the pig… with a pig! Should the bidding for the doll reach $1000, the winner will also receive his or her choice of one of the three plush pigs pictured below, also crafted by Tally, in post-event honour of Desert Bus.

So your instructions are: Read blog, bid on doll, get pig.

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  1. Going… going…

    GONE, for $1051. $1 more than the winning bid for the live auction during Desert Bus 4 Hope. Congratulation to the winnar.

    By Evil Jim - December 24th, 2010 1:40 am
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