Silent Auction items for Desert Bus 9 will be posted as soon as they are available.

Needle Felted Princess Celestia and Princess Luna

Do you know what's better that re-watching all the seasons of My Little Pony? Re-watching all the seasons of My Little Pony with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna needle felted ponies at your side! At around 8" (20cm) (Celestia taller and Luna shorter), they were created to be size-appropriate to other MLP figures. Both were constructed through many hours (and many MLP seaons) of needle felting. Don't worry though, the countless harsh stabbings with a tiny needle just defined their finer points and helped unlock the magic within. Celestia has wire inside for stability, so while she is posable, she is felted for the shape she's currently in more...

Winning Bid:
Mangledpixel for $1,080.00
Desert Bus 8 chainmail bag

Find yourself in need of something to hold your gaming trinkets, tokens, counters, or dice while you travel from Vegas to Tuscan and back (or maybe just from your house to the local gaming night)? We humbly suggest this one-of-a-kind, Desert Bus 8 commemorative chainmail bag!

Made from over 2,900 separate rings patiently linked together using two pairs of chain nosed pliers, this accessory quality bag will hold roughly 30 dice. more...

Winning Bid:
Omega Lairon for $600.00
One Kraken Great Cross-Stitch


One of the iconic bosses of Earthbound (or Mother 2 if you prefer), now terrorizing the high seas in cross-stitch form. No need to fight this Kraken with baseball bats or bottle rockets (or even throw your slippers at it) this time—this Kraken is already matted and framed, ready to display as you regale friends and strangers with tales of your epic battle.

What better way to celebrate an incredible, unique game than with an equally unique cross-stitch? What started as a personal project quickly became too good not to share. The thread colors were chosen specifically to replicate the game’s psychedelic more...

Winning Bid:
warkface for $300.00
His 'N Hers Comics in the Kitchen

This fun set is perfect for your geeky kitchen. Let all of your guests know how geeky you truly are when you host your Christmas party this year! This set includes a cute "Hers" apron with pockets to store your little things and a big "His" apron, great for the BBQ or the stove. Set also includes two hand made hot pads and a granny towel to hang by the sink. Everything is machine washable, so don't fear making a bit of a mess baking your best cookies for the party. more...

Winning Bid:
Jiopur for $202.00
Set of 6 Framed Cross-Stitched Final Fantasy Sprites

Are you a warrior, thief, red mage, white mage, black mage, or monk? Are you all of the above? Show your guests how proud you are of yourself by displaying a framed cross-stitched image of your job class! Or just show your guests a framed cross-stitched image of one or more of the base job classes from Final Fantasy, if that's more your thing. more...

Winning Bid:
Kasheen for $450.00
Tom Baker Scarf-Inspired Dice Bag

If you're a fan of Doctor Who, you're surely familiar with the iconic knit scarf worn by Tom Baker's 4th Doctor. Loops and loops of the scarf make a pretty cool bag, when you stitch the sides together. This bag actually features a (small) portion of the original color pattern for the scarf, and colors were chosen to match the original as closely as possible.

It features a drawstring top, to keep your most precious D20 (or other knickknacks, like small crafting tools perhaps?) all safe and cozy. It comes fully lined in felt. more...

Winning Bid:
Rogue13 for $580.00
Star Trek Enterprise Trading Card Binders

Celebrate your love of the shortest running Star Trek series ever with this fabulous set of trading cards. Containing all four seasons collectible cards, spread across two binders (from Seasons One and Two), you can remember the aliens, the adventures, and Porthos’ terrifying love of cheese. Only for those with true faith of the heart, Trekkie style.

Thanks to Jon Valentine for donating these items. more...

Winning Bid:
Admiral Memo for $180.00
Chain Chomp Purse

What we have here is a completely vegan Chain Chomp. Given that factor, he is safe to wear over your shoulder and can store your various valuables. We give no guarantees to what may happen if a stranger wearing red or green should approach him quickly though.

The purse was created by cutting out vinyl and sewing it back together into a 3 dimensional shape. Ultimately, he's more a cylinder than a sphere, but don't make him feel bad about it. He also of course has a chain attached on either side of his face to allow you to hold him easily. Lastly, his stomach is lined with some strong polyester, to protect your valuables from dige more...

Winning Bid:
Mums for $215.00
Emotional Goombas

Princess Peach once had her very own adventure, and during that time the mushroom kingdom was thrown into an emotional chaos. Discover the range of four of emotions that occurred during this time with Goombas!

First there's Calm Goomba. He doesn't look all that different than a regular Goomba, but he knows to just Keep Calm and Goomba On. Angry Goomba is so angry he's not only turned red, he's also gone blind from rage! Sad Goomba is feeling blue. He's not cold, he just needs a good cry. And Happy Goomba is always there at the end of the day with a smile on his face and a sparkle in his eyes. more...

Winning Bid:
Jiopur for $282.00
Shadowrun First Edition

Indulge your luddite fantasies with this first edition of the Shadowrun 6th printing Core Rulebook, along with three Shadowrun novels. The rulebook is signed by creator Jordan Weisman, making it an appealing find for both bibliophiles, and dicechuckers. Of course, it also makes it perfect for someone who is both.

This item has been generously donated by the organizers of MomoCon. With over 14,600 people in 2014, MomoCon is one of the fastest growing all-ages conventions in the USA. Fans of Japanese Anime, American Animation, and Video Games come together to celebrate their passion by costuming / cosplay, browsing the huge exhib more...

Winning Bid:
duaiwe for $285.00
Neil Gaiman's Sandman Hand Puppets

Neil Gaiman and his Sandman stories come to soft, huggable life with these cute little spoopy hand puppets of Dream, Death and Neil himself. Hold them close as you read, or have them act out new stories and adventures. Their soft, warm, fleece selves will help send you quickly off to dreamland... more...

Winning Bid:
Gravity Pike for $275.00
Windborne Card Set & poster

In a lush landscape of verdant greens, illuminated by the reflected light of the rising moon, a group of adventurers embarks on a quest for treasure, and materials to craft a land of one’s own choosing. Inhabited by only you and your chosen civilisation building friends, this is the artful whimsy of Windborne. Included is a framed set of Windborne cards, signed by artist John Thacker, and a beautiful Windborne poster more...

Winning Bid:
LlewellynZ for $175.00
Cyber Force Promo Posters

Cyber Force, the epic steampunk fantasy that launched Top Cow and Image Comics, was recently relaunched for their 20th Anniversary. Follow our heroes as they rise up against a monolithic, multi-national conglomerate, watching as Marc Silvestri and Matt Hawkins skillfully create this world using real world tech, because nothing is more entertaining than imaging just what your phone gets up to while you sleep. Show your support for the burgeoning rebellion with these four promo posters.

The posters include:

- #26 of 50 poster from Arizona Comic Convention
- #81 of 100 poster from Comikaze
- #130 of 250 po more...

Winning Bid:
RandomGerbils for $190.00
Piranha Plant Dice Bag

Inspired by the Mario Bros' Piranha Plants, this cute little bag is made from tough cotton fabric and will keep your lucky dice (or anything else you choose to feed it) nice and safe. Very safe. So safe you may lose a few fingers when you try to get your things out. Obviously a top-notch guard-plant. But adorable too. With two enticingly soft, squishy leaves growing from it's base, it's the perfect trap. I mean pet. more...

Winning Bid:
Tim for $250.00
Bittersweet Lulu Cupcake and Creepy Doll Cupcake

“Cuddly incoming!”

Everyone loves cupcakes, but no one more than Lulu from League of Legends (especially when you stand between her and the enemy’s tower). After a few crazy nights on a quest to level 30, this Bittersweet Cupcake was dreamt up and quickly assembled! Completely hand stitched this little guy still has the look of horror due to all the different patterns and felt that had to be gone through to be made. Though with such a shocked and lonely look plastered on his face, it was clear he must have a friend and thus Creepy Doll Cupcake was born. Now Bittersweet is never alone, finding that wherever he goes Creepy D more...

