Desert Bus for Hope chainmail inlay

Crafter Gavin Card has made a bit of a habit of creating chainmail inlays while watching Desert Bus. This led him to connect the two activities with the same theme. For the children! Work on this inlay actually began during Desert Bus 6 in 2012. In total, it took around 50 hours to weave, and then another 10 hours to re-do a 1/3 of it due to a bad row of rings. The inlay is clear of any year markings so that it can be used to celebrate Desert Bus as a whole, not just one specific year. It can be laid anywhere as a nice decoration, or attached to a horizontal dowel with hooks through the rings if you'd like to hang it. It would make great wal more...

Winning Bid:
Roosevelt for $700.00
Nintendo Nostalgia Hat 2.0

Crafter Lynne Connolly's favorite childhood Christmas memory is from the year an NES showed up under the tree, along with copies of The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. She and her father spent hours playing Zelda together, finding all the secrets, etc.

This hat is Lynne's first contribution to the Craft-Along, and knitted into are all those joyful memories of hours of Zelda gameplay. It will keep the wearer warm in the coldest winters since it's double-knit, which means it's two layers of fabric both knit at the same time.

Even more importantly, this item was knit in memory of Lynne's friend Ash, who passed awa more...

Winning Bid:
ElementalAlchemist for $520.00
Prof. Rosco P. Jangles IV Gentlemans Atomic Ray Gun

This elegant pair of Steampunk themed dueling ray-guns will certianly give you the upper hand in a competition of sci-fi sophistication class. One red and one blue pistol, because, as their creator points out, it's always red versus blue. The pistols come in a display box lined with green cloth as, of course, proper dueling pistols are always held in such a case.

The pistols are named after Rosco P. Jangles IV, duck mascot of Desert Bus and a gentleman, scholar and probable wizard.

Each ray gun is 10inches long by 7inches wide.
The display box is 16.5inches long by 12inches wide by 4inch deep.

Mat more...

Winning Bid:
Gralamin for $825.00
Mass Effect perler bead characters + Child's Play logo sprite

From Tali'Zorah to Samara and Mordin, this cast of Mass Effect characters will sci-fi up your room and remind you of all those good times you had together on the Normandy.

The Mass Effect crew works tirelessly to save the galaxy, so it seems fitting to imagine that, were they to live in our universe, they'd be supporters of a cause like Child's Play. Hence the inclusion of a Child's Play Logo sprite. Rebornflames, the crafter behind these sprites, loves Child's Play and all the great people he's met through, and says we can expect to see his sprites show up at more marathons in the future.

Note: sadly, Morin suffered more...

Winning Bid:
GhostDan for $200.00
Soltic H8 diecast

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.

Fight, Dougram: we never approve your independency from the Deloyer! -whatever that means! This vintage toy is a 1/72 scale diecast of the Soltic H8 from Fang of the Sun: Dougram, and it has a very satisfying heft to it, be more...

Winning Bid:
Ealstan for $265.00
embroidered Tardis messenger bag

This timey-wimey messenger bag is large enough to carry a laptop through time and space, to any spot in the universe you may happen to find yourself. It is fully lined, to keep your computer cushioned and safe on potentially hostile planets, and it bears a machine embroidered Tardis on its front to remind you of home when you are busy running from Cybermen or taking tea with the Ood.

The bag is 17.5 inches wide by 12 inches tall, with a strap that is 2 inches wide by 38 inches long.

Gwynn has been a crafter for a little over 55 years, taught hand sewing and knitting by her grandmother as a child. Volunteering and do more...

Winning Bid:
d-dawg for $375.00
Nintendo Power Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time figurines

These classic Nintendo Power figurines have never been removed from their box, waiting patiently in a basement for their time to come. And now is their time! Call them home to you, starting out on a new epic journey through the perils of the postal system... more...

Winning Bid:
faveman54 for $215.00
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 cross stitch

This incredible cross stitch art shows the full title screen of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, in vibrant colours and thousands of tiny stitches. Even the speediest of hedgehogs will stop and take the time to admire this remarkable piece of work.

The cross stitch piece itself measures 11 x 7.5 inches, and including the frame it is 16 x by 18 inches.

Ann Foraker has been doing crafts practically all her life, along with photography. When she recently had a little extra time on her hands, she decided use it putting her talents towards a good cause. A previous Sonic cross stitch project led her to the idea of creating the title more...

Winning Bid:
Bugle for $471.23
original Mayor of Avabruck comic by Inkwell Looter

In this comic, Inkwell Looter answers the question "What's it like to hold political office in a monster-infested hellscape?" Originally published on Inkwell Looter's website, this is the original comic art, signed on the back. The comic came out during the MtG Innistrad block, which explains the musings about mayors and monsters. The piece measures 8.5 x 10.5 inches.

Inkwell Looter is a cartoonist who's played Magic since the dawn of mana. He compulsively generates comics, illustrations and other various commentary on this game that he continues to play and love.

Materials: Ink on illustration board. more...

Winning Bid:
Artemis for $100.00
Journey, Shattered

Enjoy the fractured beauty of this one-of-a-kind paper artwork, a mosaic-like ornament that will improve any wall.

Mia did her first paper decoupage piece for Desertbus two years ago, and loved the process so much that she decided to do it again. This year Journey is her subject matter of choice, and its beautiful scenery and art lends itself wonderfully to being shattered and reassembled in mosaic form. This time around, instead of relying on cutouts from magazines, Mia bought all the paper in already appropriately coloured sheets and cut it up; the process was actually much quicker this way, taking less than a month altogether more...

Winning Bid:
Nightsintodreams for $489.00
World 1-1 mario mugs

It's important to start the day out right, especially when there are goombas to squish, Piranha Plants to vault and a princess to save before dinner time. Enjoy your morning coffee in these stylish handcrafted mugs, depicting the beginning of the journey for our favourite adventuring plumber.

These mugs were hand painted with glazes, then fired to make them comepletly food safe, dishwasher safe, and microwaveable. Each color was painted on three times and then fired at 2,000 degrees. Crafter Jexebele chose to a Mario theme both for its standing a classic, iconic game, and because it was one of the first games she ever played, so more...

Winning Bid:
Invariel for $550.00
needle felted Journey characters

These two adorable needlefelt Journey characters were made in conjunction with one another, by a pair of crafters. Katie made the red one first, then Tim made the white one because the red one looked lonely. Now neither they nor you need be lonely at all, since you will all have each other as travelling companions. Inspired by trudging through the desert and facing insurmountable challenges head on as intrepid heroes, these stalwart comrades are intent on reaching one and only one goal - the happiness of children everywhere.

The figures are roughly 2 inches across, and 4-5 inches tall (the white figure has a height advantage ov more...

Winning Bid:
Cultureshock007 for $300.00
Litany Against Fear  - calligraphy art

This piece shows The Litany Against Fear from Frank Herbert's Dune done in an italic hand on a background of washes in the colors of House Atreides green and black. Gold ink and changes in hand are used for emphasis. Likewise, though the layout is fairly simple, both it and the background washes match the narrative of the litany, with "obliteration" swallowed by a black wash while the washes themselves disappear such that the last line stands alone: "Only I will remain."

The full piece measures 12 x 18 inches.

Steven Lauterwasser likes words. He's a graduate student (sociology), he reads a lot (sadly now less sci-fi/ more...

Winning Bid:
Not You for $411.00
Assassin's Creed Mug Set (set of two)

Welcome back, Templar. Your next assignment is one of upmost secrecy: infiltrate the home of an Assassin, and gather as much information as you can.

