Mystery Science TheatLRR 3k Package

Mystery Science TheatLRR 3k PackageMystery Science TheatLRR 3k PackageMystery Science TheatLRR 3k PackageMystery Science TheatLRR 3k PackageMystery Science TheatLRR 3k PackageMystery Science TheatLRR 3k PackageMystery Science TheatLRR 3k Package

A Manos: The Hands of Fate messenger bag had been in knitter Chemistring's mental crafting queue for a couple of years, and now seemed like the time to try it out. The bag is made of felted wool with a cotton lining containing two zippered pockets and two open pockets and pen slots. Everything went relatively smoothly until the end - doesn't it always happen that way? But Chemistring's sewing machine didn't like the felted material so the entire bag lining had to be hand-sewn in place. That's a lot of love, and stitches, and sore fingertips. Does that make Chemistring's hands The Hands of Fate? Perhaps...

Of course, the Master does not approve. But who listens to that guy, anyway?

The bag is accompanied by a lined zippered pouch that can hold your iPad/tablet, maybe a small netbook, a whole range of stationery items, or anything you choose to put in it. Except liquids. It probably won't hold liquids, at least for very long.

Including a crocheted version of Tom Servo seemed to Chemistring like a perfect match, and he's already volunteered to take care of the place while the Master is away. What a cool guy!

Dawn Friesen (also known as Chemistring) has always been somewhat crafty and started out with the usual embroidery and cross-stitching kits when she was quite young. She taught herself to knit in the early 2000s while trying to avoid writing her doctoral thesis, and picked up crochet while unemployed in 2009. She loves learning new skills and tends to pick projects less for the actual finished object and more to answer the question "I wonder if I can do X?" (the answer is usually yes!). She's glad to have the opportunity to challenge herself creatively and share the crafty results with fellow Desert Bus for Hope viewers.

The Manos: The Hands(Bag) of Fate measures 15.75 inches wide x 13.75 inches high and 2 inches deep. (40 cm wide x 35 cm high x 5 cm deep.) Its strap has a maximum length of 52.75 inches (134 cm), and a minimum lengthof 32 inches (81 cm).

The In the TheatLRR Zipper Pouch measures 12.75 inches wide x 11 inches high. (31 cm wide x 28 cm high.)

The Tom Servo doll is approximately 8.25 inches tall (21 cm).

Materials: Manos: The Hands(Bag) of Fate - (Exterior): Paton's Classic Wool (100% new wool) in black and bright red. Bag pattern is based on "Satchel" from Knitty.com, summer 2005, and inspired by http://chachaknits.blogspot.ca/2006/01/bag-of-fate-pattern.html. (Interior): 100% cotton sheeting, strap/buckle - Plastic/nylon webbing, recycled.

In the TheatLRR Zipper Pouch - 100% Cotton sheeting and synthetic felt (exterior design).

Tom Servo doll - 100% wool (red) and acrylic (black/white/grey) yarns, polyester fiber fill, synthetic felt, plastic ball ornament, contact cement (glue). Pattern adapted from http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=302884.0#axzz2gJtP4uAa

Donated by:
Chemistring (Flickr, Ravelry)
Winning Bid:
Evil Jim for $333.00