Winning Bid:
squijum01 for $210.00
Felted Portal turret and Companion Cube

Have you ever played portal and thought that the turrets should be smaller, softer and more felt-like? Did you love the Companion Cube but think it could block those lasers better if it fit in the palm of your hand? Well you're in luck! This tiny turret and Companion Cube are hand sewn miniature versions of their video game counterparts. Identical to the game in every way, painstakingly crafted to have every exact element sewn into their tiny bodies, not a single thing is missing, except for all the detail. Each item is approximately large enough to fit into an adult person's palm and look great sitting on a self or beside your computer. Whil more...

Winning Bid:
CrocodileBrain for $250.00
Pyth Hooded Towel

With this towel, after bath time or whenever you want, you can be the cranky old bull and make others sorry for what they've done. But be warned: enemies have been known to randomly spawn nearby while you're wearing the towel... and possibly be twice as fast as normal. Our only consolation is to offer a 10% experience boost. Keep an eye out for shards and make that shower extra special! more...

Winning Bid:
Jiopur for $201.00
3 Days until the fall - Zelda paintings

You've come across a wonderful fate haven't you?

Such as these Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask paintings in a panoramic view of scenic South Clock Town over the 3 days before the world en- we MEAN the Carnival begins!

Yes the carnival, that's what we meant.

These paintings were made with watercolor paint, guache and painted on cold press watercolour paper. Not to forget the blood, sweat, love and tears that the artist put into it.

(SIDE NOTE: Actual blood, sweat and tears are not included with the paintings.) more...

Winning Bid:
thekingofcuba for $350.00
Framed Brass Lookouts Logo

CSM (Curio Seeking Geek)

You: a discerning geek with a conspicuous spot in your display case, waiting for just the right item.
Me: a unique conversation piece enjoyable by all, but with something extra for those in the know.

You: a fan whose collection makes a statement.
Me: a symbol. Of man and nature. Of survival and instinct. Of coexistence and struggle. Of rise and fall.

You: a Lookouts fan.
Me: an etched brass Lookouts logo. Six inches square. Framed dark wood. Protected with glass. Suitable for hanging or displayed on a shelf.

Boring care instructions: If left in its more...

Winning Bid:
adam1 for $730.00
Disney Infinity 2.0 power discs

So just imagine if Mickey, Minnie, Spiderman and Groot all got together and kicked some serious behind? Oh wait, they did? They did! It's called Disney Infinity and here we have the entire Disney 2.0 power disc set, and by entire, we mean complete, including the rather rare ones. If you don't believe things you read on the internet, check the image below for verification. They are ALL in here.

Donated by Joystiq. more...

Winning Bid:
Milkman_42 for $250.00
Chibiterasu Needlepoint

There are only so many sleeping kittens one person can have hanging on their walls and unfortunately, needlepoint has become mostly an art practiced by old ladies. NO LONGER! Inspired by a need to re-invent needlepoint, Chibiterasu was Kelly's first attempt at creating her own nerdy art. Just like the game allows you to wield a brush to change the world around you, a needle is a tool now used for the nerdification of your house. Chibiterasu can be finished as a pillow, a wall hanging, a stool, or really anything a frolicing fantasy wolf god could imagine. Let this little guy hang out in your room and he'll protect you from all the japanese sp more...

Winning Bid:
mflGrMp for $325.00
Supernatural 200th Episode Commemorative Pins

Lean close to your monitor and breathe deep so you can smell the extremely rare awesomeness that wafts gently from these pins. Super generous Executive Producer Phil Sgriccia designs and makes wonderful commemorative pins which he distrubutes amoungst the cast and crew of the Supernatural tv series, and we managed to get our hands on not one, but two! Commemorating the filming of the 200th episode, fewer than 300 of these pins exist and chances are very good you won't find one anywhere else but here. more...

Winning Bid:
HeyAssButt for $450.00
Star Wars Lace Shawl

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...a love story began. She was a diplomat who prided herself on ethics; he was a sly smuggler who only trusted one Wookie. This shawl celebrates their relationship with a central motif that blends stylized versions of the Alliance Starbird and the Millennium Falcon. The ends feature the classic quotes, "I love you" and "I know."

This item is handknit from the crafter's notes and diagrams without a pattern. It is currently one-of-a-kind, literally unique, and is likely to remain so since Jen says she's only insane enough to knit anything that takes 3 full months once, and can't imagine any more...

Winning Bid:
yomcat for $300.00
Magic: the Gathering stained glass window

This gorgeous glass art piece features the MtG colour wheel, a delicious pie of spell-casting fuel. Hang it in your window and let its colourful light shine down upon your Magic games and dazzle your opponents!

The fusing was done by Helen Cowart and TsukiakariUsagi in Helen's studio in Jacksonville, FL and the assembly at TsukiakariUsagi's new studio in Phoenix, AZ.

Note: a small crack occurred in one of the panes of green glass during shipping, so the crafter is going to have this item shipped back to her for repairs, then she will send it on to the winner of the item. Due to this fact, actual receipt of this prize more...

Winning Bid:
Phlip for $1,250.00
Xenomorph Family Stickers

Tired of the humanoid stick figures you see on the back of cars and vans? Stand out with this unique set of stickers from the Xenomorph family! They may be the most dreaded creatures in space, but they need your love too! Why not have the perfect stickers of the perfect organism? more...

Winning Bid:
Sisyphus for $140.00
Mario Mushroom chainmail trinket bags (set of 3)

Don't forget to gear up before an adventure! Use these accessory-quality chainmail bags to carry around your gaming tokens, trinkets, dice, and counters in a style befitting the Mushroom Kingdom. This set includes a Grow mushroom, a 1-Up mushroom, and a Poison mushroom (for you evil GMs). Each bag is made from over 1,150 separate rings patiently linked together, with a shaping technique creating the mushroom cap, and will hold around 15 dice. more...

Winning Bid:
Ragnar Hedin for $230.00
Legend of Zelda Baby Blanket & Omi Inouye book set

It’s dangerous to go alone. Protect the little geekling in your life with this hand knit Legend of Zelda baby blanket. This warm and fuzzy blanket took over 100 hours of effort to create with a whole lot of love and a little bit of cursing. It features the Royal Crest of Hyrule and the symbols for Courage, Power and Wisdom on the front and the mirror image on the back. Sleep tight, little one, and dream of smashing pots, Dodongo and things that are secret to everyone.

While Sara Louttit creates beautiful soft blankets to keep your geekling safe and warm, her sister Omi writes charming & quirky picture books to help your little more...

Winning Bid:
Raur for $301.00
Lord of the Rings Embroidery Hoops

Bring a little Middle Earth into your home with this set of embroidery hoops, featuring the White Tree of Gondor, the One Ring, and the Gates of Moria. The marvellous detail in each one will take you right back into the epic adventure of the One Ring, remembering the perious journey of Frodo and his companions, and the beautiful scenes of Middle Earth.

Each piece was stitched entirely by hand, and the three of them together took around 45 hours to complete. Since no glue or tape was used to secure the embroidery, it’s easy to tighten loose fabric or to remove it from the hoop entirely. But be careful with the One Ring. It may o more...

Winning Bid:
venerable_bede for $335.00
Teddie Uppercut print

The comic relief of Persona 4 is always poised to unleash a bom-bear-dment of puns. Even if you don’t want him to. In a print showcasing his bear-y best ursine uppercut, Teddie is ready to fight for a place in your heart. Or at least over your sofa. And best of all, you don’t have to enter the Midnight Channel, fight off a horde of blood thirsty Shadows, or confront the twisted manifestation of your suppressed feelings and emotions. Then again, if you did do that, you would get a kick ass Persona. Huh. Maybe it’s not such a bad idea. So feel free to jump into a TV at your leisure (Legal disclaimer: We do not condone the jumping into of more...

Winning Bid:
Ba Dum Tish for $308.00
Epic Fox Hat

What does the fox say? It says hush up already and put this hat on because it will make you look awesome! Styled after the sly and cunning red fox, this hat is sure to keep you warm in the coldest of months while being fun and fashionable. This year's hat includes ear flaps to further protect those pesky human ears from the cold.

The hat is hand knitted with acrylic yarn. For best results, hand wash in warm water and lay flat to dry.

