Zelda Goddess Cross-stitch

Zelda Goddess Cross-stitchZelda Goddess Cross-stitchZelda Goddess Cross-stitchZelda Goddess Cross-stitch

This detailed cross-stitch combines the symbols for the three goddesses of the Legend of Zelda series with a quote from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night in an elegant gilt frame. The colourful stitching will add lovely flavour to the wall of any room. This vivid piece is the result of 60 hours of love. The frame comes without glass for ease of shipping.

The piece is slightly smaller than the frame, but a piece of glass cut to size for the frame, and/or a slightly larger sheet of cardboard pinned to the back of the art piece will get everything to fit together nicely for display purposes.


Big. I dunno the exact measurements.


Aida fabric, DMC floss, blood, sweat, tears, and love

Donated by:
Jennifer Murnane (website)
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Nightsintodreams for $256.00
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