Daily life in the home may involve the practice of congregating around a table, drinking warm beverages in stylish mugs.

These mugs are often dishwasher and microwave safe. They hold 8 ounces of liquid.

They are handmade by a skilled craftswomen, well versed in the art of ceramics.

Should you accept this mission, many children in Templar-supported hospitals will be thrilled.

Do not disappoint us.

Kimberly Swanner has b more...

Winning Bid:
badgersprite for $270.00
Super Mario Vine Scarf

It may be unwise to wear your heart on your sleeve, but we highly recommend wearing your favourite video game around your neck. And you can do just that with this delightful Super Mario vine scarf!

When she stumbled upon a variety of vine themed scarves, the knitter known as Icefall thought to herself that many of them looked like the vines in the classic Super Mario games. That was, of course, the inspiration for this scarf, which incorporates vines, hit blocks, clouds and of course Mario himself! Mario can cling to the vine at any point you'd like, thanks to the small snaps on his hands and feet.

The scarf is 8 inc more...

Winning Bid:
Xylophobian for $250.00
Defense Grid pack

This lot pays homage to the engrossing and exciting tower defense strategy game Defense Grid, by Hidden Path Entertainment .The lot includes a signed and framed exclusive set (#3 of 50 printed) of the Steam cards that were created for the original Defense Grid, along with two Pinny Arcade Defense Grid 2 Juggernaut Pins from PAX Prime 2013. more...

Winning Bid:
DeathOfRats for $248.64
Magic Moxen ornaments

Now you can acquire a set of four life-size versions of the most powerful artifacts from the first ever Magic: the Gathering set. Included are 3D, physical depictions of Mox Ruby, Mox Jet, Mox Sapphire, and Mox Pearl. (Tragically, Mox Emerald was shattered during crafting and could not be included.) These ornaments would lend some very classy geekery to a Christmas tree, rearview mirror, window frame or anywhere else you might wish to display them.

The largest of the moxen is 8x6x4 cm, plus cord.

The pendants were made in part with 3D printing, with designs created on the computer and either printed out to form the more...

Winning Bid:
metalspoon for $350.00
uncut sheet of Joe Vollan/Card Kingdom playing cards

Artist Joe Vollan created a set of specially designed playing cards exclusive to Card Kingdom, featuring 100% original artwork, typesetting and design. This rare uncut sheet of those cards would make a truly unique display in any game room!

Joe Vollan is a highly respected Seattle based artist, known for his surreal, sometimes spooky artwork. His pieces have an air of mystery about them. His work has been shown in all of the top galleries in the area from Roq La Rue, Flatcolor Gallery, BLVD, Schmancy, Ouch My Eye and more, and he has now begun showing down the west coast as far as Alpha Cult in Los Angeles.

Joe is a more...

Winning Bid:
Alex_Mercer for $350.00
MOTHER 2 Starman Jr. figurine

Earthbound, MOTHER 2 - the game goes by either name and is beloved under either title. Official collectible figurines such as this are difficult to find outside of Japan, and this one comes to you brand new, in its box and entirely unopened. This is an official MOTHER 2 Starman Jr. figurine from Banpresto. 5" tall, unopened in box. more...

Winning Bid:
corran__horn for $570.00
Tyrant and Tutor - Skyrim art

Clear the skies and you may reach Paarthurnax, high atop the Throat of the World. There he meditates on his crumbling wall, teaching the Thu’um to the worthy, and awaiting the return of Alduin, the World-Eater.

The painting itself measures 9x21 inches, while the full paper measures 10x22 inches.

Eric Johnson is a Northern British Columbian who has been painting for the past twenty years, give or take. Focusing primarily on watercolors and india ink wash, he also employs pencil, pen, and acrylic. In addition to his various practice projects and art for friends and family on inkompetence.tumblr.com, he's working in more...

Winning Bid:
whatthebus for $801.44
Akroma, Angel of Fury prerelease promo banner

This massive banner is an original promo item from the Planar Fury prerelease, and isready to do double duty decorating an entire wall of your home and proclaiming your love of MtG to anyone who missed noticing your shelves full of deck boxes. Most banners such as this were disposed of after prereleases, and new such banners are no long provided to those events. That makes this a pretty rare find.

The banner comes from the personal collecton of one of Canada's top MtG judges. more...

Winning Bid:
Admiral Memo for $825.00
X-Men Game Gear Lot

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.

All kinds of X-Men goodies! This lot features the original full colour Ken Steacy artwork for X-Men on the Sega CD, along with a comic book page advertisement and the game box, all signed by Ken.

Known around Des more...

Winning Bid:
Geo for $600.00
Felted Smaug Dragon

Smaug perches atop his hoard sniffing for stray dwarves and counting his gold pieces. This wonderful felted doll has a marvelously sinister expression and a pose that shows he is ready to spring into action if anyone threatens his treasure. There is even a tiny representation of the Arkenstone resting on the pile.

Crafter Erin Nix is a huge fan of everything Tolkien, so when she wanted to try her hand at making dragons (which are, after all, such wonderfully epic creatures), a Smaug doll seemed a natural place to start. (He turned out so well that she has since created many more dragons for her Etsy store.) This Smaug doll is qui more...

Winning Bid:
Patrik for $410.00
Chemistry Cat Solves Global Catnip Crisis

Professor Muffin was hard at work when the phone rang.
"Muffin -- it's the Secretary of Catnip and Laser Pointers. I'm afraid we have a problem."
"Thankfully, not this time. Instead, we're dealing with a global catnip crisis the likes of which we've never seen. Can you help us?"
Professor Muffin let out a cat sigh, took a bite of delicious cat food, and got to work...

The canvas measures 9 x 12 inches, in a frame that is 16 x 20 inches.

Materials: Acrylic paint, canvas board. more...

Winning Bid:
MadTheorist for $225.00
Journey scarf

Don this incredible scarf and you will be ready for any journey, whether through desert sand or arctic icefield. Adorned with the glyphs and symbols from the game, this cozy scarf measures 65 inches long, and 5.5 inches wide.

Sarah Mendiola is proud to be an artist and a geek, and her art takes many different forms. She's done work as a videographer and editor, is now doing some work as a graphic designer, and as well is practicing her cartooning. Knitting and crocheting things have been among her hobbies for years, ever since her mom taught her how as a child.

She first started knitting the scarf thanks to her hu more...

Winning Bid:
MadTheorist for $1,200.00
Justice League cufflinks - set of 5

Geeky jewelry is great, but what about for the guys? Here's an opportunity for all you classy gentlemen out there to snazz up your wardrobe geek style, by accessorizing your formal wear with these Justice League cufflinks. The set of 5 pairs of cufflinks gives you plenty of options for every occasion. Perhaps your date is wearing green, so you go with a complimentary green tie and the Green Lantern cufflinks. Or if a friend's wedding colours are blue and red, you could wear the Superman accessories.

Alanna Robertson started making pendants last year as a little hobby to try and increase her choice of geeky jewelry. Turns out ther more...

Winning Bid:
Matt for $410.00
TARDIS fedora

The fedora never truly goes out of style, and it looks good on everyone, so this is the perfect hat for timey-wimey space voyages. The TARDIS painted on its side features the words "Old," "New," "Borrowed" and "Blue." Amy Pond's delivery of the wedding phrase in relation to the TARDIS gave crafter Mary Hutson chills and it stuck with her This fedora is painted with fabric paint, and should stand up to the rain. That said, it has not been tested, so we don't recommend wearing it in a monsoon.