Hat measures 22 inches in circumference but will stretch to fit most heads. more...

Winning Bid:
WarCorrespondent for $710.00
Desert Bus Dice Dragons

Playing a round of D&D and want to get all the luck you can for that next D20 roll? Have you critically failed the last few rolls of the dice? Everyone knows what you need at your side to intimidate your opponents and bring you good fortune is a dragon.These miniature dice dragons can sit helpfully by your side, overseeing your game and bringing you all the luck they can muster. Made in Desert Bus colours, the large dragon is ready to overshadow all those pesky minion miniatures on the map and strike fear (or at least a potential "d'aww" sound) into your DM's heart. The die he carries is perpetually rolling a 20, to remind you that his dice i more...

Winning Bid:
Kiyote for $1,020.00
Matrix Script - signed

"What are we going to do tonight Brain?"

"The same thing we do every night, Pinky, join Dante Basco, Tress Macneile, Jess Harnell, and Randy Rogel in a reading of the Matrix Script at Momocon!"

This is a copy of the script of The Matrix used at a live reading by Dante Basco, Maurice Lamarche, Tress Macneile, Jess Harnell, Rob Paulsen, and Randy Rogel at MomoCon. Trust us, you have not seen The Matrix, until you have seen this version of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfyUYkEQAjk

This item has been generously donated by the organizers of MomoCon. With over 14,600 people in 2014, MomoCon is one of more...

Winning Bid:
mkat404 for $845.00
Massive Chalice Poster

What happens when you let Tim Schafer, Brad Muir, and the rest of the Double Fine team loose with millenia to work on? Massive Chalice, that’s what. No, this is not in fact a giant cup from which you can drink the blood of your enemies, or take a swim in a pool of children’s tears, but rather a tactical strategy game set on an epic timeline. Grow your civilization, vanquish your enemies, and do it all within viewing distance of this awesome poster signed by Schaefer, Muir, and other members of the dev team. more...

Winning Bid:
XgF for $235.00
crocheted Companion Cube pillow

The Crafter is required to remind you that the Cuddly Companion Cube Cushion cannot talk. In the event that it does talk, The Crafter asks you to ignore its advice unless said advice involves doing a lot of generally awesome things to help out the children. A faithful and squishy companion, your Cube will accompany you through the rest of your naps, gaming sessions, or couch-decorating needs.

Please note: The Cuddly Companion Cube Cushion will be incinerated if you throw it into a fire. For proper care and feeding of your cushion, please spot clean it with soap and water, toss it in the washing machine and dryer inside a pillowca more...

Winning Bid:
mystic for $415.00
Fae King's Belt

Forged from the lightest of metals and linked with the most delicate of touches, such chain belts were long worn by the nobility of the Fae kingdom in their battles against the Courts of Nightmare and Chaos. Built to lash the warrior tightly to their corgi mounts, the belts had to withstand both the blows of the opposing force and the speeds such swift mounts could achieve. Should you be unable to wear such a relic about your waist, the average human wrist makes for an excellent substitute. Just be careful, the spies of Chaos and Nightmare may still linger and are sure to be intrigued by such a prize! more...

Winning Bid:
Audiodancer for $285.85
Mass Effect perler bead sprites

Whether you need a hand storming a bar full of thugs or saving the galaxy from the Reapers, Wrex has your back and he's now available to watch over your room in bead form.

Thane Krios might just be the most skilled assassin the galaxy has ever seen. Find a spot on your wall for his portrait and remember the fallen member of your team.

These sprites were first designed for the Mass Effect Marathon for Child's Play, and RebornFlames wanted to offer another copy of each for the Mass Effect fans that support this great cause.

Also included are a pair of small Child's Play and Desert bus logo sprites. more...

Winning Bid:
Chton for $303.33
Chrono Trigger Earring Set

These earrings allow you to pair up some of your favourite Chrono Trigger characters to create powerful new attacks. If it's a hot summer day, you could pair Marle (water/ice) and Frog (water) to help keep yourself cool. During the winter you might mix Lucca (fire) with Chrono (lightning) to heat things up. You could even wear them one at a time! These earrings were delicately crafted one bead at a time to create a strong weave. They are incredibly lightweight and ready to accompany you during any adventure. more...

Winning Bid:
MondoTitan for $257.00
Desert Bus 8 Dice Dicebag

Are you frustrated with your containers not being made out of the thing they're meant to contain? End the frustration with the trendy (and Desert Bus 8 themed) dice dicebag! A carefully woven mesh of 125 D8's surround an incredibly durable and spacious velour dicebag to keep your dice snug when you're on the go. It can hold a whopping 65 dice! Who needs that many?! Wow your gaming group and turn heads at the next session with this one of a kind bag! more...

Winning Bid:
EmergencyPants for $750.00
crocheted Totoro Trio

Hayao Miyazaki's iconic creatures have been brought to life, in much smaller and even more huggable form! Based on a pattern by the talented Lucyravenscar, the trio includes the gray forest creature himself, his small blue friend, and an even smaller white Totoro with a lovely leaf to keep them dry in case of a drizzle. Made from acrylic yarn, polyester stuffing, and felt eyes, they are ready to go exploring through the forest, go off on a noble quest, or sit comfortably on a shelf to be admired by any Miyazaki fan! more...

Winning Bid:
Tiny Ghost of Emily Carr for $444.45
Silver Byzantine jewelry set

Want to classy, while being secretly nerdy? This elegant silver chain with matching earrings and bracelet looks stunning with a little black dress, and you get to know that you're totally wearing chainmaille (albeit the decorative Byzantine weave). Each link was hand coiled and cut, then assembled with care to make a beautiful and functional piece that looks good and feels fantastic. more...

Winning Bid:
lunaflame for $423.00
Journey Scarf v2.0

Wear this scarf on whatever JOURNEY you end up taking! ;) Made with wool, it will keep you warm wherever you end up. This beauty is Sarah's second-ever Journey Scarf - she made the yellow/red version of the Journey scarf last year, and decided to make the white version this year. She says took a little creative liberty with the colors as the colors used in the game didn't translate quite as well to yarn as hoped. We think it looks gorgeous all the same. more...

Winning Bid:
rkcr for $1,000.00
Seal of Rassilon blanket

The Seal of Rassilon is a significant historical part of the Dr Who stories. This handcrafted blanket will provide an exciting addition to your Doctor Who collection or make a wonderful start on a new one! The rich colours complement almost any decor, and its size makes a perfect snuggle blanket on the couch as you watch the good Doctor's many wild escapades. more...

Winning Bid:
Lizardman for $625.00
D20 Fascinator

Do you have trouble displaying your taste for geekery at high tea? Want to roll a 20 every time with a gentle tilt of the head? Have you a headpiece planned for PAX Sunday yet? This handmade fascinator was needle felted into the most dashing way to express your love of polyhedrons, numbers, and perhaps even tabletop gaming! Victory roll up your hair and be fancy free with the D20 Fascinator in Blue. more...

Winning Bid:
notanothernpc for $201.20
Displacer Beast

Adventurers got you down? Do you return from your nefarious exploits only to find your horde of ill-gotten gains plundered? Don’t despair, get yourself a displacer beast! Made from the finest wools and polymer clays, stabbed thousands of times into shape with felting needles over a foam base and semi-poseable wire frame, this extra dimensional monstrosity is ready for all your mauling needs! Perfect for the home, office, or your subterranean death maze, your troubles with noble-minded busy bodies will be gone before you know it. more...

Winning Bid:
Ba Dum Tish for $440.00
It's dangerous to go alone. Wear This. (kid's Legend of Zelda sweater)

We all know that the world is a scary place for a kid. It's full of dangers and adventures! Why not properly equip your own wee one with this delightful sweater (child size 8), which comes fully loaded with extra hearts, and a metal shield. There are even some bombs for those cleverly hidden rock cracks that lead to play forts and fairy pools. Made from warm, but very washable yarn (machine wash and dry on cool), it even stands up to the ever tricky Water Dungeon. Seriously, it's dangerous to go alone. Wear this. more...

