needle felted Journey characters

needle felted Journey charactersneedle felted Journey charactersneedle felted Journey characters

These two adorable needlefelt Journey characters were made in conjunction with one another, by a pair of crafters. Katie made the red one first, then Tim made the white one because the red one looked lonely. Now neither they nor you need be lonely at all, since you will all have each other as travelling companions. Inspired by trudging through the desert and facing insurmountable challenges head on as intrepid heroes, these stalwart comrades are intent on reaching one and only one goal - the happiness of children everywhere.

The figures are roughly 2 inches across, and 4-5 inches tall (the white figure has a height advantage over the red one).

Katie is an art major who mainly works with metal smithing, but also draws and needle felts. She enjoys creating pieces that contrast organic shapes with mechanical influences, and trying new mediums in bold and interesting ways.

Tim is a wildlife major who plays (he says) too many videogames. We think maybe it's actually just the right amount.

Materials: Felt.

Winning Bid:
Cultureshock007 for $300.00