The hat best fits an approximately 22inch-around head.

Mary is a 30-something mother and wife who yearns for much more time to more...

Winning Bid:
quellun for $350.00
chainmail tie

It's a little on the heavy side, but this chainmail tie most definitely makes a statement. The man who wears this tie is sure to get attention. The tie consists of roughly 7,000 hand bent silver and red rings in a Dragon scale weave. It was given a test run at PAX Prime 2013, where it turned a lot of heads.

Length: ~22" long. Neck: ~19" Max (it can be hooked closed at a smaller circumference).

J Barr describes himself as a guy looking for a hobby when he noticed all the people selling Chain Mail at the Calgary Comic and entertainment Expo in 2013. He decided that might be something he could do, and sure enough, more...

Winning Bid:
tinman for $725.56
Skifree Yeti quilt

Straight out of the 8-bit classic SkiFree, the yeti is back to eat your skier! Starting with 3240 individually cut fabric 'pixels' and a whole lot of sewing, there are now two quite large yetis, back to back. The two victory stances of the yeti (jumping and looking content) are depicted, so if you can get someone to flip the quilt back and forth, you just might be able to recreate the feeling of just having been eaten by the yeti.

The quilt is approximately 6 feet by 8 feet which nicely fits a queen size bed. The quilt is machine sewn and quilted, with the final binding sewing done by hand. The fabric has all been pre-washed (so more...

Winning Bid:
Logs_Juegos for $1,300.00
Geoff Darrow Sketches

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.

Three silly sketches from comic book arist Geoff Darrow. Since they weren't signed, Ken Steacy put his own mock-Geoff signatures on them. So they're they only sketches with completely real-but-fake "Ken Steacy as Geoff Darrow more...

Winning Bid:
scottgoblue for $250.00
framed Kirby cross stitch

Keep your playful pink friend Kirby nearby at all times, in this sweet cross stitched form. The piece is approximately 6x4 inches.

Crafter MmRed started doing cross stitch about 4 years ago, making 8-bit characters out of embroidery floss. This one lived in her fabric wardrobe for some time until she realized it should be donated to help the children!

Materials: Aida, cotton and patience. more...

Winning Bid:
Jiopur for $210.00
MUCHLY SIGNED Desert Bus 5 poster

This Desert Bus 5 poster has traveled the world, gathering signatures. It sat on someone's desk while they went on a cruise, it went on a book tour with someone else. It appeared at conventions, it was invited into people's homes.

The core Desert Bus crew and more have signed the poster, and we will be adding to the signatures as we can during Desert Bus 7. Other noteworthy signatures include Jeremiah Slaczka from 5th cell (his was the very first signature to go on the poster), Paul and Storm, Jonothan Coulton and Mikey Neumann. Steve Dengler's assistance was enlisted to take the poster travelling and gather yet more signatures. more...

Winning Bid:
Lord Hosk for $1,255.00
Federation Tank

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.

A full plastic model of a Federation Tank from Star Wars Episode 1, highly detailed and fully camo'd in a custom scheme (approved by EP1 production designer Doug Chiang, no less!) by master modeller Kaptain Ken. And if you li more...

Winning Bid:
Kryntek for $220.00
ladies' Super Mario Brothers scarf

Crafter Alatheia has wanted for years to find the time to contribute to the Craft-Along. Her primary geeky crafting activity is making scarves, so a scarf featuring Princess Peach, Toadette, and Birdo seemed ideal. This is an incredibly stylish (and warm!) way to show your Mario appreciation to the world. The scarf is even reversible, with the negative image on one side and the positive image on the other. Which also helps make it even warmer! You will welcome winter's chill if you have this in your wardrobe.

The scarf is approximately five feet long and just over 12"across at its very widest point in the middle.

Al more...

Winning Bid:
Lightswitch for $400.00
Custom Animal Crossing Paper Cut art

These photos show an example of the sort of art piece that you can commission if you win this auction. Designed just for you, you'll get a custom 8" x 10" (20 cm x 25 cm) paper craft piece of your favorite Animal Crossing character. You can choose from any of the hundreds of Animal Crossing characters - villager or NPC - from any of the games past or present. You can even request this as one of a kind portrait of your in-game avatar.

After discussing your ideas for the piece, crafter Schala-Kitty will provide a full digital proof before creating your custom artwork. Everything will be constructed from specially cut cardstock and more...

Winning Bid:
Twoflower for $224.70
Ravnica guild bracelets

These colourful bracelets represent 9* of the 10 Ravnica Guilds - choose your guild and represent it in style! The bracelets are composed of glass, plastic and stone beads, each on a stretchy elastic string.

*Most unfortunately, the House Dmir bracelet was forgotten when all the bracelets were created. The crafter has offered to make and send a Dmir bracelet directly to the winner of this lot, however, so that you will have the full Ravnica guilds set!

After learning to bead at a library employee enrichment seminar, crafter LadyRhian spent about $200 on beads to begin with and never looked back. Her first beading pr more...

Winning Bid:
metalspoon for $200.00
The Age of the Vampires - Legacy of Kain: Defiance art

For epic home decor you need epic subject matter, and that's just what this set of paintings offers! Artist Holly Elvins says Legacy of Kain: Defiance was a game that stuck with her for a long time after playing it for the first time on my brother's Xbox. Not actually so much for the characters or game play, but for the art style - its Gothic aesthetic is what inspired her to create these paintings.

As an added bonus, if bids hit $400, Holly will also send this Desert Bus themed piece to the winner: http://hollyberriesstudios.blogspot.ca/2013/10/art-nouveau-jocko.html

If bids reach $722 (the amount Holly's art auctio more...

Winning Bid:
[BD]IkomaTanomori for $285.00
Aquarium - Bioshock painting

Rapture may have some moisture and social issues, but she has the biggest aquarium in the world! This stunning art piece remembers the fascinating underwater surroundings and remarkable views of this doomed place.

The painting itself measures 9x21 inches, while the full paper measures 10x22 inches.

Eric Johnson is a Northern British Columbian who has been painting for the past twenty years, give or take. Focusing primarily on watercolors and india ink wash, he also employs pencil, pen, and acrylic. In addition to his various practice projects and art for friends and family on inkompetence.tumblr.com, he's working in more...

Winning Bid:
for $900.00
Jak & Daxter 10th anniversary Precurser Orb statue

This collectible Jak & Daxter Precurser Orb statue was a promotional item from Naughty Dog and Sony that references items found within the games. It's a quality piece, a hefty orb attached to its stand by a clear plastic rod, elegant and distinct. more...

Winning Bid:
GameBoyAlexander for $580.00
Whale plaid whale plate - set of 3

After watching the chat descend into QWOP mode and slowly corrupt the phrase 'well played' into 'Whale Plaid' or 'Whale Plate', crafter Dana Staab couldn't shake the idea of combining these things into the most frivolous of knick-knacks... the Collectable Plate. Collect all 3! (Display case not included.)

Dana thoughtfully opted to leave the Addition of the DB6 variant 'Whale Dong' to the plate's new owners, since Desert Bus is, after all, a family-friendly event.

Dana has dabbled a myriad of artistic areas - drawing and painting, writing, sewing, jewelry-making. She has cross-stitched her whole life, and recently br more...