Winning Bid:
Kasheen for $333.33
Strange Needle Felted Animals

These three needle felted plushes—the Peacock Spider, the Mantis Shrimp, and the Desert Rain Frog—are based on strange, real animals. The Peacock Spider is the flamboyant dancer of the group, and has pipe cleaners in his eight legs for posing and stability. The Mantis Shrimp—the thuggish big guy—also has pipe cleaners in his legs, but tends to balance on his swimmerets (the paddles under his tail). Finally, there's the spunky comic relief—the Desert Rain Frog. He is made completely of wool, so is quite the softy, despite his grumpy looks.

Recommended YouTube watching to see these animals in action:
Peacock Spider: more...

Winning Bid:
Tim for $370.00
Zelda Triforce Pillow

It's dangerous to nap alone! Take this! This comfy fleece pillow shows your Zelda fandom on your bed, sofa, chair or anywhere you need relax! Made from polar fleece and fiberfill, the pillow is a wonderful place for a weary warrior to regenerate those hearts! more...

Winning Bid:
Cremity for $450.00
Oncoming Storm Mitts

Stay warm while showing your love of one of the best known Dr. Who villains! These fingerless mitts were designed by Laura Issac and with her permission, Amanda Haynes has knit up a pair to keep you comfortable and cozy on the Desert Bus this year! These were made with a soft, washable wool in traditional Dalek colours. Exterminate and Insulate! more...

Winning Bid:
Kasheen for $666.66
Calvin and Hobbes Painting

A tribute to everyone's favourite philosiphizing, troublemaking kid and his ferocious, fuzzy tiger, this painting is sure to illicit happy memories of childhood adventures. Curl up underneath it to re-read your favourite Calvin & Hobbies collection. more...

Winning Bid:
Roosevelt for $950.00
Black Velvet Totoro painting

All that you love about Studio Ghibli, now in ever-kitschy, soft and enduring Black Velvet. Invite Totoro's winning grin into your nerd cave, abode or domicile and let him watch over your home. Sure to be a delightful addition to the decor of any space. more...

Winning Bid:
Jiopur for $490.00
MtG lover's lot

Collected and donated by a host of individuals and companies, this lot is jam packed with goodies that devoted Magic fans will adore, from official MtG product and art to a beautiful handmade playmat, assorted memorabilia, collectibles and more. There's even a pack of fabulously-named MtG themed crayons, for all your own MtG fan-art creations.

This magical box includes:

- Chandra Nalaar PoP! Magic figure
- "Rise of the Eldrazi" art print, signed by artist Michael Komarck
- M15 Deck Builder's Toolkit
- quilted handmade Desert Bus playmat
- 3 Modern Masters booster packs
- Theros water bot more...

Winning Bid:
Jiopur for $1,800.00
Nyan Cat Framed Cross Stitch

Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan!

Here's your chance to capture a piece of the internet and put it on your wall - all in beautiful cross stitch! Marvel at the sweetness of the poptart or the beauty of its rainbow trail. Your enjoyment will long exceed the 30+ hours of work put into making this Nyan Cat. more...

Winning Bid:
Alex Ashman for $500.00
Splatoon Inkling Scoodie

Be one of the first to start showing off your excitement for Nintendo's next big IP while keeping warm this winter! Inspired by the Inkling characters, this blue 'ink speckled' scoodie (scarf + hoodie) features a deep hood, a double colored scarf, and pockets to keep your hands warm. As a bonus, this comes with an Inkling mask, in case you have plans to host a Splatoon themed snowball fight. more...

Winning Bid:
luigi_savior_of_scrubs for $220.00
Ogre prize pack #2

There is a beast, feared throughout the lands, whose very movement causes the ground to rumble, and enemies to run in fear. Tall, heavy, and green, it is called, the OGRE, and it’s one helluva tank. Combat your foes (or at least your friends) in this 21st century tactical combat game. Prize pack includes: a copy of Ogre board game by Steve Jackson Games, one red Ogre t-shirt, size Large, one Ogre tote bag, and two Ogre pins. more...

Winning Bid:
WarHamster40K for $900.00
Large wooden D20 (Black)

What's the largest D20 you've seen? An inch? Two? This sucker is over 7 inches (18cm) in diameter and made from a tree. Yes, impress your friends by showing off your huge wood. Adds +20 to all charisma rolls. Sturdy construction useful for smashing things, or just some fun rolling in the living room. Could also be used to hold down character sheets if you go outside on a windy...who am I kidding. Large numbers on each side done in the standard style, no wimpy spindown die here! Nice decoration for the '20' face. Guaranteed not to contain multiple wireless audio/video surveillance devices.

Care (for serious): Don't use alcohol or more...

Winning Bid:
Jiopur for $685.00
Garruk Wildspeaker pack

Pure, adorable evil. This Garruk lot includes the PAX Prime 2014 Exclusive "All Black with Evil Eyes" Garruk, who will happily watch you play while plotting your doom. This lot also includes a Garruk playmat, and 2 Garruk PAX Pinny Arcade Pins, both the light from PAX East and the dark from PAX Prime!

Lady Planeswalkers Society is a group of devoted Magic fans, who come together to create a fun, welcoming community for women of all skill levels to play (guys welcome too - LPS are a friendly & inclusive bunch)! more...

Winning Bid:
Admiral Memo for $375.00
Bulbasaur Hat

Inspired by other boring 2-dimensional Pokemon-themed hats that Becka has seen people make, this Bulbasaur hat actually looks like a Bulbasaur is sitting on your head. With big felt eyes, an actual 3-dimentional bulb, and a small brim (for fashion!), this hat will make anyone stand out in a crowd. Excellent for the coming winter, this is one hat that stands a head above the rest!

Materials: yarn, stuffing, felt, glue.
Measurements: One size fits all adult hat, the bulb is approximately 6 inches in diameter and about 4.5 inches tall.

An unusual person with an unusual background and an unusual style, Becka studie more...

Winning Bid:
DaMullet for $600.06
Theros Inspired Jewelry Set

Any Lady Planeswalker would love these crocheted bead rope jewelry pieces that let you show off your devotion to the Theroes gods.

For days when your devotion to Erebos is strong, the twisted black bracelet made with different sizes of beads will show that black is always in.

If Heliod is more your style, then his thick spiral of clear, pearl, mat and frosted white beads with a clear acrylic raspberry bead as an accent is just what you want.

Nylea seems to have simpler tastes, with with a solid jade coloured band, earthy metallic accents and a green and gold oval accent bead.

Purphoros' more...

Winning Bid:
Katherine0852 for $350.00
Chandra and Jace plushies

Share the joy of Magic with these two plush dolls of Chandra and Jace, iconic Planeswalkers from Magic the Gathering. Both have posable limbs and their clothing was all patterned and hand-stitched on as if they were real people! Just don't ask them to hold your cards or use their ultimates to win you the game. more...

Winning Bid:
Harthic for $175.00
DB8 Cookie-of-the-Month Club auction lot

Please note: this auction lot can only be shipped to an address IN THE UNITED STATES. To bid on this item, you must either reside in the US or have a really awesome friend who lives there and who you're going to have all these cookies sent to. (Better make sure it's a REALLY awesome friend - these are good cookies.)

The winner of this auction lot will receive a shipment of special baked treats once a month, from December 2014 through November 2015. Each month's baked goods will be made and sent by a different member of the Cookie Brigade. Please note that while nut-free treats can be accommodated, the bakers cannot provide a ful more...

Winning Bid:
kelderek for $850.00
Chic Lady Geek lot

This lot is for the discerning lady geek, who likes to have lots of lovely tastefully geeky accessories on hand at all times. The centerpiece of this lot is a lovely handmade collaged purse and matching wallet embellished with pages from the Mass Effect Homeworlds Comic. The set was made by Kate of Kate's Comic Geekery, who has been gaming since age 3 and whose favourite game in that era was Raid, now replaced by Mass Effect. There are no kinetic barriers available for this bag and wallet, but there are about 20 coats of sealant all over these battle-ready items. Please note that if either the purse or wallet gets wet (whether it's from Reape more...

