Webcartoonist, Writer, Podcaster, Creepypasta Chef

Kris Straub is a writer, webcartoonist, podcaster, and a generally busy guy. He is the creator of chainsawsuit, Checkerboard Nightmare, Starslip, and F Cords, and BroodHollow. Kris is the co-founder of the webcomics collectives Blank Label Comics and Halfpixel and the co-writer and co-producer of PvP: The Series, alongside Scott Kurtz. He and Scott have two other shows: Blamimation and Kris and Scott's Scott and Kris Show, which both air on Penny Arcade's PATV. Kris is also hosts chainsawsuit the podcast with Mikey Neumann.

Calling in:
2:00pm PST, Nov. 16th
Eisner Award-Winning Comic Book Writer

Matt Fritchman, best known by his nomme de plume Matt Fraction, was the Eisner Award-winning brain behind The Invincible Iron Man, The Immortal Iron Fist, Uncanny X-Men, and Hawkeye for Marvel Comics. He also wrote Casanova for Image Comics.

Calling in:
6:00pm PST, Nov. 16th
Ambassador of Awesome

Dan Tharp has been the self-appointed "Ambassador of Awesome" at Card Kingdom for over 11 years. He tends to show up as a character in webcomics. Beyond that, you probably don't know Dan Tharp

2:30pm PST, Nov. 17th
Writer, Performer, Cult Icon

Bill Corbett is an American writer and performer known for his work as the voice and puppeteer of Crow T. Robot (v.2.0) on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Bill is a playwright and screenwriter who body of work includes his screenplay, Starship Dave (released as the Eddie Murphy comedy Meet Dave), and the plays The Big Slam, Hate Mail, The Stuff of Dreams, and Super-Powered-Revenge-Christmas #1. He is a regularly contributor to NPR's A Prairie Home Companion and All Things Considered. Bill reunited with his MST3K teammates Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy to create Rifftrax, which creates MST3K style riff commentaries for movies ranging from the obscure to blockbuster hits.

Calling in:
6:00pm PST, Nov. 17th
Systems Engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Mohawk Guy

Bobak Ferdowsi is an American Systems Engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory who has worked on both the Mars Science Laboratory and Cassini-Huygens missions, the latter of which he acted as Science Planner. During the landing of the Curiosity on Mars Bobak was seated prominently in frame and the media took notice of his unique haircut. Bobak has used his newfound meme status to benefit campaigns for a greater number of visas for skilled immigrants in the fields of math, science, and engineering, and has, as some news media would say, "brought the cool back to NASA".

Calling in:
5:00pm PST, Nov. 18th
Mythbuster, Electronics and Radio Control Guru, R2D2 Operator, Nice Guy

A former employee of both THX and Industrial Light and Magic, Grant Imahara has worked on a lion’s share of Hollywood blockbusters, including the Star Wars prequels, and is one of the few people to operate R2D2. Grant may be best known for his work on the Mythbusters build team, but he is also an actor, writer, and robot enthusiast.

Calling in:
9:00pm PST, Nov. 18th
Creative Software Champion at Gearbox Software, Voice Actor, Author

Mikey Neumann is a creative director at Gearbox Software. His works include Brothers in Arms, Borderlands, and Borderlands 2. When not creating and voicing phenomenal video games Mikey keeps busy with personal projects such as his online serial, The Returners. Mikey also appears on the Chainsawsuit Podcast with Kris Straub and is the creator and star of the web series Anthony Saves the World. He's also on Twitter a lot.

Calling in:
6:00pm PST, Nov. 19th
Senior Manager for D&D Research and Design, Wizards of the Coast

Mike Mearls is the Senior Manager for D&D Research and Design at Wizards of the Coast. He has worked on the Castle Ravenloft board game along with a number of supplements for the D&D RPG.

Calling in:
9:00pm PST, Nov. 19th
Astronomer, Skeptic, Writer, and Popular Science Blogger

Phil Plait, PhD, is an American astronomer and the mind behind the science blog Bad Astronomy, and the author of, "Bad Astronomy: Misconceptions and Misuses Revealed, from Astrology to the Moon Landing "Hoax"" and "Death from the Skies!: These are the Ways the World Will End". When he's not punching holes in poorly made FOX documentaries discussing how we faked the moon landing, Phil is a frequently called upon specialist and guest for science programs. He also has an asteroid named after him.

Calling in:
11:00am PST, Nov. 20th
Writer, Video Game Journalist, Indy Game Developer, Entrepreneur

Ben "Yahtzee" Crowshaw is an English ex-Pat based in Australia who is the genius behind the hilarious and cutting online game review series Zero Punctuation. Since being offered a contract by the online magazine The Escapist, Yahtzee releases a new video every Wednesday. Yahtzee has also written two novels for Dark Horse Books, designs independent adventure games, stars in another series on The Escapist called Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular, and is one of the founders of the video game cocktail lounge The Mana Bar.