Winning Bid:
Doctor Bobnar L'Awesome for $190.00
Minecraft skeleton plate

This beautiful piece of tableware is made with hand cut squares of Bullseye glass, with each piece carefully placed to match the Skeleton design in Minecraft. It was fired 2 times, the first time to a temperature of 1450° F to fuse the glass pieces together and the second firing (slumping) to soften the glass into the mold. The plate measures 8 inches by 8 inches.

Glass crafter Maggie Bevis is in her 5th year of college, working on a degree in sculpture. Minecraft is absolutely her favorite game ever, and she plays it whenever she can. Maggie is also a huge fan of Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and cats.

Materials: fuse more...

Winning Bid:
Audiodancer for $260.00
TMNT coffee cup sleeves - set of 4

In addition to pizza, the Teenage Mutant Turtles have become coffee lovers! No really, it's true. And now they can join you on your coffee adventures. You might change your coffee sleeves up during the week according to how your day it going. Are you feeling Aggressive? (Raphael) Fun? (Michelangelo) Smart? (Donatello) Or... something else? Leadership-ish maybe? Leonardo, then.

Alternatively, share them with your friends/secret coffee ninja posse and use them as a subtle signal of Ninja Turtle hijinks.

The sleeves fit a grande or a Venti hot to-go cup. They might stretch to fit a ceramic re-usable cup (without hand more...

Winning Bid:
SUPERDOG for $345.67
Princess Zelda art doll

This is a display doll, made with love and care, of Princess Zelda of the Legend of Zelda games. She is waiting for a daring Desert-Busser to give her a good home!

This Zelda is not the shy and retiring type of princess; the doll stands 27 inches tall, with a width (measured shoulder to shoulder) of 13 inches. She has a commanding presence. And a sword. Take her seriously.

The doll took around 100 hours to make, and it shows in the great amount of detail, jewelry and accessories with which she is adorned.

Jackie (aka Beamie) is a 20 year old Prairie girl who has always loved any kind of art. She taught more...

Winning Bid:
Lord Laeron for $125.00
Defense Grid poster #2 - signed

This beautiful poster pays homage to Defense Grid: The Awakening, a unique spin on tower defense gameplay in which players must strategically build fortification towers to protect their base from a horde of invading enemies.

Signed by a whoooole bunch of the Defense Grid team. more...

Winning Bid:
ChaoTiX for $190.00
Windborne pack

This lot commemorates the beautiful sandbox creation game Windborne, from Hidden Path Entertainment. Included is a signed and framed 8 x 10 poster, a signed and framed set of dragon cards, and two Pinny Arcade Windborne Jin pins from PAX Prime 2013. more...

Winning Bid:
Sephis for $415.00
Epic fox hat

What does the fox say? It says hush up already and put this hat on because it will make you look awesome. Styled after the sly and cunning red fox, this hat is sure to keep you warm in the coldest of months while being fun and fashionable.

The hat is hand knitted with a wool/acrylic yarn blend. For best results, hand wash in warm water and lay flat to dry.

Hat measures 22 inches in circumference but will stretch to fit most heads.

Tania is an author/illustrator/knitter who appears at many conventions around the Midwest. She specializes in all things fantastical and is well known for her hats. She is c more...

Winning Bid:
Fimbulvetr for $600.00
Crono from Chrono Trigger: Pixel Art

You know that hand cramp you get when you've been writing a long letter? Well imagine the hand cramp from nearly 100 hours of colouring in thousands and thousands of tiny squares, and you'll get an idea of what went into this remarkable hand-coloured pixel art. This is truly a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork.

The piece has been left unframed (because oh wow the shipping cost and fragility), but once received, lamination or framing is recommended to preserve and best display the piece.

The piece measures 38 by 42 inches.

Tim K is a longtime LoadingReadyRun and Desert Bus fan, who first started doing pixel more...

Winning Bid:
Space_Titanium for $525.00
Minecraft wolf

Now you can have your very own Minecraft pet wolf without going through the hassle of taming it. This adorable little guy will sit loyally next to your computer, guarding your back while you play. He's cute and loyal and always on the alert, and he's fully house trained - the perfect pet!

The wolf stands 3 inches tall, and measure 6" from snout to tail.

Every day that crafter Ariel Leather gets to create something with her hands and share it with others is a good day. Happily she is able to make that happen fairly often. During the day, she manages an ice cream parlor, serving ice cream and (her favorite part) decor more...

Winning Bid:
pao for $321.09
Yoshi Egg trinket box

Where do baby Yoshis come from? They come from eggs. And where do those eggs come from? Geese, apparently! This Yoshi egg is made from a real, blown-out goose egg. Dee, the delicate-fingered crafter behind this gorgeous item, first made a Yoshi goose egg for her daughter, who is a proud gamer and asked her mom to give it a try after she saw Dee making other trinket boxes from eggs.

The Yoshi egg is approximately 3 inches across, 4 inches tall without its stand and 5 inches with the stand. The stand has been left unattached to help limit the risk of damage or breakage of this fragile item during shipping. Upon receiving the egg, more...

Winning Bid:
metalspoon for $480.00
Desert Bus latch hook rug

Put this cozy rug beside your bed to greet your feet at the start of the day, or display it in your hallway to attract the admiration of all visitors. Wherever it lies, it can remind you of Desert Bus all year long. The rug measures 60 by 66 centimeters.

Crafter Jamas Enright found the many straight lines and bright colours of the Desert Bus logo appealing as a rug design. Some parts of construction were a bit more trying than anticipated though: Jamas broke two needles while sewing the edges.

Jamas finds rug-making to be relaxing craft activity while watching videos, and has created a number of latch-hook rugs with more...

Winning Bid:
Mums for $335.00
A Perfect Day - Animal Crossing art

Featuring the colourful world of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, this is the original painting of a print that was part of the Fangamer X Attract Mode 2013 art show during PAX Prime. A limited run of prints were available there, and now here is your one chance to own the original art piece!

Artist Nicole Gustafsson recently got a 3DS just so she could play this game and she's been hooked ever since. She finds the characters and town are really appealing, and it's a great game to play in between art projects.

Nicole is an artist based in the midwest, who shows her work in galleries throughout the United States. This is th more...

Winning Bid:
DeathOfRats for $1,212.12

Spread this stunning blanket out over your bed for a cozy snooze and sweetly pixellated dream! It came to be when crafter Michelle Willson was looking for a project to stretch her new croquet skills, and playing Luigi's mansion - these two things inspired her to create this blanket She has never quite trusted the pixelator anyway, and could easily see a ghost turning Luigi into 8-bit yarn. But don't worry - he still hast the Poltergust 5000 and his trusty flashlight so we're sure he'll be just fine.

The finished blanket pattern required 576 squares made from 50 skeins of yarn in 11 different colours. It took Michelle almost 3 mon more...

Winning Bid:
theo5p for $355.00
Duskball Necklace

This necklace was themed after the Duskball from Pokemon! The duskball is crafter Cheryl Kraus' favorite Pokeball and she thinks it pretty much looks the coolest of all the Pokeballs, both in its appearance and its opening effect in the actual games. It's the most stylish and fashion-forward way we've seen yet of proclaiming your Pokemon mastery!

Cheryl has always been interested in art-related activities, starting off lots of drawings at a young age, and slowly moving towards crafting after her mother introduced her to crochet.
She especially enjoys making fun and colorful pieces, and gives her all to whatever she's makin more...