Winning Bid:
pao for $400.00
Uncut collector's card series

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


These ultra-rare cards were done as inserts for a series of X-Men watches way back in 1993, and feature imagery by Ken, Andy Kubert, Dave Dorman, Bill Sienkiewicz, Ted McKeever, and Jim Steranko. more...

Winning Bid:
Mike Lunsford for $350.00
Pearl of Great Wisdom - artist's proof copy print

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


Done for a small San Diego comic show back in the day, this limited edition print includes both the concept pencil sketch, and working rough sketch. All of them are signed by the artist. more...

Winning Bid:
XgF for $303.11

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


The late Pete Conrad was the third man to walk on the moon, and a comic-book version of his adventure was released back in the late 80’s at Comic-Con International in San Diego, which is where Ken met him and he signed this more...

Winning Bid:
XgF for $473.33
Dave Stevens signed personalized print lot

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


The late, great Dave Stevens was best known for his creation The Rocketeer, and over the years he gave these three prints to his pal Ken, who now wishes to pass them on to an appreciative collector! more...

Winning Bid:
thorin01 for $375.00
Ken Steacy Promo Poster lot

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


Over the years Ken’s done plenty of promotional work for various projects he’s been involved with, and this lot comprises almost a dozen of those works, including posters for Victor Vector & Yondo, the Victoria Airshow, S more...

Winning Bid:
jpe0002 for $360.00
Sega Game Gear Cartridge for Mojo World

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


This lot includes the original cartridge in its case, a printout of the boxtop, and a special surprise! more...

Winning Bid:
Geo for $310.00
Star Wars 10th anniversary signed limited edition print by Drew Struzan

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


Drew is the greatest movie poster artist of all time, and his association with the Star Wars franchise goes back to the very beginning. This gorgeous image from 1987 is printed on heavy archival stock, signed and numbered. more...

Winning Bid:
Jiopur for $901.00
Fantasy limited edition signed print lot

PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child's Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child's Play. More information is available here.


These six full-colour prints are culled from Ken’s personal collection, and feature works by Geof Darrow, Mitch O’Connell, Ray Lago, Zelda Devon & Kurt Huggins, Roger Dean, and Richard Corben - all are signed, some person more...

Winning Bid:
Digi for $550.00

No trainer’s team is complete without at least one Eeveelution, and now you can catch ‘em all! Be nine steps closer to completing your Pokedex with these crocheted, amigurumi-style Pokedolls of Eevee and all the Eeveelutions: Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Slyveon.

These dolls were a true labor of love. The crafter has always had Eevee and its evolutionary cohorts on her list of favorite Pokemon, and finally had the chance to bring them to life herself. Each one was made with the crafter’s own unique patterns, and much trial and error and crocheting and pulling out of stitches was invol more...

Winning Bid:
Jiopur for $1,501.00
Star Trek Voyager Trading Card Binders

Join Captain Janeway, Commander Chakotay, and the ladies and gents (and aliens of unknown gender orientation) for an in-depth debrief of their voyage home from the Delta Quadrant with this complete collection of trading cards from the series. Including Closer to Home, Season Two, The Women of Star Trek Voyager, Profiles, and the Complete Star Trek Voyager, each spectacular card set even comes in its own binder. Perfect for the Paris/Torres shipper in your life.

Thanks to Jon Valentine for donating these items. more...

Winning Bid:
badgersprite for $235.00
D&D signed books set

It's a lot of adventuring delights for the D&D devotee! We know that the usual method of finding treasure is to slay monsters and take their stuff, but just this once we're offering you an alternative method. By watching Desert Bus, you can get a chance to win this treasure trove of D&D valuables without every having to get your sword dirty. The prize pack includes:

- 1 Player's Handbook
- 1 Monster Manual
- 1 Hoard of the Dragon Queen adventure
- 1 Rise of Tiamat adventure
- 3 D&D stickers

These items have been generously donated by the wonderful folks at Wizards of the Coast D&D, who remind more...

Winning Bid:
Jiopur for $1,112.00
Space Invader Beanie #2

Dress warm and stay cool with this classy, yet nerdy "Space Invader" beanie, in classic Norwegian "Marius" style. A must for every retro gamer who wants to make a bold fashion statement while defending Earth against aliens.

It's hand knit with a luxurious mix of merino and alpaca wool, and should be handwashed at about 30 degrees Celsius/86 degrees Fahrenheit with a gentle detergent meant for wool/silk. more...

Winning Bid:
rkcr for $575.00
crocheted Pac-man and ghosts

Who doesn't love Pac-man and his little ghosts friends? All the dolls were made using a crochet pattern the artist created herself based on images from the video game and a great deal of trial and error. The ghosts have darling little googly eyes, while Pac-man's eyes are small black crocheted circles. These are adorable miniature crochet dolls or nick nacks; small enough to comfortably fit into the palm of the hand hand and brighten up any room.

Being croched dolls they shouldn't need to be put through the washing machine, but if for whatever reason they are in need of a bath it is highly recommended that they be hand washed a more...

Winning Bid:
rabidcow for $460.00
signed Buckaroo Banzai poster

There is nothing quite like a quiet night at home with some air popped popcorn, a loved one, and a cult movie poster staring creepily at you as you cuddle on the couch. This Buckaroo banzai poster, signed by artist Matt Haley could be yours, because sometimes 7 dimensions just aren't enough.

Donated by Dracogen. more...

Winning Bid:
BarnabusRex for $300.00
custom painted Warhammer 40k figures

It's just what the title says - a Warhammer 40k or Fantasy army, and you choose how you want it to be painted! Crafter Lareina Chan says if you'd like her to do an army 40K or Fantasy in a certain theme, she can most likely accommodate that - she's always up for a challenge to do new things!

Some examples: she could do every Space Marine as different My Little Pony characters complete with individual colour schemes and cutie marks on their shoulder pads! Or if you'd like her to try to replicate a certain colour scheme you found on the internet, she can do that too. If you'd like to be boring and want vanilla colours, she won't more...

Winning Bid:
Frage069 for $2,000.00
Kanto Starter Pokemon, needle felted

Gotta catch 'em all? Why not start with dex number 001, 004, and 007! The members of this adorable trio, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander, are given to trainers just starting their Pokémon journey by Professor Oak, and now they can be yours. These fuzzy replicas are felted from wool roving, which means that they are soft, cuddly, and immune to ground-type attacks - no need to worry about fixing these guys when they fall off a shelf! Just remember, they are 100% wool, so make sure not to immerse them in water - it's super effective against them. more...

Winning Bid:
Jiopur for $401.00
Queen of Blades painting

(Queen of Blades: original painting):

Revenge? She's positively aglow about it; you can tell by the sparkle in her eyes. Sexy but sinister, this painting of the self styled "Queen of Blades" will add an iconic touch to the home of any Starcraft fan. more...

Winning Bid:
Storne for $120.00
Young Geeks lot

Is there a young geek in your life whose gaming interests you'd like to encourage? This prize pack would make a great gift for a young gamer, full of games-related goodies. The lot includes:

A pair of NoScope Gaming Glasses, designed to minimize eye strain from long computer sessions and improve clarity and contrast while using the computer. Handy for watching hours upon hours of Desert Bus, too...

Super Mario 3D World and New Super Luigi U for the WiiU

WiiU Skylanders Swap Force pack, which includes the new game and portal, and three figures

A box of Cakes Cove Spiderman chocolates

Winning Bid:
Sascha for $299.00
Felted Glyptodon

Did you know that there used to be armadillos the size of a car? The glyptodon lived during the Pleistocene epoch, was the size of a VW Beetle, weighed two tons, and probably fought giant terror birds in epic battles because that's how Mother Nature rolled back then. Don't worry though, this particular glyptodon has been shrunk down to a size that can easily fit on any desk or shelf. (Terror birds not included.) more...

Winning Bid:
Patrik for $215.00
Cat Meowrio Mug

Do you love cats? Do you love Mario? Do you love CatMario? If the answer to all of these is "yes", then have we got the cup for you! Made entirely by hand, this 14oz mug features the one and only Mario in his most recent feline form! Microwave and dishwasher safe, it is bound to tell everyone at your home, office, or litter box that you don't mess around when it comes to cats or gaming! more...

