Journey scarf

Journey scarfJourney scarfJourney scarfJourney scarf

Don this incredible scarf and you will be ready for any journey, whether through desert sand or arctic icefield. Adorned with the glyphs and symbols from the game, this cozy scarf measures 65 inches long, and 5.5 inches wide.

Sarah Mendiola is proud to be an artist and a geek, and her art takes many different forms. She's done work as a videographer and editor, is now doing some work as a graphic designer, and as well is practicing her cartooning. Knitting and crocheting things have been among her hobbies for years, ever since her mom taught her how as a child.

She first started knitting the scarf thanks to her husband, who had wanted me to create one ever since the game came out. Though initially her efforts were intended to go into making a scarf for him, somewhere along the line both Sarah and her husband realized that she should make it for Desert Bus, and make one for him later on. We appreciate his patient scarf sacrifice, for the children!

Materials: Acrylic yarn.

Winning Bid:
MadTheorist for $1200.00