Calling in:
6:00pm PST, Nov. 20th
Film Critic, Gamer, Pop-culture Commentator, Independent Film Maker

Bob "MovieBob" Chipman is a writer, film reviewer and host of Escape to the Movies and The Big Picture on the The Escapist, Overbytes on ScrewAttack, and The Adventures of Game OverThinker. Bob has also written a book titled "Super Mario Bros. 3: Brick-by-Brick", in which he deconstructs the game in the form of a "novelized Let's Play" while analyzing the cultural significance and history of the Mario Bros. franchise. Bob is also very active on his blog and on Twitter.

Calling in:
9:00pm PST, Nov. 20th
Host of Jimquisition, Reviews Editor for Destructoid, Official Mysterio of Video Games

Jim Sterling is the Reviews Editor for the independent video game blog Destructoid, host of The Escapist series Jimquisition, and self-proclaimed "Official Mysterio of Video Games". He also regularly contributes to GamesRader and Game Front. He writes and performs poetry for Jim and Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular, which he hosts with Ben "Yahtzee" Crowshaw , hosts the Destructoid video game podcast Podtoid, and hosts segments for the Movie Defense Force series.

Calling in:
11:00am PST, Nov. 21st
Entrepreneur, Investor, and Geek

Steven Dengler is CEO and co-founder of XE.com Inc., which since its inception in 1993, has grown to become the world's favorite currency site, currently ranked by Amazon's Alexa service as 330th most popular site in the world.

In addition, Steven is the founder and CEO of Dracogen Inc., which provides strategic financing to a number of promising gaming, high-tech, and creative ventures. He is co-founder and director of Wifarer Inc., the revolutionary indoor positioning and navigation system. He is also co-founder, editor, and a character in the popular MegaCynics webcomic. Through Dracogen, he has provided financing to a number of influential gaming titles such as Psychonauts, Costume Quest, Stacking, Middle Manager of Justice, DropChord, Project Eternity, Wasteland 2, Torment Tides of Numenera, and Defense Grid 2, and many others.

Steven supports a number of New Media projects, serving as Executive Producer for a number of such productions including The Jeff Lewis Five Minute Comedy Hour, Fallout: Nuka Break, Research, The Silent City, Save the Supers, My Gimpy Life, and Star Trek Continues. Steven has featured roles in numerous new media productions including the upcoming Veronica Mars Movie, My Gimpy Life, Nuka Break Seasons 1 and 2, Star Trek Continues, and more.

12:00pm PST, Nov. 21st
Writer, Actress, and Comedian

Bonnie Burton is a journalist, author, host, and former Senior Editor of both StarWars.com and the Official Star Wars Blog. She has written a metric tonne of books, including: The Star Wars Craft Book, You Can Draw Star Wars, Girls Against Girls: Why We Are Mean to Each Other and How We Can Change, and Never Threaten to Eat Your Co-Workers. Bonnie presently hosts Ask Bonnie and Geek DIY, and co-hosts Vaginal Fantasy Book Club. In addition to all that, Bonnie also hosts a personal website, Grrl.com and is also quite prolific on Twitter and Pintrest.

Calling in:
6:00pm PST, Nov. 21st
Comic Book Writer/Artist

Known around Desert Bus as Ken "Value Added" Steacy thanks to his legacy of creating some of the most exciting live auctions we’ve seen, Ken decided at age eleven to become a professional comic book writer/artist, a dream he realized in 1974. Since then, he has chronicled the exploits of Spider-Man, Harry Potter, and the Star Wars gang, to name but a few. In addition to creating his own intellectual property, he has collaborated with Harlan Ellison, Dean Motter, and Douglas Coupland. The recipient of an Eisner and an Inkpot award, Ken was inducted into the Joe Shuster Awards Hall of Fame in 2009, a lifetime achievement award honouring Canadian comic book creators for their contributions to the industry. Alongside his wonderful wife, graphic novelist Joan Steacy, Ken is currently teaching Comics & Graphic Novels in a program they created at Camosun College here in Victoria - please check it out at: www.camosun.ca/comics!

7:00pm PST, Nov. 21st
Director of Magic: The Gathering R&D, Former Pro Tour player

Aaron Forsythe earned his post heading up the daily editorial contest at magicthegathering.com by being a professional Magic the Gathering player on the Pro Tour. As a member of R&D over the past 10 years, Forsythe has been both a designer and developer for Magic and his design credits include Magic 2010 through Magic 2013 and Planechase. As a developer, his work can be seen on many Magic releases including the original Ravnica block, Zendikar, and the upcoming Modern Masters set.

Calling in:
10:30pm PST, Nov. 21st