Winning Bid:
thecwis for $405.00
Bastion City Crest

This is the city crest of Caelondia from the SuperGiant game Bastion. It is designed so that it may easily be hung on a wall, a fine decoration for any home. It's also sufficiently sturdy to be any kid's newest cosplay accessory, just as the famed Caelondian Masons of old would have wanted it. It was lovingly crafted for anyone who needs a reminder of what things were like before The Calamity, or those who need a bit of the Bastion's power in their life. more...

Winning Bid:
The best feels (T ‿ T) for $935.00
Saturday Morning RPG Posters

Do you remember that time, long ago, when you had to get up at six thirty on a Saturday morning just to watch the Transformers? Or Ninja Turtles? Or Jem and the Holograms? Back when you might be able to record the cartoons on Beta Max, at least until your parents finally sprang for a VHS player? Well then, is this ever the game for you! Saturday Morning RPG is an episodic JRPG for the eighties kid in all of us, or for the kids of the eighties kids who really have no idea what their parents are talking about. This prize pack features three posters to plaster on the walls in your basement, or bedroom, or really anywhere your friends can be jeal more...

Winning Bid:
ProceduralRyan for $117.01
ch0c0b0 (Charlene)

Codename: ch0c0b0. Charlene to her friends. Cybernetically enhanced after... some dramatic thing that happened, Charlene is part machine but still all chocobo. Her wings were replaced with solar panels, her leg enhancements allow her to outrun even the Hardy Daytona, can pick up hundreds of radio stations, and of course she gets WiFi, like, anywhere. She prefers organic oil, by the way.

This handmade, one of a kind and technologically advanced chocobo is made from acrylic yarn, and made "firmly squishy" with polyfil. She's also remarkably poseable, featuring a fully wired head, neck, legs, toes, and individual tail feathers, and more...

Winning Bid:
warkface for $600.00
World of Goo light box

This fictional gooey mess features snippets from inside the awesome game World of Goo. Careful, it can get messy!

This wonderful light box is easy to set up and plug in anywhere in your home, and has a dimmer switch so you can adjust the light levels for any desired atmosphere.

12" tall
9 5/8" wide
2 1/2" deep.

Materials: Wood, Plexiglass, Low Wattage LED's, Oil Based Paint, and Backlit Film. more...

Winning Bid:
ekimekim for $350.00
Fleece Desert Bus Wreath

If contemplating the never ending circuit that is Desert Bus brings a smile to your face, then this is the decoration for you! Fibre artist Tara Heilke (AKA Tally's Mom) has dived into her stash of polar fleece to craft a miniature bus on a circular desert highway. For a festive touch, she has added a dangling pine air freshener. more...

Winning Bid:
heliotropes for $285.85
Harry Potter style wand

Didn't get your Hogwarts letter? You can still have a wand! This one is Cypress wood, 15 and a half inches, slightly swishy, lightweight, and inlaid with three semiprecious stones in lieu of having a magical core; two moonstones, and one labradorite. It is well suited to potions work. When it rests in your hand, you shall surely feel the warmth that lets you know this wand has chosen you as its master!

Some insight into wand making; The wood for this wand was cut from a Cypress tree in a swamp, in Florida, the sunshine state! Then it was hand carved using a table grinder and a dremmel, then smoothed out with sandpaper, and finall more...

Winning Bid:
Jiopur for $280.00
Pokéball Ostrich Egg

This beautiful, glittery Pokéball is made from a nearly round ostrich egg. Yes, a real ostrich egg! It sits approximately 6 inches tall without its stand, and a little over 9 inches tall when on the stand. Inside, the ball is lined in diamond dust glitter and crystals, with a small cushion in the bottom, so your Pokémon can travel in style until their called forth for battle.

A word of caution: although it is a full 1/4 inch thick, this is a real egg and will
break if it's dropped. This is one Pokéball you'd best be gentle with!

These eggs come from a farm and are candled to determine fertility. Only eggs more...

Winning Bid:
Mums for $305.00
You Can't Take the Sky From Me - calligraphy

Demonstrate your allegiance to the Browncoats - or simply your love of Firefly - with this calligraphic rendition of the lyrics from the iconic theme song. "You can't take the sky from me" is highlighted in the center in a flourished italic hand, while the rest of the lyrics are repeated on either side in a series of colors, with "sky" always picked out in gold (shiny). At 10 x 14 in it's the perfect size to decorate your bunk in your Firefly class transport, or your more pedestrian quarters, wherever they may be. more...

Winning Bid:
Rogue13 for $660.00
Harry Potter Gryffindor House Scarf

This is THE prize for anyone who's still waiting for their Hogwarts letter. Have you always known that the Sorting Hat would shout "GRYFFINDOR!" the moment it rested on your head? Here's your chance to be sorted into the house of the brave and bold, while helping out the children. After spending half her life knitting in circles for friends and family who wanted Hogwarts scarves, Eri Riot swore she'd never make one again, but! she's broken my promise to herself, just for the children (and the winner of this item). To commemorate this one-time occurrence, the scarf is embroidered with "DB8" where she'd normally place the recipient's own initia more...

Winning Bid:
chimera8990 for $350.00
Zelda Goddess Cross-stitch

This detailed cross-stitch combines the symbols for the three goddesses of the Legend of Zelda series with a quote from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night in an elegant gilt frame. The colourful stitching will add lovely flavour to the wall of any room. This vivid piece is the result of 60 hours of love. The frame comes without glass for ease of shipping.

The piece is slightly smaller than the frame, but a piece of glass cut to size for the frame, and/or a slightly larger sheet of cardboard pinned to the back of the art piece will get everything to fit together nicely for display purposes. more...

Winning Bid:
Nightsintodreams for $256.00
Star Trek Movie Trading Card Binder & Wesley Crusher sweater dice bag

Captain Jean-Luc Picard, idealist, humanitarian, and general all-around badass (for a given definition of badass of course). He captained the Enterprise not only through seven seasons, but also through an entire series of movies, Generations through Nemesis. Peruse those glorious moments from meeting Zefram Cochrane, to watching Data genuinely laugh for the first time with these trading card binders. Also included, The Search for Spock, because…. SPOCK‼‼

Thanks to Jon Valentine for donating this prize.

On this Star Trek theme, the lot also includes a special handmade item. If you watched Star Trek: The Next more...

Winning Bid:
Admiral Memo for $285.00
hand-drawn Pokemon Buttons

It's dangerous to go out into the world without a Pokemon of your own by your side! Every aspiring trainer starts with one of the 18 rare species that only ever seem to be owned by the scientific community, but you can have all of them. After their first year of Desert Bussing, the starters have evolved to their second forms! These hand-drawn, hand-assembled pins were lovingly bred and raised for one lucky trainer to decorate bags, clothes, and whatever other surface they can find. more...

Winning Bid:
Space_Titanium for $525.00
Gentleman Geek lot

This lot is for the distinguished gentelman geek, a fellow (or, honestly, a lady - it's not really that gender specific a lot) who enjoys his gaming and likes to have some classy accessories to show off his gaming tastes in a snazzy, subtle way. Like with a high quality yet lightweight chainmail lanyard, handmade by crafter Bonnie Beyea and perfect for conventions or even the everyday world of the office. And such nice colours! Perhaps red and green are your favourite colours. Maybe you are a fan of the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team? (Maybe it took Bonnie longer than I would like to admit to find a sports team that used red and green colour more...

Winning Bid:
Kerensky3050 for $430.00
wooden dragon painting

This is an acrylic painting of a dragon mid-attack as he spots something shiny on the ground behind him. Is it a dragon from a current popular television show? Nope! Just a dragon. What about from a series of ongoing movies? Uh-uh, just your average dragon. Okay then, maybe a book? For real, this is seriously just your average everyday dragon. However, lack of a specific tie to any particular piece of popular culture DOES allow you to make up your very own backstory for him!

Materials: Birch panel on pine cradle, Acrylic paint

Measurements: 16 in. wide x 20 in. tall x 1 5/8 in. deep

Tina Bongorno is an i more...