Winning Bid:
Jiopur for $150.00
Douglas Coupland books lot

This awesome lot consists of signed copies of five of Doug's best books - which was a tough choice, cuz all his books rule! Includes Souvenir of Canada (Doug explains Canada to the world), his tribute to Terry Fox (our greatest Canadian), novels JPod (later made into a hilarious TV series) and Generation A (find out what happened to the bees!) and the self-explanatory Highly Inappropriate Tales for Young People. more...

Winning Bid:
Alexander Rodgers for $333.33
Gentleman's Steampunk vest

This elegant item of menswear is just the thing for all kinds of occasions, from celebrations and fancy parties to conventions and photo shoots. And it's guaranteed to get you geared up (pun absolutely intended) for any Steampunk event.

The vest is a men's size large, measuring 47.5 inches around the chest. It has two double-welt pocket, and a strap on the back to make it smaller. Comes with a silk ascot tie (and instructions on how to tie it).

Crafter Artemis loves sewing and cosplay. She made a gorgeous pair of steampunk costumes for last year's Escapist Expo, and later decided that Desert Bus viewers might appreci more...

Winning Bid:
Oliphaunt for $600.00
Fairy Wings - costume piece

Whether for Halloween, a costume ball, or just a day that needs a little extra pizazz, wear these wings and you will feel "fairly" special! So special that even terrible terrible puns cannot hurt you. These wings are the second iteration of a design first put together for a Renassaince fair. They posess a delightful grace and beauty, and while they won't launch your physical body in the air, they will surely make your imagination soar.

The wings have roughly a 3 foot wing span. This can be adjusted by bending the branches. The artists just couldn't pick a favourite between spring and autumn, so they made both! Two pairs of wings, more...

Winning Bid:
PedroAsani for $210.00
Quip Pro Quo word pack - help determine game aspects!

Let's Quip is the upcoming competitive arguing game from Fire Hose that finally proves that people who are good at Twitter can be good at two things. Two players enter and are each given a random word from our word pool, they then have to create a short, funny argument as to why their word is better than the opponent's. When both players have submitted their argument the match goes out to the rest of the world to vote on whose answer is funnier.

We have tons of good words in there already... like Kurt Russel vs Secular Humanism, or Galaxy Quest vs '95-'96 Chicago Bulls but we need WAY more. The winner of this auction gets to wor more...

Winning Bid:
JackSlack for $130.00
Marceline Adventure Time Painting

"The only thing woman like more than fun; is excitement! She needs to feel her blood pump, man! She needs to... be chased by wolves!" Inspired by Marceline - the artist's favorite character from Adventure Time - this beautiful painting is sure to liven up your walls. It comes in an elegant frame decorated with skulls and bones. Tasteful skulls and bones.

The dimensions of the painting are about 10 by 13 inches.
The outside of the frame measures approximately 16 by 20 inches.

Jennifer Lewis really enjoys drawing and painting and such. Her other pursuits include comics, movies and playing Animal Crossing. She liv more...

Winning Bid:
BeamTheChao for $335.00
Ho-oh Pokemon Cross Stitch

Gotta catch 'em all, and now you can put 'em on your wall, too! Inspired by the excitement surrounding the release of Pokemon X and Y, Kysen decided to stitch one of her favorite legendary Pokemon: Ho-oh.

Special attention was given to the colors used, especially how they worked in combination. Kysen's goal was to try and recapture on cloth the awe she felt back in the day when playing Pokemon Gold for the first time. This piece is based on Ho-oh’s Black/White era sprite.

The stitched design area is roughly 6.5 inches square. The outer measurement of the frame is 14 inches square. (Note: the full piece of Aida clo more...

Winning Bid:
ElementalAlchemist for $300.00
Dead or Alive 5 art book - signed

This book, though seemingly small in size, is stuffed full of glossy Dead or Alive 5 artwork, waiting to be pored over. Set it on your coffee table while you play the game, and let your housemates admire the artwork and your mad fighting skills all at once. The book's cover is signed by members of Team Ninja. more...

Winning Bid:
Nathar for $140.00
Fairy Queen - Legend of Zelda Cross Stitch

Fairy Queen is from Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past. Upgrade your carrying ability by throwing your money into the wishing well that is the Desert Bus auction.

(Note: Probably will not actually upgrade your carrying ability. Good things will happen though!)

This piece took about 36 hours to complete and is the second time Wayne has made something from Legend of Zelda (though certainly not likely the last). The piece comes in an 8x10 inch with a 5x7 inch mat. The Fairy Queen herself is approximately 6 inches tall.

Wayne started cross stitching when he was about 10, learning from his Ukrainian grandm more...

Winning Bid:
Space_Titanium for $225.00
Customised Nerf Guns boxed set

This customised Nerf Gun set provides 3 different guns, which offer looks to suit any occasion or style. You have the Fantasy gun, the Sci-fi gun and the Steam Punk gun. Each is modelled on the "Jolt" Nerf Gun - this is the smallest of Nerf guns, and shoots one dart at a time.

The Fantasy gun uses a simple reshaping of the handle to create a wood effect, and is embellished with a skull motif. Dark, tarnished colours and a cotten fabric handle aged with paint washes give the gun a feeling of being old and well used.

The Sci-fi gun has a retro-futuristic feel. It has been given a new surface texture, a top mounted work more...

Winning Bid:
Vorticon for $420.00
Big Bag o' Dice #1

This prize lot has become a Desert Bus tradition, and as in previous years, the title is the description: this is a very large Crown Royale bag that has been embroidered with "The Big Bag o' Dice."

It's also been filled with a LOT of dice, because what good is dice bag without dice to put in it? The short version: Scott, mastermind behind this practically bottomless dice bag, has STUFFED this bag with neato dice. That's the short version.

Here's the long version, and we promise it's worth reading:

PART 1: The bag is stuffed to the limit with dice, freshly scooped from the chessex booth at Origins 2013. more...

Winning Bid:
KiWiB0RG for $9,001.00
Steve Blum character posters

These three posters depict famous characters voiced by the one and only Steve Blum, namely: Spike from Cowboy Bebop, Mugen from Samurai Champloo and Wolverine from Xmen. Each poster shows artwork by Marcus Thomas, and each one is signed by Steve Blum. more...

Winning Bid:
ChaosAvenger0 for $690.00
perler bead Pokemon sprites, with hand drawn Pokeball button set

It's an ultimate collection of escaped-from-your-game-screen Pokemon! Decorate your environs with a myriad of colourful perler bead Pokemon sprites, and then adorn your shirts, bags, backpacks and more with hand drawn Pokeball buttons.

Sieg Reyu was bored one day and while cruising Facebook saw that a friend he had met at an Anime convention was making sprites out of Perler beads. He had nothig better to do, so he bought some and made them himself, for profit, but mostly for fun.

Roxanne has been drawing longer than she can remember, and she recently graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in 20 more...

Winning Bid:
LanternCupcake for $608.00
Star Wars baby geek set

This set is to start your child out right, crawling down the beautiful path of geekiness until they learn to walk along it. Obi Wan would be proud. The set includes:

Infant Seat Canopy - This canopy hangs from the handle of the seat, providing a canopy for the child. Keeps away weather, light, unwelcome fingers and more. Great for a nap, or just to keep the rain off their toes! Measures 41"x34" with two Velcro straps.

Burp Cloth - Made of cotton flannel with an extra absorbent core, these are great for any little padawan's messes. Set of 4, cloths measure 14"x10".

Fleece Blanket - This over-sized fleec more...

