giant Mother Brain plush

giant Mother Brain plushgiant Mother Brain plushgiant Mother Brain plushgiant Mother Brain plush

Mother Brain - once the scourge of the galaxy in your NES, now yours to hug/glomp/cuddle with at your perusal! She is 100% unique, as far as I know no one else has ever attempted to make a plush of Mother Brain before. While perhaps a bit more gangly than her little babies, she's tall enough to also be your dance partner! Need a best friend? She's there to provide a shoulder to cry on. (Just watch her head spikes!) She'll always be your best friend and love you forever... long as your name isn't Samus!

Metroids themselves have been known to be adorable balls of death for quite some time. Saberpilot's fiance, however, commented that it was a pity no one had ever thought to make Mother Brain as adorable. Saberpilottook that as a challenge.

Over 150 hours and lots of swearing, crying, and stuffing (5 bags!) later, Mother Brain was brought into this world to kill all wonderful bounty hunters intent on enslaving her babies. She's tall enough to be an excellent dancing partner, but snuggly enough to be a great body pillow (mind her head spikes)! And true to form, she bled Saberpilot out just as much as her video game version - There were several points where the crafter had to stop sewing altogether or risk dyeing the plush red! Probably 75% of her is hand-sewn, 25% machine sewn. She broke Saberpilot's machine (oh the joys of taking apart the entire bobbin mechanical system and putting it back together - twice) but she did not beat her maker in the end!

Saberpilot had hoped to use the plush in some respect for raising money towards her wedding, but felt that Mother Brain would be in better hands (talons?) with Desert Bus, where her proceeds would help children in need.

And at the end of everything? Saberpilot's fiance never questioned her being cute again.

Materials: Over 5 yards of fleece, five 2 lb. bags of hypoallergenic stuffing, cotton and synthetic thread. I used a ton of elbow grease, a Singer Sewing machine, and over 15 different hand needles to put her together!

Measurements: From horns to (feet) talons, she measures at about 5 foot. She's got a torso about the size of a 6-7 year old kid.



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