Winning Bid:
PigmyWurm for $388.50
Desert Road sleevey scarf

Perhaps better suited for a cold type of desert wasteland, or for driving though the desert at night, this lovely warm scarf doubles as sleeves to keep your arms cozy instead. This is perfect for those time you want long sleeves without a whole extra layer. Also, if you put your hands together you can connect up the ends of the road so it goes on forever, just like in the game! Someone could even drive a toy bus round and round you...

The scarf is made from a blend of Brushtail possum and merino wool from New Zealand, which means you will not only be supporting desert bus and helping the children, but also helping protect New Zea more...

Winning Bid:
whatthebus for $445.00
Cards Against Alternia

Do you like Homestuck? Are you a terrible person? Look, if your answer to the first is "yes," the answer to the second is also automatically "yes," you Homestuck trash. And if you ALSO like Cards Against Humanity, then you need the fantastic, fan-made Cards Against Alternia! With over 500 cards, you can play this game all on its own, but it also merges seamlessly with your official Cards Against Humanity deck. Featuring such gems as "Cosplayers who don't seal their paint," "Beating the shit out of Terezi," and "The undeniable fact that Gamzee did nothing wrong," Cards Against Alternia is a must-have for any Homestuck fan. more...

Winning Bid:
SachielOne for $505.00
crocheted 10th Doctor doll

The beloved 10th Doctor is back, and he's all yours! Donna, Rose, Amy - those gals are nowhere in sight, so dash off with this handsome fellow quick! The Doctor was hand crocheted with love using readily available yarns and materials. His arms have floral wire in them so he can give you a hug at night or even hang on your bed post! The pattern was designed by Allison Hoffman at CraftyisCool.com.

June Kleinfelder has been crocheting for over 40 years. She loves crocheting anything and everything, but has a real pull toward Amigurumi (crocheted dolls and toys). She rarely passes up an opportunity to crochet something for some more...

Winning Bid:
Mums for $355.00
Crazy Taxi painting

("Crazy Taxi" original painting on paper):

This fantastical painting was inspired by the wild arcade game, CRAZY TAXI.

Follow the green arrow to your profit or peril! Take a joyride with a wicked soundtrack!
This psychedelic piece will brighten anyone's day.

Buckle up! more...

Winning Bid:
plummeting_sloth for $215.00
Cat-panion Cube cat bed

Area and state regulations do not allow the Catpanion Cubes to remain behind, alone and companionless, when you leave the house. You could just never leave the house, of course, but you've got to at least buy groceries occassionally. We have a solution though: you know who doesn't need to leave the house? Your adorable cat! Your cat gets to sleep in the warmth of a Portal themed cat bed, and you get to add some geeky charm to your house - everyone wins! Don't have a cat? Stuff a blanket inside, flip the cube over, and turn it into a footrest - all sides are decorated so it looks good no matter which way you flip it. Or wear it on your head a more...

Winning Bid:
ks for $2,718.28
custom Pokemon scarf

Ever want to wear your favorite pokemon? Wrap it around your neck and let it keep you warm? Maybe you want a cute skitty draped around your shoulders. Maybe you'd rather keep a ferocious darkrai with you for added ferocity. Or maybe you prefer a magikarp or missingno to add some wtf to your day. I don't judge. Choose your pokemon, any pokemon, I'll create a pattern and start knitting your scarf. (scarves pictured are examples: bulbasaur, pikachu, pancham, and arbok)

Punzie is a master of pixel sewing, her etsy shop formerly filled to the brim with various game-themed pillows and quilts. While sewing is still a great love, th more...

Winning Bid:
badgersprite for $770.00
Catlateral Damage lot

Catlateral Damage is a first-person destructive cat simulator where you play as a cat on a rampage, knocking as much stuff onto the ground as possible. See the world through the eyes of a cat! Like other first-person games, you can walk and look around, jump, and crouch. Unlike other first-person games, your primary weapons are your two cat paws, which you can use to swipe at and knock objects onto the floor.

Winning this auction will get you two Steam keys for the game, and the makers will put an image of your cat (you'll need to send them a reference picture) into the actual game, as a picture on the wall of one of the rooms or more...

Winning Bid:
Jamesian for $325.00
Big Bag o' Dice 2

It's just what it sounds like - a big bag o' Dice! One Crown Royal bag jammed to the brink with dice, your classic combo of polyhedral dice, some mundane and some exotic, some gaudy, some gold-plated (yes, literally), some ordinary, some out of this world (again literally). Enough dice for all your die rolling needs, unless you play Exalted, in which case you'll need a few more D10s. (We never tire of that joke.)

It's just what it sounds like - a big bag o' Dice! One Crown Royal bag jammed to the brink with dice, your classic combo of polyhedral dice, some mundane and some exotic, some gaudy, some gold-plated (yes, literally), so more...

Winning Bid:
Ked for $2,569.69
Tetris Tote with Tetris block charms

This one-of-a-kind Tetris Tote captures the moment when all your careful planning has paid off! It’s great for everyday use and is big enough to carry most tablets. Made by crafter Katrina Keller, the tote is lined and constructed of cotton cloth with an appliqued felt design. Inside you'll find a zipper pocket on one side and open pocket with a D-pad applique on the other. Machine sewn. Recommended cleaning: Hand wash in cold water. Air dry. Cool to warm iron if needed.

But wait, that's not all! This tote also comes with 3 Tetris charms, made by crafter Wayne (Stitched Pixels). The charms are a red Z block, a magenta T block, more...

Winning Bid:
Voctorvic for $300.00
Battle Over Sharn - limited edition D&D print

This stunning panoramic print of a dramatic D&D encounter will add colourful pizazz to any room. It's a limited edition (of 250), collectible lithograph on archival-quality, acid-free canvas, that has been hand numbered and signed by the artist, Wayne Reynolds.

Labelling on the back of the piece itself reads:
"Originally featured on the cover of "Sharn: City of Towers," this dynamic painting was inspired by an encounter from one of the earliest playtests of the EBERRON campaign setting - a marauding band of airborn gnolls attacking a bold adventuring party traveling by skycoach through the breathtaking, magic-laced metropol more...

Winning Bid:
Space_Titanium for $2,050.00
Teen Geeks lot

For the youth going through the growing pains of, well, growing, sometimes it's nice to have some quiet space to chill out and ignore the world and do your thing. This lot of gaming odds and ends could be the perfect companion for that alone time, to help you nurse your gaming interests and relax.

The lot includes:

The D&D starter set, signed by the WotC D&D team "Everything you need to start playing the world's greatest roleplaying game" and that pretty much sums it up! Begin your first dungeon crawl, fighting monsters and taking their stuff. The box includes:
- 5 pre-generated characters with character sheets more...

Winning Bid:
Ranov for $600.00
Clockwork Dragon scarf

Who doesn’t love a snuggly dragon wrapped around their neck, protecting their wearer from the cold? Hand knit and fully reversible, this scarf will add a touch of steampunk whimsy to drear winter days. The design features a steampunk-styled Chinese dragon surrounded by gears, and is sure to impress any fan of the genre! This scarf is the original test knit of the Clockwork Dragon knitting pattern and was knit by the designer.

For best results, hand wash and lay flat to dry. more...

Winning Bid:
Angnor for $520.00
LoadingReadyRun fan lot

If you are a longtime LoadingReadyRun fan you'll know the great value of this box of things. There may be better sources for stuff, but they don't have THESE things. Starting with the rare and elusive first ever season of LRR sketch comedy. Not that it's /good/ sketch comedy, mind you (that came later), but it's their earliest stuff, and they've made a point of ensuring it's difficult to get one's hands on. Along with this rare if embarassing treasure, this lot contains two handmade plushies, a poster by the same artist who draws each year's amazing Desert Bus poster, and any shirt of your choice from those currently available in the LoadingR more...

Winning Bid:
ElementalAlchemist for $1,700.00
giant Mother Brain plush

Mother Brain - once the scourge of the galaxy in your NES, now yours to hug/glomp/cuddle with at your perusal! She is 100% unique, as far as I know no one else has ever attempted to make a plush of Mother Brain before. While perhaps a bit more gangly than her little babies, she's tall enough to also be your dance partner! Need a best friend? She's there to provide a shoulder to cry on. (Just watch her head spikes!) She'll always be your best friend and love you forever...