Winning Bid:
cyberpilate for $500.00
LoadingReadyRun logo illusion knit scarf

This scarf is craftily knit in an illusion pattern; when you look at it straight on, you will see a blue and white striped scarf. When you look from an angle, however, you'll see the SECRET LRR LOGO emerge! Magical.

The scarf is made from fluffy and soft baby llama yarn. It's quite long, too (6 feet long by 8 inches wide), for maximum wrappability and warmth.

Crafter Kate Thompson recently learned how to knit illusion designs, and thought this would be a fun addition to the Craft-Along. (We agree!) Kate lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where the need for warm cozy scarves is great. She is currently a grad student in ps more...

Winning Bid:
Prayer for $460.00
Dralnu, Lich Lord prerelease promo banner

This massive banner is an original promo item from the Time Spiral prerelease, and isready to do double duty decorating an entire wall of your home and proclaiming your love of MtG to anyone who missed noticing your shelves full of deck boxes. Most banners such as this were disposed of after prereleases, and new such banners are no long provided to those events. That makes this a pretty rare find.

The banner comes from the personal collecton of one of Canada's top MtG judges. more...

Winning Bid:
VanSlick for $500.00
The Last Halloween Sushi Set

Sushi lovers, art lovers, Strip Search lovers: this beautiful glass dinnerware is just what you've been missing! Eat in style and spookiness from these stunning Last Halloween plates.

Glass artist Helen Cowart loved watching Abby on Strip Search (Go Team Tangent!), and is also a big fan of her pen and ink style of drawing. She decided that The Last Halloween would make an awesome sushi set, and acquired Abby's permission for the project. Each piece was hand drawn by Helen in Abby's style. Using a little bit of science (glass color chemistry), the image transforms into beautiful reddish-brown on a warm white and translucent white more...

Winning Bid:
FF Konoko for $250.00
Mystery Science TheatLRR 3k Package

A Manos: The Hands of Fate messenger bag had been in knitter Chemistring's mental crafting queue for a couple of years, and now seemed like the time to try it out. The bag is made of felted wool with a cotton lining containing two zippered pockets and two open pockets and pen slots. Everything went relatively smoothly until the end - doesn't it always happen that way? But Chemistring's sewing machine didn't like the felted material so the entire bag lining had to be hand-sewn in place. That's a lot of love, and stitches, and sore fingertips. Does that make Chemistring's hands The Hands of Fate? Perhaps...

Of course, the Maste more...

Winning Bid:
Evil Jim for $333.00
Spiral Zone Bull Solid w/Personal Floater & Monocycle

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.

A true vintage Spiral Zone action figure from Bandai, with a real cloth uniform and rubber boots. This innovative 1980s figurine walks the line between toy and model kit!

Known around Desert Bus as Ken "Value Add more...

Winning Bid:
Ealstan for $135.00
stone ruins business card holder and chain mail lanyard

A set of office supplies for the working geek, because with all the time one spends at work, it's important to create the right environment. You'll get a business card holder built and painted to look like an old rock cavern. Certainly appropriate for gamers, as it resembles a bit of adventuring terrain. Of course, it could also suit folks who just like rock caverns, or have a lot of business cards - it's a diverse piece of office gear. In addition, this lot includes a snazzy (but helpfully lightweight) chainmail lanyard, for anyone who has to carry around a key card or ID badge at work. You'll be way more stylish with this than some old doll more...

Winning Bid:
Pele for $666.00
Lee and Clementine custom vinyl figures -  from the Walking Dead TTG game

These Lee and Clementine custom vinyl figures started out as a Mighty Mugg figure and a 4 inch Munny vinyl figure respectively. Lee's left arm is removeable for... reasons. (Game spoilery reasons, so if you've played it, just nod wordlessly along.) The arm can be attached via magnets inside the arm.

Shaun Nakasone has been making custom figures for a little under 2 years, and first started out making them as gifts for friends - mostly characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender and Team Fortress 2. He posesses a lifelong interest in model kits and customizing. Shaun's favorite piece is probably still the TF2 Spy he did of my pers more...

Winning Bid:
Arbiter for $287.00
Servbots cross stitch samplers

These two detailed Servbot pieces are a modern, gamer-style twist on the tradition of the cross stitch sampler, ready to hang in any room and brighten things up. Servbots, small-purpose support robots from the Mega Man Legends series, are loveable, if troublesome, little things. They'll cheer up your day, though they may complicate it, too.

Each sampler measures 5 inches wide and 7 inches high.

Ann Foraker has been doing crafts practically all her life, along with photography. When she recently had a little extra time on her hands, she decided use it putting her talents towards a good cause. She hopes the winner of t more...

Winning Bid:
MajorMooch for $145.00
Scott Kurtz PVP Prizepack #2

From Scott Kurtz's personal vault. PVP Laser Cell AND an authentic, pencil and paper sketch of a PVP Strip from 2002. Will be personalized by Scott Kurtz himself. more...

Winning Bid:
BobZ for $610.00
Bronze Mario Mushrooms

Inspired in part by a lifelong love of video games and in part by the issues inherent in using sandcasting with molten ANYTHING (simpler is better!), artist Firefury Amahira came up with two different concepts for bronze Mario mushrooms. She tried them both out and came up with this set of different yet well paired bronze Mario mushrooms.

These mushrooms can serve as decorative pieces, paperweights or even bookends - the are absolutely sturdy and hefty enough to hold up a shelf of reading material! They have been put to the test, and found worthy: when they were cast, the balmy 1,900°F their bronze was melted at nearly set their more...

Winning Bid:
Nargimeg for $451.99
cross stitch Desert Bus 7 hand towel set in cream

Enjoy a reminder of Desert Bus all year long (apart from breaks for laundering!) in your kitchen or bathroom with these stylish hand towels. The set of two cream coloured towels is adorned with a cross-stitch image of this year's Desert Bus logo.

The towels are 2 feet by 1.5 feet when fully unfolded.

Sean Robert is new to the Craft-Along scene, using Desert Bus as an excuse to get back to the crafting he did as a kid. He is a recent graduate of University of Maryland and, as such, has finished up four years filled with things like Muggle Quidditch, Magic: the Gathering, Percussion for the UMD Gamer Symphony Orchestr more...

Winning Bid:
Chton for $270.00
Firefly coffee cup sleeves - set of 3

This lot is for three shiny coffee cup sleeves! Perhaps on this particular monring you feel ready to take on the alliance all by yourself, so you slip on the Browncoat sleeve, with rank patch. Maybe it's your day off and you feel bright and unbearably cheerful, looking forward to a day of tinkering with your spaceship - so you slip on the Kaylee sleeve. Or possibly it's Monday and you just want to be a bad guy, so bring your Cunning hat sleeve (and some grenades)!

Share with your crew or horde them for yourself like a badger!

The sleeves fit a grande or a Venti hot to-go cup. They might stretch to fit a ceramic re- more...

Winning Bid:
Sephis for $400.00
Ravnica Guilds Bar Set

Like MtG? Like drinking? Then this set of etched bar ware is for you! Ten glasses, ten etched Ravnica guild logos, all made with hand cut stencils. Included are a set of shot glasses (Izzet and Rakdos), a set of fine crystal wine glasses (Orzhov and Boros), a set of pilsner beer glasses (Selesnya and Gruul) as well as a Golgari stout glass, a Simic Belgian style beer glass, an Azorious craft beer glass and a Dimir stemmed whiskey/brandy glass. Each piece is also dishwasher safe, and best cleaned on the top rack.

Blaine, the crafter behind this item, is a huge Desert Bus fan who sticks around in the chat all year round. She parti more...

Winning Bid:
metalspoon for $1,500.00
You Cannot Pass - calligraphy art

This piece shows one of the most famous lines from the Fellowship of the Ring done in a fraktur hand, with the space to the right containing the full quotation ("You cannot pass! I am a servant of the Secret Fire [...]") done in a more informal hand, alternating between English and Quenya (and black and blue ink). Additionally, the Y on the left doubles as the certh (dwarfish rune) for G, which Gandalf used as his personal sigil.

Transliterated, the Quenya reads: "Úval lerta langa! Nanyë núro Muina Náro, turno i nárë Anaro. I mornar úva asëa len, Nárë Utumno. Á pelë Huinenna." Credit to Erunno Alcarinollo at quenya10 more...

Winning Bid:
Tanok of Ogo for $355.55
MtG mana buttons & colours of Magic bracelets

Accessorize with flair for your next Friday Night Magic outing, with a set of fantastic cross stitched mana symbol buttons and collection of shiny colours-of-mana bracelets.

The buttons have each been beautifully stitched on Aida cloth and assembled by hand, by crafter Sarah Overall. Each bracelet was designed and created by crafter LadyRhian, using glass, plastic and stone beads. Note the tiny skull beads spaced around the black mana bracelet. Wear all at buttons and bracelets at once, or combine them to represent the colours you're playing on any particular occasion! more...

Winning Bid:
Katkat for $305.00
hand drawn Eevee button set

We usually think of pins as being factory made, but these adorable 1.5 inch Pokemon pins were created almost entirely by hand. Each one as hand-drawn with physical media rather than digital media, and then assembled one by one, making each one entirely unique.

Artist Roxanne Wayne first got the idea to make these pins during the final stretch of last year's Desert Bus, but there ended up being a few more buttons to draw than she first anticipated, as new versions of the game were announced--and with them, a new evolution for Eevee and the three new starter Pokemon. Roxanne says those four ended up being some of the more challeng more...

Winning Bid:
Space_Titanium for $360.00
Hyrulian archeological finds

"Unearthed" from fictive Hyrule, these artifacts all appear to be from the same site (f160270-01986-09000), and are not considered functional wear; very likely used in household religious observances.

Full Disclosure Note to bidders: On their journey from the site of their archeological discovery to the Desert Bus prize mines, the largest of these artifacts unfortunately experienced a small amount of postal trauma, and there are some small chips missing from two places along the top of the bowl. Really though, it just adds to their ancient aspect...

Christopher Bischoff-Fincher is an old school gamer, protected by 7 more...

Winning Bid:
thenerdemperor for $500.00
Signed Ultima - the Ultimate Collector's Guide (Platinum edition)

This is the complete guide to the immersive online sandbox game Ultima, and it is signed by its creator, Stephen Edmond. This is number 21 of just 25 Platinum Edition copies created, printed in full colour and contained by a hand-stitched leather binder. Also included is a colour copy of the 2012 Addendum.

A description from the original project site reads, "This mammoth 800 page tribute to the Ultima series contains highly detailed information and pictures for 502 main releases, 275 books & collectibles, and 143 miscellaneous items. A grand total of 920 items from 23 countries across 6 continents! In addition to all the regular more...

Winning Bid:
EsotericBanana for $387.00
original Pillarfield Ox illustration by Inkwell Looter

This original art is Inkwell Looter's homage to the lovable, vanilla ungulate who has clogged up many a core-set limited battlefield. The piece measures 7 x 5 inches.

Inkwell Looter is a cartoonist who's played Magic since the dawn of mana. He compulsively generates comics, illustrations and other various commentary on this game that he continues to play and love.

Materials: Ink/watercolor on archival watercolor paper. more...

Winning Bid:
PigmyWurm for $195.00
Chic Lady Geek lot

This lot includes:

- A mosaic Tetris mirror, made by Kimberly Swanner.

- A pair of charming and cozy fingerless Zelda gloves, knit from acrylic yarn, made by Jayne Wilson. (Care: recommend they be machine washed cold, dried flat.)

- Chibi robot lotion bars, made by Ariel Leather. They contain coconut oil, shea butter, grapeseed oil, beeswax, and fragrance.

- A handwoven friendship bracelet featuring a White Mage, made by FireFlower18.

- A zippered dice pouch, made by Tally Heilke.

- A BAM/POW keychain that can also be converted to a pendant on an elegant ribbon more...

Winning Bid:
notanothernpc for $233.00
Ralph McQuarrie Print w/ book

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.

This classic Ralph McQuarrie print comes with Ken’s copy of the original paperback by George Lucas, the cover of which uses the same artwork. Pay homage to the great space saga with art on your walls and art on your bookshe more...

Winning Bid:
Jarod for $521.40
Mega-Man painting set

Enjoy this colourful trio of Mega-man themed paintings, on ready-to-hang box canvass and perfect for classing up any geeky lair. Featured are Mega-man, Proto-man and a MET.

The paintings were made by using series of costume stencils and air brushing.

Featherweight is a maker of many things. Geeky things. He is a man of few words, but many talents, creating everything from paintings and puppets to prop weapons (and we suspect he's also into alliteration).

The two larger paintings are 12 x 16 inches, and the smaller is 8 x 10 inches.

Materials: Acrylics on canvas. more...

Winning Bid:
adam1 for $550.00
Leather Pouch, featuring Rosco P. Jangles IV and the Desert Bus

This unique handcrafted leather pouch/satchel was inspired by things like a biking trip near a river that is frequented by ducks...ducks just like Rosco P. Jangles IV! Crafter Danielle Pepin got to thinking about if Rosco were the Desert Bus driver, and how he would look in his natural wetland habitat... driving there by bus of course! No ducks were harmed in the making of this pouch.

The pouch measures approximately 2.5 inches from front to back, and 6.5 x 6.5 inches wide/tall.

Danielle Pepin's (aka DigitalSeahorse's) leather craft experience started in 1996, crafting floral jewellery for a business in her family more...

Winning Bid:
Ranov for $350.00
Scott Pilgrim lot

Scott Pilgrim fans, gather round! This collection of goodies includes two Scott Pilgrim posters and volumes 2, 5 and 6 of the comics, all signed by Bryan Lee O'Malley. As an added bonus, this lot contains a copy of Comic Festival 2005, which features a 1-page Scott Pilgrim appearance, and a copy of the Free Scott Pilgrim comic. Battle it out with your 7 or possibly 70 evil auction competitors to win the bidding and bring home this sweet Scott Pilgrim collection! more...

Winning Bid:
aj276229 for $678.00
Star Wars Celebration Europe 2007 print

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.

Ken’s only got a few of these left, and the winning bidder can pick their favourite character for Ken to sketch on the margin - lot includes a wallet-sized trading card so you’ll never be too far, far away from this image more...

Winning Bid:
Jarod for $550.00
Kobolds Ate My Baby tea cozy

Kobolds may think a nice fat juicy baby is the most delicious thing in the world, but we all know that babies are not always incredibly hygenic. So what happens when a Kobold eats a bad baby? Well we assume it gives him quite a nasty tummyache.

This delightful tea cozy pays homage to 9th Level Games' creation, Kobolds Ate My Baby, with one side depicting a happy Kobold who's just enjoyed some delicious baby with his afternoon tea, and the other side showing a less fortunate Kobold whose choice of infant delicacy has left him with digestive woes.