...as long as your name isn't Samus!

Metroids themselves have been known to be adorable balls of death for quite some time. Saberpilot's fiance, h more...

Winning Bid:
Leesja for $290.00
MTG Mana Rug

Now you can tap your favourite mana symbol for comfort with this latch hook rug. It's nice to lie on, and can give you that extra devotion you need for your spell (note: this does not count towards Devotion).

Use your fingers to comb gently to get rid of excessive wool threads. more...

Winning Bid:
BladeofGrass7 for $407.00
DB8 Quilted Playmats

These mats are sure to make you stand out at your next Friday Night Magic game. Each mat is quilted from high quality cotton batiks and custom printed logo fabric. The core is a soft fleece, making the mat nicely padded, and the top is tightly quilted to keep it nice and smooth to tap and turn on. The back is a plain black fabric, for those games where a little less colour and distraction is required. more...

Winning Bid:
OcelotOnABus for $310.00

Is your laser rifle not firing straight anymore? Does it take some "persuasion" to seat the microfusion cells properly? Is the trigger just too squeaky? Find another one, tape bits of the two together with some of the Handy Wasteland Survivor's secret weapon, and hope the resulting mess works better. What could possibly go wrong? Remember: if the Raiders don't find you handsome, they can at least find you handy, and well armed. more...

Winning Bid:
ChefStephen Mk2: Tax Reasons for $950.00
Chainmail Tie of Jocularity

Since before the time of YouTube, the symbol of Loading Ready Run has been known as a mark of excellence in comedic standards. Now you to can have the power of this ancient symbol of hilarity. Be it for jokes around the office or puns at the latest D&D session the power of the tie will be there to back you up.*

Chainmail Tie Stats: Armour 2, Jocularity: +3

Disclaimer: Tie does not actually make you any funnier. But it looks super cool!! more...

Winning Bid:
Jiopur for $590.00
Numenera Poster Map

Numenera, the Ninth World, a beautiful, varied landscape, divided by snow capped mountains, with a coastal shore to the West. This RPG world, filled with the remnants of advanced civilisations long since in decline has only increased in popularity since its original release. This detailed poster map features the regions known to players as “The Steadfast,” and “The Beyond,” on a double sided 22x34 inch glossy poster (one side featuring the map, the other, an undisclosed adventuring location with grid for minis.) more...

Winning Bid:
Space_Titanium for $350.00
Magic: The Gathering cross stitched coaster set

When playing Magic at home with friends, it's important to keep your drinks and your cards safely separate. Keep that pesky condensation away from your spells with an elegant set of handmade coasters. With all five mana symbols, plus the classic stylistic “M,” this coaster set will keep your table, cards, and drinks safe in style! The coasters have been lovingly stitched with not just embroidery floss, but threads from the very fabric of the Multiverse as well, so you can be sure that the power in your game is matched here.

Sean Robert is a software engineer, working on a "serious" video game for the US Navy. When not at wor more...

Winning Bid:
GavinTheCard for $405.00
Zelda Phantom Hourglass Papercraft

Those paper cut-out images from Phantom Hourglass were so lovely, you just wanted to put them on your wall. Well why not do just that! Hang this up as a reminder of you you defeated Ganon (again) and saved Hyrule (again). And you looked damn cute while you did it!

Punzie is a master of pixel sewing, her etsy shop formerly filled to the brim with various game-themed pillows and quilts. While sewing is still a great love, these days she is more likely to be knitting. Finding it an easier craft to take with her, she's likely to always have some yarn in her bag even though she has succumbed to a "day job."

Materials: more...

Winning Bid:
FF Konoko for $223.00
Kris Straub's rare and wondrous goodies prize lot

It's a lot of goodies from Kris Straub, delightfully cute things, tiny shiny things and handsome paper things. This lot includes:

- A Jinxlet plush, which stands about 10 inches tall and is soft all the way through. The eyes are plush and sewn too. (Ages 3 and up please)

- The 34-page activity/coloring book How The Jinxlets Saved The Space Zoo.

- A USCS Fuseli Luxury Class Starship patch

- A piece of original artwork

- Three Broodhollow pins more...

Winning Bid:
Mums for $260.00
Star Wars Sconce

Made in a magical furnace for kilnformed glass, and with help from The Force, glass powder was fused in layers on a sheet of glass to make the mystical symbols of the Jedi, Rebellion, and Empire. The power to make them shine is at your fingertips.

Helen is an artist. Her preferred medium is glass but she also works with pencils/graphite, watercolor pencil, print making, wool roving (needlefelting), and weaving. She has blue and purple hair. She rides a scooter.

Materials: Glass, Ikea Wall Sconce
Measurements: 11" x 22" more...

Winning Bid:
Dntspard for $506.00
Capcom hockey jersey & Dead Rising 3 lot

Frank West is dead. Long live Nick Stamos! Or at least may he not die while in the midst of a no holds barred ice hockey match against the zombie horde. The problem is, of course, that they have infinite replacement players, but at the same time, a hockey skate makes an excellent weapon for killing those buggers. This super awesome prize pack includes a Dead Rising 3 t-shirt, and copy of the game for the XBox One, and an amazing bonus hokcye jersey. This is a large-size blue jersey with the Capcom logo, and is number 8, for Desert Bus 8. This is the same jersey the Capcom amature hockey team wears, and has been signed by the dev team at Ca more...

Winning Bid:
Maxwell Albritten for $239.41
Lava Bears lot

Lava Bears is an epic D&D adventure first jokingly referred to in LoadingReadyRun's Commodore Hustle series, an incredibly deadly adventure path that Jer supposedly ran for his friends in high school, putting them all off D&D. As part of LRR's Kickstarter, Jer agreed to write an actual Lava Bears campaign and run it for the LRR crew. Audio/video recordings of this game started going up in September and will continue either until the adventure is concluded or everyone dies, whichever happens first.

This lot includes:

- 2 prints of digital artwork done by artist Featherweight, who has been providing both official and j more...

Winning Bid:
Space_Titanium for $675.00
Retro Desert Bus Logo on Authentic Paper

Let's take a trip back in time for some alternate history... Be it via Delorean or TARDIS, something has happened, and it's no longer 2014 but 1914, but with a change: Desert Bus exists! What effect will this have on the timestream? It's cool, so who cares?! This Desert Bus logo was created as if Desert Bus was around in 1914 instead of 2014. It was printed on authentic 20% Cotton Bond paper from 1909 (or possibly earlier). For any paper geeks who happen to be out there, it's watermarked with the Crane Paper Company logo to prove authenticity of the paper. (Crane Paper Company is the same company that also makes the paper that US currency is more...

Winning Bid:
Kasheen for $570.00
Buy the Desert Bus crew a keg of beer!

Want to donate to Desert Bus, but your home is already totally full of amazing art and handcrafted items? Want to help the exhausted post-Desert Bus team drink till they forget how tired they are (probably by just falling asleep in the middle of the floor)? Here's the deal: James' awesome dad won a keg of beer and wanted to donate it to Desert Bus as a prize, but while we're cool with drinking (in moderation) for the children (better than the children doing the drinking!), nobody will actually let us ship booze. So we're going to drink it! For the children. We won't enjoy it at all, really, but of course we'll suffer through it for all those more...

Winning Bid:
lostluck for $5,050.50
8-Bit Triforce Blanket

This blanket is waiting for a new owner. Its Golden Power is in your hands . . . Now, touch it with a wish in your heart . . . if that wish is to not be cold anymore. This crocheted blanket features Link and the Triforce in all of their 8-bit glory! A hero of Hyrule deserves a good nap after a long adventure. Link is waiting to embrace you!

Cindy and Sean Kennedy are a mother who loves to bake, crochet, and craft things and a son that is a huge nerd and who suggests geeky things to bake, crochet, and craft, respectively. Interests include bibliophilia, gaming, Dungeons and Dragons, obscure cult movies, Nathan Fillion, and nerd co more...

Winning Bid:
WampaX for $800.00