Tara Heilke (the mother of Desert Bus' very own Tally Heilke) is a long more...

Winning Bid:
Juliamon for $117.36
Leather LRR logo wristband

The leather wristband is the ultimate in cool accessories, and THIS is a one of a kind handmade leather wristband, which features the Loading Ready Run logo repeated in a cutout pattern. Show your fandom for your favourite internet sketch comedy group AND have the coolest looking wrist on the block.

The band is approximately 1.75 inches wide and 9 inches around - it fits a large wrist.

Danielle Pepin's (aka DigitalSeahorse's) leather craft experience started in 1996, crafting floral jewellery for a business in her family. She gradually branched off into her own designs and accessories. Her influences include but a more...

Winning Bid:
jaxturtle for $275.00
Optimus Prime collage

This collage of the heroic Autobot leader will lend prestige and flair to any room. In a beautifully geeky way, of course. Its bright colours and carefully executed collage work will inspire delight and admiration, and Optimus' stern eyes will keep endless watch over your home, making sure your roommate never steals your milk again. The piece measures 16 x 20 inches.

Gordon McMillan is an illustrator, artist, and children's book author who used to work mainly with digital media and acrylics. However, he's come to accept that he works better with mixed media and collages rather than acrylics alone, and so has begun focusing on tha more...

Winning Bid:
Ruke for $215.40
Hyrule shield

Use it for a fabulous cosplay prop or just put it on display at home! This shield is a beautiful piece of Hyrulian work, full of the precise colourful details we all know so well from Link's adventures. It was won by donor Takahata101 at a cosplay contest, and he is now graciously passing it along to us to raise money for the children! more...

Winning Bid:
Space_Titanium for $550.00
Team Fortress 2 Pyro plush

We generally think of soft squishy plushies as sweet things, full of hugs and cuddles and magical rainbow fluff. And they mostly are. But some plushies more...

Winning Bid:
Andy Rantalot for $160.00
Stamp Lot

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.

Stamp collecting has long been a popular pasttime, and now you can combine it with an art collecting hobby! This collectible box set of 1995 Canadian stamps includes one that pays tribute to Guardians of the North, and includ more...

Winning Bid:
Fermat for $120.00
Desert Bus 7 pushpin mural

Most of us use pushpins for tacking up reminders and amusing cat pictures, but office supply artist Ryan McCann has found a higher calling for the often overlooked pushpin. He turns a pushpin and a few thousand of its buddies into art. This eye-catching Zelda/Desert Bus mashup is made up entirely of pushpins - 2790 pushpins, to be exact. The full piece measures 18 x 24 inches.

Ryan McCann is a Tech Supportworker by day, and indie game developer by night. He's pretty sure he has some sort of pushpin-based Stockholm syndrome at this point. He has also previously created two much larger pushpin murals, which can currently be seen h more...

Winning Bid:
Niltak for $344.10
Ewan the fashionable handmade Chocobo

(For Ewan, the white chocobo) Ewan's shy. Really he is. It's just that when he gets the opportunity to shine, he turns out to be a charisma bomb. He'll play just about any game quietly, but give him a chance at something action-y and he'll be making the kind of moves and commentary that'll have a whole room enamored and laughing. Well, if you can understand chocobo, that is.

Along with fully poseable legs, head/neck, wings and tail, Ewan has a plethora of lovely and functional accessories. Included are his hand-beaded blanket, headpiece and decorative "flaps" which attach to the front of his leather saddle, along with the d more...

Winning Bid:
badgersprite for $566.10
Uncut X-Men Card Sheet

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.

This uncut sheet of X-Men cards would make a stunning and colourful statement on your wall, or embedded beneath a glass coffee table top. Includes painted images by Jim Steranko, Bill Sienkiewicz, Joe & Andy Kubert, Dave Dorm more...

Winning Bid:
BFisch1983 for $250.00
Games games games!

This lot will delight the board game lover, as it contains THREE games, two of which are brand new. /// First up is Dungeon! This is a fantastic dungeon delve in a board game that can play 1-8 people. Compete with your friends for the best treasure and fight all of your favorite D&D monsters on the way! /// Next we have Kitsune, of Foxes and Fools, a card game about kitsune who play tricks while scheming to punish mortal fools for their foolishness, sometimes teaching them a lesson in the process. Each player takes the role of a fox trying to earn his or her tails through impressive schemes. Some cards represent the foxes; others, the t more...

Winning Bid:
Maddog for $505.00
set of 3 Pokemon Eevee-lutions Venetian Carnival Masks

Last year, the crafter known as Cultureshock pushed her technical skill to its sticking point to create replicas of Zelda masks. This year she wanted to switch gears and create something completely original that no one had never seen before. In part to celebrate the coming of Pokemon X and Y and in part out of a fond nostalgia for simpler days when a comprehensive poke' rap did not take days to preform, she decided to render the three original evolved forms of one of her favorite pokemon : eevee.

The masks were designed to each echo a different iconic style of carnival mask and feature gems of a contrasting color that ties it th more...

Winning Bid:
PhoenixFox for $980.00
Portal 'Keep Calm' Needlepoint

Sometimes, when the going gets rough, you need a reminder to just remain calm and continue with your very important experiments, ignoring the subjects' screams and pleas for cake. Now you can simply look up at the wall for reassurance in those moments of stress.

This piece is hand painted canvas needlepoint, with the phrase 'Keep Calm and Continue Testing' stitched onto it.

Julisana Ihas been crafting on-and-off for most of her life. She first learned needlepoint from her aunt, who taught her cross stitch and let her assist with simple stitching projects. In her teenage years, Julisana learned knitting and crochet, more...

Winning Bid:
Ked for $1,312.66
Pokemon coasters

These heavy glass coasters, modeled after the sprites from the Pokedex for Diamond Pearl and Platinum, harken back to that first, most difficult choice any pokemon trainer must make. Who will your first pokemon be? What element do you favor most, grass, fire, or water?

Each coaster measures 3.5"x3.5"

Jen learned to cross-stitch in college from her housemate. In 2012 she was inspired by a fellow stitcher to take on the ambitious project of stitching all the Pokemon (there were only 649 at the time). She got through the first 12. She first made this same set of coasters for the friend who taught her how to stitch, more...

Winning Bid:
Talec for $430.00
Police Box Mittens

These beautiful mittens are just the right size on the inside to keep your hands stylishly cozy through the winter months, or while trying a spot of interstellar travel. It's chilly out there in space! The mittens even have a lovely bit of sparkle in their wool, so you won't be outshone by all those stars. They're made from a lovely SpillyJane Knits pattern.

The mittens are designed for an average woman's hand (circumference of 8 inches), however could easily fit an average man's hand as well. (They comfortably fit the crafter's husband before shipping, and were slightly large on her).

They can be washed in cool wat more...

Winning Bid:
gospodyina for $300.00
Nostalgia lot

It's the Desert Bus memories collection! Place this Sega CD on your shelf and sigh wistfully in memory of all the crazy Desert Bus times whenever you see it. It's been signed by Gabe and Tycho of Penny Arcade, as well as some other notable PAX attendees, so it can also make you sigh wisfully in memory of all those great PAX lines you stood in (and panels you saw).

The Sega CD comes with all the necessary hookups and a copy of Sonic 2, to give you something to use it for other than vintage decoration.

In addition, you'll get a fully functional Desert Bus 2600 production cart, so if you get really wistful for Desert B more...

Winning Bid:
asty for $560.00